Time For A Winter Treat

There's nothing better than warming up with a spot of tea. And The Palazzo at Montecasino has just the thing. Expect grand and glamorous tea times with three new high tea offerings, including a delectable new winter high tea menu; a new morning high tea delight; and a one-day-only, ultra-indulgent Christmas in July in Hats and Heels High Tea on Saturday, 13 July 2019.

The Palazzo’s delectable, world-class high tea menus are continuously refreshed to follow the changing seasons, tastes and trends, and offers a delightful treat served either indoors or on the hotel deck.

Enjoy The New Winter High Tea Menu

Keep the chill at bay with their new Winter High Tea menu which features a collection of indulgent sweet temptations, including Mexican-spiced chocolate panna cotta with capsicum compote; lemon-mint meringue choux; cherry and dark chocolate mousse; peanut butter crunch milk chocolate tart with banana jelly; apple crumble cupcake; custard tart; sweet and savoury scones and macarons.

As for the savoury selection, you can expect minted halloumi and tomato pesto on toasted tramezzini; roast beef and wholegrain blackberry mustard pretzels; smoked salmon and truffle ricotta on a beetroot roll; sandwiches; quiches and cocktail pies including a Moroccan vegetable pie.

All these sweet and savoury delights are all accompanied by your choice of flavourful, freshly brewed teas and coffee.

The Palazzo Winter High Tea is available until Saturday, 31 August 2019 at R285 per person.

The Palazzo High Tea

A Special Morning Delight

The Palazzo will be offering guests a special new Morning High Tea, available from Mondays to Fridays. This spread includes breakfast panna cotta with seasonal fresh fruit; baked cheesecake with spiced blueberry compote; banana bacon doughnut; custard tart; scones; Fontina; tomato pesto French toast; smoked salmon cottage cheese and chive bagel; truffle parmesan scrambled egg croissant; red onion marmalade and goats cheese quiche; parma ham breakfast cup as well as sweet and savoury items from the cake stand, accompanied by freshly brewed teas and coffee.

The Morning High Tea is served from 09:30 to 11:30 at R195 per person.

Celebrate Christmas in July

'Tis Christmas in July, and The Palazzo will be celebrating with a tantalizing Christmas in July High Tea. This festive feast will include delicious choco-centric sweets such as peppermint caramel crisp mousse; vanilla milk chocolate mousse with ‘mulled wine’ jelly; decadent dark chocolate pecan nut pie; strawberry balsamic choux; hazelnut chocolate macaron; snowy lemon meringue; cherry and dark chocolate mousse as well as sweet and savoury scones. The savoury items include grilled halloumi and homemade sweet chilli on Focaccia; turkey pastrami; gingerbread mustard on cocktail pretzels; roast beef and wholegrain blackberry mustard on rye; duck and sour cherry pie and assorted quiches, cocktail pies, and sandwiches.

The Christmas in July High Tea is available on Saturday, 13 July 2019 at R325 per person.

Please note: Booking is essential for ALL high teas at The Palazzo. 

For More Information

For more information about these fabulous high teas and bookings, call 011 510 3000 or visit www.tsogosun.com.

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Man, do we love a good Churro, but do you blame us? A good snack or dessert (depending on how you view it) can be all you need to change your mood. Trust us, this is no exaggeration - a sweetened heart is the best heart.

Churros have become a new favourite and have taken over markets, events and pop-ups by storm. Everyone knows that after a good meal, we want to have a little something sweet that will tickle our tummy. They have become more than just a sweet treat, and have joined the savoury family, too.

We Churro Hook You Up...

We know there aren't a lot of places that have these babies for sale, so that is why we had to steer you in the right direction. Let's check out these heavens filled with temptation.


Paquito's Treatery

I think the first nation that comes to mind when I hear the Paquito's is Puerto Rico, it's no wonder that this Spanish family was determined to give South Africa a taste of something delicious.

The Garcia family decided to start something that would make many South Africans fall in love with the culture of churros. Their humble beginnings began with a pop-up in markets, where all of the deeply-rooted food culture and for a lack of a better term, 'foodies' are more likely to hang out.

This was the start of something great, and lead to something bigger when they opened their shop in Blairgowrie, pay them a visit and indulge!


Plan B Dessertery 

This place is definitely no plan B, it's plan A for sure. The Plan B Dessertery is most certainly food porn material. The country has been going crazy over this amazing place - the testimony lives on on Instagram. Plan B Dessertery is understandably "one for the gram".

