Yuppichef Will Be Opening Two Stores In Joburg This June!

Yuppiechef Is Coming To Joburg!

The ever-popular kitchen and homeware retailer, Yuppiechef, will be opening two new stores in Johannesburg later this month - on the same day! You can expect them to open their doors to both stores in Sandton City and Mall of Africa on Friday, 28 June 2019.

The two brand-new Yuppiechef stores will offer shoppers a selection of the products available on yuppiechef.com. But if an item is not available in the store, customers can order it while visiting and have it delivered to their preferred address.

The Johannesburg stores' interior will follow the design principles of the other four Yuppiechef stores - an industrial feel along with premium features including their iconic wooden paneling and engineered quartz counter-tops. Another highlight Joburg shoppers can enjoy is the stores' “no queue” point-of-sale system, which allows customers to pay for their basket of items anywhere in the store, aided by a store assistant.

Diarise These Dates...

In case you missed it, the two Yuppichef Joburg stores will be opening their doors on the following date:

For More Information

For more information about Yuppiechef, visit www.yuppiechef.com.

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news, products and specials.

The Dark Carnival Finds A Home At Montecasino!

The Dark Carnival Is Now At Montecasino!

The formerly online retail store, The Dark Carnival has brought every imaginable sub-culture of geek to life with the grand opening of its flagship store at Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg! Just imagine all things anime, comic, gaming and more, brought together under one roof. Bliss!

Dark Carnival

The Dark Carnival is the brainchild of Kasia Jabrzemski, a self-proclaimed geek, who in 2011 with the help of her business partner Richard Harman, realised the untapped potential to turn the ordinary comic book store visit into an experiential audio-visual adventure for the anime, comic and gaming sub-culture by launching the original online retail store.

The Dark Carnival offers fanatics and the curious the opportunity to immerse themselves in a colourful and fantastic world of geekdom. You can expect everything from comic books and graphic novels to pop culture merchandise of your favourite anime, movie and TV series characters; video gaming musts; costumes for the cosplayers; homeware; kitchenware; character bobbleheads, figurines and plushies; and even laptop sleeves. It's an adventure into another world.

Dark Carnival

The launch of the flagship store at Montecasino is hot on the ‘geek’ calendar radar. The much-anticipated dragon, which was custom-made to fill the space outside the store, is set to be a huge talking point.

For More Information

For more information about The Dark Carnival and it's brand-new store, visit www.darkcarnival.co.za.

You can also contact the store on 011 465 3701 or [email protected].

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dark Carnival

Experience Yoco For Yourself At Their Store!

Visit The Yoco Store Today!

The Yoco Joburg store is conveniently located in the heart of trendy and bustling Parkhurst, offering a unique space for entrepreneurs to sample and experience Yoco card payments, the award-winning Yoco Point of Sale App and other numerous professional Point of Sale integrations.

Yoco felt that an important new chapter in their journey of changing the electronic transaction scene was to offer their customers with a space where they could experience Yoco’s products and find the perfect solution for them and their small business financial needs.  They have everything from card readers to a point of sale system to their business portal, which offers their customers real-time insight, immediate control and hassle-free admin of all your sales, data and performance.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, Yoco’s Joburg store team are passionate about what they do and are waiting in store to assist and help in any way they can.


Experience Yoco’s Solutions First Hand

If you’re running a business and are in search for the best payments and point of sale solutions, Yoco’s store is just the place to be.

Yoco’s services and products include:

Demos & Devices

The Yoco team are standing by, ready to show you how these nifty gadgets work and help find the best solutions for your business’ payments and point of sale needs. Book a demo now to get a personalised walkthrough of the various POS, Payments and Integrations.


Yoco has built seamless integrations with other accounting and POS providers. At the store, you’ll be able to see how their card reader integrates with the software of other leading global companies, such as Xero (accounting), iKentoo (POS) and Vend (POS).


To give your point of purchase that extra touch of professionalism and designer flair, Yoco have a range of convenient, stylish and durable accessories for your card reader, POS and tablets.


Yoco is here to help you. There isn’t a query too big or too small for their support team. We have hand-picked a passionate team to assist in your business problems and answering any questions.


They also have an exciting lineup of events that combine networking, knowledge and talks by industry experts to deliver interactions that will help you and your business grow.


You Get A Discount, Too!

Since you are a Joburg.co.za reader, you get a R250 discount at Yoco, online or in store, if you use the promo code Jhb250. You're welcome!

Where Is It?

You can find the Yoco Joburg Store on the corner of 4th Avenue and 11th Street, 30 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

What’s Their Opening Hours?

