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Reefsteamers celebrates Susan the Steam Train's 100th Birthday!

What Is It? Celebrating someone's 100th birthday is no joke. How many centenarians do you know? Not many we suppose. That's why Reefsteamers are going all out to celebrate Susan the Steam Train's 100th year of service! Susan is a class 12AR locomotive, built by the British and brought to South Africa in 1919 to […]

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The Heidelberg Great Train Race

What Is It? All aboard! The Reefsteamers Heidelberg Wanderer is headed on a 48 km journey this September, and you're invited. Join them for the Heidelberg Great Train Race event taking place at the Heidelberg Heritage Museum. Reefsteamers century-old steam train "Susan" will be your escort for the day. She may be a little slow […]

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Chug Along All The Way To Heidelberg With Reefsteamers

Heidelberg Railway Reefsteamers, Jozi's very own steam train, has recently introduced a new day tour - the Heidelberg Wanderer! For the first time since the late 1990s, Susan the Steam Train makes her way into the historic Heidelberg town. Established in 1866, Heidelberg is one of Gauteng's oldest towns. It lies at the foot of […]

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