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Oneplan Muddy Puppy at The Big Red Barn

What Is It? Your four-legged companions deserved a fun day out too! So, make sure you and your fur kid enter the Oneplan Muddy Puppy obstacle course. This 2.4km fun run or walk is the perfect day out for you and your pooch. Get ready to have a blast and get dirty by crawling, climbing, […]

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Muddy Puppy Walkhaven

What Is It? The Muddy Puppy is a 2.1km fun loop (4.2km) obstacle course fun run or walk for you and four-legged companion. You can expect lots of fun and interesting obstacles that include crawling, climbing, jumping, slipping, sliding, wagging, barking and lots and lots of mud. It definitely sounds like an entertaining (and dirty) day […]

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