You can visit the Yoco store during these times:


For More Information

For more information about Yoco, visit www.yoco.co.za.

You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Belle's Patisserie Concept Store

If you're ever at the Blubird Shopping Centre do yourself a favour and stop by Belle's Patisserie's oh-so-beautiful concept store. You'll find all the decadent desserts, pastries, cakes and other baked goodies they are famous for, such as candy-coloured macaroons, almond croissants and French apple tarts, as well as something savoury at their deli like gourmet sandwiches, salads, artisan bread and bagels. There's even a menu for the health-conscious among us with paleo, banting and low-GI options.

Belle's Patisserie

Planning a Party?

Why not let Belle's Patisserie do the catering at your celebration? Their birthday cakes are legendary and they also do gourmet platters of finger foods (plus a skinny version, ladies!). Belle's will take the pressure off you so you can do the hosting. Whether an intimate dinner, big bash, corporate event or wedding, Belle's does it all and with style.

Belle's Patisserie

For More Information

Call 082 968 5389, email [email protected] or click here.

Belle's Patisserie

Check Out The Brand-New Belle's Patisserie Bluebird Store!

Belle's Patisserie Blubids Has Had A Makeover!

If you're ever at the Blubird Shopping Centre, do yourself a favour and stop by Belle's Patisserie's brand-new and oh-so beautiful concept store! You'll find all the decadent desserts, pastries, cakes and other baked goodies they are famous for, such as candy-coloured macaroons, almond croissants and French apple tarts, as well as something savoury at their deli like gourmet sandwiches, salads, artisan bread and bagels. There's even a menu for the health-conscious among us with paleo, banting and low-GI options.

Belle's Patisserie

Planning a Party?

Why not let Belle's Patisserie do the catering at your celebration? Their birthday cakes are legendary and they also do gourmet platters of finger foods (plus a skinny version, ladies!). Belle's will take the pressure off you so you can do the hosting. Whether an intimate dinner, big bash, corporate event or wedding, Belle's does it all and with style.

Belle's Patisserie

For More Information

For more information about Belle's Patisserie Blubird (next to Checkers and Dischem), you can call them on 082 968 5389 email [email protected] or click here. 

Belle's Patisserie

An Exciting NEW Planet-Friendly Grocer Has Arrived! – The Refillery

The Refillery Has Arrived!

Taking care of our beautiful planet has never been easier thanks to The Refillery and their amazing store concept. They, too, are truly concerned about keeping our home plastic pollution-free, which is why they want to try to help in their own small way.

This new planet-friendly grocer offers shoppers a stylish, convenient, plastic-free, weigh-and-pay shopping experience that's nothing like your usual grocery stores. Here, you can stock and re-stock your pantry with the highest quality, ethically-sourced products WITHOUT the wasteful (and harmful) packaging. We like to think of it as going green with our shopping.


The Problem & The Solution

There is a growing worldwide awareness and concern regarding the impact of uncontrolled use of non-biodegradable, single-use plastic packaging. Recently, the Source To Sea initiative was launched to try combat plastic pollution around our country’s coastline. In case you didn't know, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to cover an area larger than South Africa and Zimbabwe combined. 94% of South Africa's beach litter is made from plastic, 77% of which is packaging. That's a scary thought!

In attempt to combat any further litter to our beaches and country, The Refillery offers a more planet-friendly alternative to your usual grocery store - supplying single-use, plastic-free, responsibly sourced, refillable, everyday products for package-less pantries and households. Wow, that's a mouthful! This retail business model is a fast-growing global trend, and has finally made its way to South Africa.


What To Expect

The Refillery gives shoppers a casual, friendly experience in a simple, modern, old-school-yet-stylish environment that exudes a re-purposed vibe with its natural wood, textured surfaces and polished concrete floors. They make grocery shopping easier for the environmentally-concerned as well as convenience-seeking customers to fill their pantries and play a part in helping to reduce the global plastic pollution crisis. And as for getting your goodies, there is a Home Delivery and Refilling service, plus a Call-and-Collect facility. How convenient!

Right now, the store is solely online, but within the next few months, you can expect an actual, physical, stand-alone store. The very-first store will be opening its doors between March/April 2019. To stay informed with the latest development on this, make sure you sign up to their newsletter so you'll know exactly where and when their grand opening will be.


What Products Do They Have In Store? 

Wondering what goodies you can get your hands on here? Well, don't you worry, we went and scanned through their site and we must say, we're rather impressed with their grocery categories. They aim to source locally where possible and are proud that their store is over 95% local regarding their products. Here, you can get you hands on the following:


Are Their Products Organic? 

