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South African Lipizzaners Present War Dance Battle Tactics

What Is It? Once upon a time horses represented our means of transport into battle. They were by our side through adventure, hardship and victory. In honour of the horses proud heritage, the South African Lipizzaners present 'War Dance Battle Tactics' - a fabulous show of skill and talent. Performing medieval defensive movements for your […]

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SA Lipizzaners Annual Gala Dinner

What Is It? The delightful SA Lipizzaners present their annual gala dinner this August. Join them for a formal, flashy, fine-dining affair. The theme for the evening is white with a splash of red, so wear your best white-tie attire with a dash of colour. The SA Lipizzaners will be debuting their latest routines to […]

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Explore Kyalami

Heading north toward Midrand, Kyalami is a playground for those who enjoy picnics, walks in the park and, of course, the world-renowned racing circuit. The suburb is also known for a variety of restaurants, most of them at Kyalami Corner and the Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre. One of these, Ristorante La Trinita, was featured in […]

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