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Why You Need To Be At AFROPUNK Joburg This Year

One of the most anticipated events of the year is finally knocking at our door. We're counting down the days to AFROPUNK Joburg 2019. What Is All The Hype About? Joburg is one of only six countries around the world that host this event. AFROPUNK is a movement that is taking over art, fashion, music […]

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How To Be AfroPunk Ready!

Know Your Line Up! The biggest names in the music industry will be coming to make your crossing over to the new year an amazing experience. This year more than ever, we wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun if we were you! Another huge part of knowing who is on the line […]

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Afropunk Fest Joburg 2019

What Is It? For many years, Afropunk has been defining culture in the music world, bringing a triumph of multiculturalism and diversity for individuals of all races, genders, colours, creeds and tastes to the city. Known for the their Joburg adventure, they'll be offering homegrown and international musical talent across all genres, as well as […]

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