The big question here! Around 75% of their products are organic and they're currently searching for organic replacements and alternatives for the products that aren't organic.

Don't Forget To BYOJ!

In case you didn't get it, BYOJ means Bring Your Own Jar. Once the store opens later this year, don't forget to grab your storage jars/containers/bags to take along with you. But if you're new to this way of living, The Refillery will have recycled brown paper bags for you to use or you can buy a few jars in store.


For More Information

For more information about this brand-new, planet-friendly grocer, visit their online store at therefillery.co.za.

You can also contact them on [email protected] or 079 860 2069 / 072 177 9311.

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

To Save or To Splurge: Gift Wrapping Edition

I will never forget the very first birthday gift that my man (now my long-suffering husband) bought me. It was a box of chocolates (Yay!) handed over in a Checkers packet (Boo!). Don’t get me wrong, I loved the thought that had gone into buying my favourite brand, but the lack of gift wrap somehow made it seem less thoughtful!

It was then I realised how much I adore a beautifully wrapped gift and became determined to pay extra attention to each present I give away in the future. That being said, it can be an expensive business when you factor in the wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, bows and added extras. But not if you know where to shop! Yes, now that I’ve done all the hard work for you, I'm sharing my budget-friendly places where you can stock up on beautiful wrapping supplies for less!

TIP: When buying in bulk, choose items that you can mix and match, so that all gifts look a little different!

Where To Save

Paper Packaging Place

This is probably the best known bulk supplier in Joburg with beautiful showrooms in Olivedale. Personally, I prefer to shop online and have found that one 100m “counter roll” lasts for years! The kids' collection is too beautiful for words – I bought a reversible roll that has tiny feet on the one side and stripes on the other – so effectively it's a two-in-one roll of gift wrap. I also have the Black & White Thin Stripe which pairs beautifully with various Petersham-style ribbons. Also in stock: boxes, tissue paper, packets, carrier bags and more.

Super Floral

My friend Allison introduced me to this amazing gem in 2012, and it remains one of my best-kept secrets. While it doesn’t have as wide a range as the Paper Packaging Place, you will get lost for hours in aisle upon aisle of ribbons, teddies, gift wrap, Easter decorations, Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, containers, candles, baskets and crafts. Trust me, it is worth a visit to Super Floral at Rewlatch in the South of Joburg – just be sure you have more than an hour to spend browsing!

Wrap It

I recently stumbled upon this store. Quite literally. I tripped coming out of Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers, fell straight into the store, and accidentally swiped my credit card. That’s my story and I'm sticking to it!) Apparently, this is just a pop-up shop for an upstairs warehouse – something I had no idea existed. It is an absolute WIN – with beautiful varieties of gift wrap and ribbon all displayed by colour (my OCD loved that) so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The quality of the gift wrap is VERY good, and you can choose between 10, 20, 50 and 100m rolls. (FYI – they will also custom-brand ribbon on request).


This is always a fabulous option if you’re keen to order online. MerryPak has a good selection of gift wrap for around R90 per 10m roll or roughly R360 for a 100m counter roll. Their ribbon selection is quite extensive with the added bonus of being able to buy per metre. That being said, I do find this a more pricey option.

Where To Splurge

Hello Pretty

If you’re looking for something completely unique and slightly funky, then A Love Supreme might be just the thing for you! Each gift wrapping kit contains five different paper sheets and a pack of five corresponding gift cards. There are 15 designs from which to choose, and the staff can make up your order on request according to the particular designs you have chosen.

Liberty Bespoke

This breathtaking online store will have you sighing with pleasure — definitely one for those not afraid to spend a little more on gift wrap! The gift tags are under R100 for eight, the gift wrap is about the same price for a pack of four sheets. There's a wide range of collections from which to choose, and they are absolutely gorgeous!

By Shelli NT

Are there any gift wrapping stores I’ve missed? Comment below and tell me about them!

Makro Riversands Is Now Open!

Don't Miss The Opening Of Makro Riversands

Just in time for the festive rush, Makro will be adding a brand-new store to their family. Makro Riversands will be opening their doors on Wednesday, 29 November 2017. Located north of Fourways just off William Nicol Drive, this new branch promises a unique, world-class shopping experience to all its shoppers.

You can use your existing Makro card at the new store or download the mCard app and have your card digitally stored on the app for use at checkout. With the mCard app, you can earn real cash with mRewards while you shop.

Unmissable Deals!

No grand opening is complete without a celebration and, of course, amazing deals that you just cannot resist! These special offers are valid until 03 December 2017, so don't miss out. And if you want to see what else they have in store for you, click here to check out their opening specials leaflet. Happy shopping!

