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Free Activities For Kids In The City

Horsing Around Bokkie Park, located in Boksburg, offers free animal interactions. Here, the kids can feed ducks, geese, peacocks, ostriches, cows, sheep, goats, horses, guinea pigs and rabbits. The park also offers many picnic spots under the lush trees, a jungle gym and braai facilities. Entrance to the park is completely free. You can purchase […]

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Science Experiments with the Kids

Oobleck Named after the Dr Seuss book, this non-Newtonian fluid is a mixture of cornflour and water. Simply mix one part water with two parts cornflour and add a drop of food colouring for effect. Non-Newtonian fluids don't follow Newton's law of Viscosity and have the properties of both liquid and solids. When left alone, […]

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