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Shake Off Winter With These Spring Events

Cradle Gin Festival Date: Sunday, 23 September 2018 at 11:00–17:00.  Gin lovers, gather round! This event is just the right way to kick start your spring excitement. We say this mainly because we love gin just as much. Winter is slowly nearing an end and we are using every opportunity to be outside. Come indulge in 20 different craft and […]

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Soweto Beer Fun Run

What Is It? Soweto Beer Fun Run isn’t about who’s the fastest runner or has the fittest body, it’s actually about good people, good beer, self-love and self-expression. So, it’s a fun 5km run complete with five beer stops, also known as ‘’dehydration stations’’. Each beer stop will be stocked with a variety of beers and will also […]

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