And find out more about Makro and their amazing deals, don't forget to visit them at www.makro.co.za, and on Facebook and Twitter.


The Cutest Little Lumps

Established seven years ago, Little Lumps has transformed from a small business, focused on preemie baby clothing, to an online baby clothing, accessories and nursery décor store that produces beautiful, high-quality clothing for babies up to the age of 18 months.

Their new summer range includes a selection of fun, creative designs. The clothes are made from 100% luxury cotton fabric, sourced in South Africa and manufactured in Johannesburg (we love local!) The range is fun, comfortable for babies and the quality is impeccable.

"Our new seasonal range offers something completely different to what Little Lumps has offered in the past," says owner and founder Celia Els. "As always, we are committed to delivering great quality clothing that's locally produced, and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to introduce this unique range to the South African market."

Want an in-style baby too? We've got two R750 Little Lumps vouchers to give away!

WIN A Little Lumps Online Gift Voucher! JHB

NYX Professional Makeup Opens In Sandton City

The store was designed with unique digital features bringing the passion of the online beauty world into a retail environment.  As a digital-native brand with a global online community made up of millions of beauty fans, the NYX Professional Makeup store was created for today’s makeup consumers who are adapting the skills and the tools of professional makeup artists to their own personal styles.

Recognising that these new artists are often self-taught and love to share their makeup styles with the world, the NYX Professional Makeup store celebrates everyday makeup artistry by offering a complete line of affordable professional makeup, new digital technology features and an interactive approach that puts techniques and tools directly into the hands of shoppers.

"We are proud to be able to create a space where fans can come play, learn and share their love for NYX Professional Makeup," said Scott Friedman, NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetics CEO. NYX Professional Makeup will continue its strong partnership with its retailer that is currently distributing NYX Professional Makeup. Its freestanding store will serve as an extension of its current retail distribution, combining digital technology with a hands-on, self learning environment providing consumers with a completely new NYX Professional Makeup experience.

The new retail store features include an interactive NYX Professional Makeup Beauty Bar, a digital community wall, and innovative use of digital imagery and social media content throughout the store, bringing the excitement and energy of the online beauty world into the retail space. "Our stores celebrate the new generation of beauty influencers, and their dedicated followers, by highlighting the creativity and artistry of these real-world makeup lovers," said Nathalie Kristo, NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetics SVP of Global Marketing and Business Development.

Honouring its deep relationships with some of the most popular Instagram and YouTube beauty influencers, NYX Professional Makeup has teamed up with beauty gurus as campaign models. Additionally, their NYX Professional Makeup store will host meet-ups and in-store content takeovers with local beauty influencers, such as Kandy Kane.

The Best Geldhof Factory Store In Town!

The Geldhof Chocolatier Factory Store - Germiston

Stocked with all of your favourite chocolate treats in an array of flavours, finishes and toppings, Geldhof Chocolatiers factory shop in Meadowdale Value Centre in Germiston, offers not only the most decadent in Belgian handmade chocolates but also plenty of free parking and discounts on special purchases. Expect super friendly staff, quality and great service, all neatly packaged with a smile.

Marc Geldhof founded Geldhof Chocolatiers in 1991. Nearly three decades on, the Geldhof Chocolate brand continues to delight chocoholics with their confections. Their factory store in Germiston is particularly whimsical with its sparkly chandeliers and mirror floors. The air temperature cools drastically as you step inside. But, you will soon be distracted by the shelves of chocolate figurines, glass display cases stacked full with inviting truffles of all kinds and the welcoming staff ready to assist.

Sweet Treats

Don't expect to leave Geldhof with just a few items. Once you get started loading up your shopping basket, it's hard to stop. Luckily, these decadent choccies are often available at factory prices. This is the perfect place to stock up on Easter treats, Christmas stocking fillers or even just something for your special someone. With diabetic sugar-free options, dairy free alternatives and dark chocolate varieties, there is a chocolate treat for everyone at Geldhof. We must also mention their chocolate brownies - these super moist chocolate treasures are some of the best we have tried. Don't even bother trying to have only one - they are simply irresistible.

Like a little tipple with your chocolate? The Geldhof Factory Store has the ideal gift box for you. Their liqueur truffle boxes come with a selection of chocolate shell casings which hold tots of whisky, brandy, rum and Amarula. These little adult treats are great as after dinner party favours or weekend treats.


Easter Selection

Spoil your little ones (and yourself) with some goodies from Geldhof Chocolates this Easter. Their selection features assorted chocolate boxes, novelty chocolate bunnies and hollow eggs, as well as special edition Easter chocolate bars. You are sure to score a couple of brownie points (don't forget the brownies) by gifting your loved ones with their favourite chocolate truffle this Easter. Click here to see the full selection.

