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A Little Bit Of Joburg For Your Beard

After the razor was invented, the beard became, for a while, not very acceptable. That was until recently when it made a comeback, proving that the beard is a proud tradition to be worn on the chins and cheeks of the manliest of men. Throughout history, many distinguished men wore beards, such as Karl Marx, […]

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The CANSA Shavathon at Silverstar

What Is It? The West Rand’s favourite entertainment destination, Silverstar is hosting a family-friendly CANSA Shavathon, giving all visitors the chance to show their support for cancer patients by spraying or shaving their heads. The CANSA Shavathon has become synonymous with camaraderie, the feel-good factor, and most importantly, hope all in a fun and positive […]

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Hines and Harley: To Beard Or Not To Beard...Bro?

Some men could find any excuse for grooming and others could hardly care less what happens to their ID area, but you don't want to find yourself becoming what I would call the "Beardo". Beardo: "A person with a beard that is never given love and has lost hope" Ubersexual Hines and Harley is all […]

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Don't Hate, Epilate

Epilators have been around for a relatively long time, but have only just started gaining popularity within the past few years. Epilation uses an electronic device to rip the hair out from the root. There is also no need to go to a salon or clinic, as with threading and laser hair removal, because it […]

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A Metrosexual Guide To Joburg

You can be the man who chops down trees with a single blow, wielding your axe while rocking a lumberjack's flannel plaid shirt and draw the stares. It's 2018 for crying out loud. We are men and we like to work hard, play hard and look good while we're at it. With that said, here's Joburg's […]

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