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Victorian Wonder At The Sammy Marks Museum

Sammy Marks (1844 - 1920) Samuel Marks arrived in South Africa in 1869 with a case of silver knives as his most valuable possession. A Lithuanian immigrant, Marks began his career as a peddler working in the rural Cape. However, through gaining the trust and friendship of South African diplomats, businessmen and President Kruger, Marks […]

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Chug Along All The Way To Heidelberg With Reefsteamers

Heidelberg Railway Reefsteamers, Jozi's very own steam train, has recently introduced a new day tour - the Heidelberg Wanderer! For the first time since the late 1990s, Susan the Steam Train makes her way into the historic Heidelberg town. Established in 1866, Heidelberg is one of Gauteng's oldest towns. It lies at the foot of […]

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