Geldhof also now offers delivery and click and collect services! Click here to find out more about this exciting new endeavor.

**These offers are available until Monday, 13 April 2020.

For More Information

For more information about Geldhof Chocolatiers, visit www.geldhofchocolates.co.za.

Also, check them out on Facebook.

Details: 011 453 0404 | Meadowdale Value Centre, Meadowdale, Hyperama Link Street, Germiston

Dermalogica Expands Its Footprint Across The Country

Three New Concept Stores Ready And Waiting

Dermalogica concept stores have built a strong following in Gauteng and Cape Town over the last six years. To spread the love to more beauty lovers across the country, they have expanded with three new concept stores in Ballito, Menlyn Mall and Clearwater Mall. Of the three stores that were opened in 2017, Dermalogica Clearwater was newly launched in April, situated in the premier shopping destination in north-west Johannesburg


Dermalogica Clearwater Has Plenty Of Exciting Treatments In Store For You

Just like skin itself, Dermalogica Clearwater has layers of discovery that are exciting for both newcomers and avid fans of the brand. Customers can explore the store or take a seat at the Skin Bar® for a complimentary Face Mapping® skin analysis. Alternatively, experience their prescribed products first-hand in the product pool. Also, why not try out their express 20-minute MicroZone® or 10-minute FaceFit treatments? They're ideal for customers who have a tight budget and little to no time for a pamper session.

All of Dermalogica's core concepts (Face Mapping®, Skin Bar®, MicroZone® and FaceFit treatments) are available at the Clearwater Mall concept store. They also stock the full Dermalogica skincare range.


Book Your Treatment Now

You can find Dermalogica Clearwater on the lower level of the mall (shop number LM068).

To treat your skin to a rejuvenating session, call +27 10 601 6075. To make your treatment booking or for more information about the store and its products, visit the Dermalogica website.


For More Information

To find your nearest Dermalogica store or for more information about the brand, click here.

A New LINDT Chocolate Boutique Sweetens Up Menlyn This Christmas

LINDT Chocolate Boutique Opens In Menlyn Park Shopping Centre!

The fourth LINDT Chocolate Boutique in Gauteng and the first of its kind in Pretoria, the new store is set to delight shoppers this festive season with a wide assortment of LINDT Christmas products, including the new LINDOR Gold Range and the iconic, heart-warming LINDT Teddy. Thanks to LINDT, Christmas shopping has never been easier.

The brand-new LINDT Chocolate Boutique is home to a variety of exclusive chocolate products, as well as the full range of well-known favourites, and features the city’s largest LINDOR Pick & Mix station, allowing shoppers to customise their LINDOR selection from a range of irresistibly smooth melting flavours.


What Else Is On This Christmas At LINDT?

Studio Classes

If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids, LINDT has lined up chocolate making classes over the festive season, where you’ll be able to create your very own LINDT Teddy under the guidance of the LINDT Master Chocolatiers. These festive season classes will be available at both Cape Town and Johannesburg LINDT Chocolate Studios from 3 to 29 December 2016. To secure your spot, visit www.chocolatestudio.co.za.

 My Teddy - Personalise your LINDT Teddy Ribbon

This Christmas, show loved ones how much you care by giving them their very own personalised LINDT Teddy. All you have to do is buy a 100g LINDT Teddy at your nearest participating Pick ‘n Pay store, and their LINDT Ribbon Makers will print a personalised red ribbon with your loved one’s name on it and lovingly tie it onto your LINDT Teddy. This service is only available at participating Pick ‘n Pay stores from 17 - 24 December 2016. Visit www.lindt.co.za for further details.


Don’t Miss Their LINDT Christmas Selection & More!

Spread some festive cheer with LINDT’s wide range of Christmas chocolate gifts. From seasonal LINDOR Gold gift packs to a range of delicious LINDT TEDDY products in various sizes and shapes, there’s something sweet for everyone this Christmas.

Also, for the WhatsApp enthusiasts, keep an eye out for their LINDT HELLO Mini EMOTIS! Each LINDT HELLO Mini EMOTIS bag is filled with the finest LINDT milk chocolates wrapped in the coolest emoticons to suit your mood. Show your happiness, your smile, your style and your love with the LINDT HELLO Mini EMOTIS.

LINDT emotis

For More Information

To find out more about the LINDT Christmas product range as well as what is happening this Christmas, keep an eye on www.lindt.co.za or check them out on Facebook.