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Art Of Giving Back With Sneakers 4 Change

The sneaker culture in Johannesburg is growing profoundly. And sneaker lovers are always searching for something fresh, new and different to make them stand out from the crowd. The sneaker culture is an influential part of fashion, art and storytelling. Heart Of The Art Sneakers 4 Change is an amazing initiative, aiming to help those […]

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Zoning Into The Best Sneaker Spots In Rosebank

Sneakerheads are always looking for something new, unique and trendy to make them (and their outfit) look good. If you have been struggling to find the sneakers that you desire, then the time has come for you to start zoning into the best sneaker spots in The Zone @ Rosebank. One thing Joburgers love is […]

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Hot Kicks: Sneak Up On Someone Drippin' With Swag

A few things that South African's love - food, a good party and sneakers. Yes, we are quite the spontaneous type of people in this country and yes! we have also joined the world with trend of sleeping outside the store to get the latest and coolest limited edition kicks. Not only have sneakers become […]

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A Step In The Right Direction With These Shoe Spots

Ever been "maddened"? Well! You're just about to be... Steve Madden Anyone who knows a good shoe, has surely been a victim of this style genius. Steve Madden is the ultimate shoe spot to give you the perfect finishing touch. This brand has been serving edgy, stylish and stand-out shoes for over 20 years. Talk about getting […]

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