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Cut: A Collaborative Dance Short Film By Vincent Mantsoe

Cut: A Collaborative Dance Short Film The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along with itself numerous other crises. Financial downfall, inequality in health care and education and a new scourge of mental illness and heightened anxiety. It is difficult enough to put into words how this pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe, nevermind articulating its […]

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UJ Arts & Culture 'Apparently' Announces A New Digital UnFestival Programme

UJ Arts & Culture UJ Arts & Culture is a division of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park. The division works year round to produce world-class student theatre productions, art exhibitions and entertainment festivals. Their Arts Centre is also home to the award-winning UJ Choir, the […]

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National Theatre At Home - Watch Live Plays Every Thursday While In Lockdown

National Theatre Live The National Theatre in London is renowned for its quintessentially British stage productions. Through its live screening platform, National Theatre Live, the institution brings these productions to audiences around the globe, including South Africa. National Theatre Live screenings usually take place at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town and at the Market […]

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COVID-19: Maintaining Your Mental Health Under Isolation

Why Is Mental Health Important Right Now? Your mental health may be the last thing on your mind as the COVID-19 virus overtakes almost all spheres of life. It's quite literally everywhere, isn't it? From social media, to the news, school, work and family life. With this constant barrage of information, it can be difficult […]

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How To Support The Arts From The Safety Of Your Couch

Creativity In The Face Of Adversity Since the start of the national lockdown period, government has implemented very little means for arts organisations and self-employed artists to support themselves. This despite the fact that many of us isolating at home have relied on television, film, music and literature to keep entertained. In light of these current […]

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