Even though they are not only known for the most scrumptious, fresh, mind-blowing churros. They have the best ice-cream around, but here is one for the churro lovers out there - they have the most mouthwatering combos of churros and ice-cream. These are to die for!


MC Churro

If you are looking for a wide variety, this is most definitely the place where you will find it. MC Churro has the option of getting something sweet or savoury.

Honestly, we did not know where to begin here - with ample variety that ranges from flavours like milk tart, strawberry cheesecake, bacon maple, black cherry, peppermint crisp and many many more; how can one know where to start. Not only is the variety refreshing, the taste is impeccable.

How to find them? You can stalk them on their social pages or book them for an event.

Decisions, Decisions... We Are Here To Churro You On

With all the cheesiness out the way... go indulge in the deliciousness of thy churro!

{Featured Image by Plan B}

The trend of deep-fried food has grown immensely in Joburg, making those who love fried food very happy. But how happy can you be until you know the best spots to find these delicious nibbles?

You Get Deep Fried Food

You Get Fried Food, You Get Fried Food, Everybody Gets Fried Food

We found spots that offer a range of deep-fried food, with a few mouthwatering surprises that you are going to love.

Deep Fried

Hudsons The Burger Joint

Hudsons has claimed the title "The Burger Joint", and that is most certainly what they are good at. After grabbing an infamous burger, try the Deep Fried Oreos for dessert. They are to-die-for!

When we first looked at their dessert menu, our eyes almost popped out with surprise. We saw the Oreos with a deep-fried twist, served with ice-cream. We didn't know what to expect, but somehow, our expectations were met.


Asian restaurant, Hashi is proving that there are no limits to food. This restaurant, situated in Linden, is a little gem hiding tons of deliciousness.

Those who love sushi will definitely appreciate this. Their menu has Deep-Fried Sushi, which is very unique. We have not tried it, however. This is because we could not resist the sweets, so we tried the Deep-Fried Ice-Cream instead. We do have to confess, it was most certainly worth it.

Deep Fried

Cafe Patisse

Cafe Patisse is situated in Greenside. They have some of the most innovative baked goods we have seen. The creativity they put into making their delicious goodies is quite refreshing.

Here, you will find what they call a Koeksister Doughnut, filled to the brim with love (we will leave that melting surprise to your imagination). This has to be the most amazing burst in texture and comfort we've felt to date. You have to try it. It's a must!

Paquito's Treatery

We all love a good churro and trust us when we say you will be spoiled for choice at Paquito's Treatery.

They have many amazing flavours that include a South African fave, milk tart. Other flavours include Nutella and Oreo, among others. They also have savoury choices for those who aren't into the sugary stuff.

And they offer catering services for events and can easily align to your theme, they are quite creative.

Deep Fried


Situated in the bustling suburb of Parkhurst is Craft. This is probably one of the best places to find Deep-Fried Chicken and Waffles.

Many might not understand the combination, but don't knock it until you try it! This is one of the best combos, yet it goes unnoticed.

And there we have it, Jozi - a list of the where to go for those deep fried goods.

{Featured Image By Paquito's}

Black Forest Bakery 

And no, they don't just sell Black Forest cakes. This bread spot is worth more to the average foodie than a bag of chips. Black Forest Bakery boasts mouthwatering, freshly baked bread that would make anyone weak at the knees. This gem is situated in one of the trendiest precincts of Joburg, Braamfontein's infamous Juta Street and they have another store in Sandton. They are known for their amazing bakery goods. Imagine this; swiping freshly baked bread to scoop up that last bit of a tasty oxtail stew. Swing by Black Forest Bakery to tickle your taste buds. Drools, Drools, Drools!!!

bread spots

Patachou Patisserie

Saying that name must have made you feel like quite the French connoisseur right? Visit the Patachou Patisserie and go on a journey of fresh bakery goods, as their bread is to die for. In SA, the potjie is one of our signature dishes, so trust me when I say that adding the bread at Patachou to your meal will bring you the best combination of both worlds. Now that I've planted that scintillating idea in your mind - I can also tell you that; this spot also have delicious sweet little nibbles. Visit them to experience a touch of France!

bread spots

Babette's Bread 

Let me tell you a little story... once upon a time in a world filled with flour lived a Law graduate who became obsessed with baking bread. All the butter, yeast and mixing through the dough took her to a place called the US of A to explore what she loved under the guidance of a French baker. She grew up to become a bread artist, and her name was Barbette. She came back to Johannesburg and opened her own world of scrumptiousness, which is one of the bread spots that we have fallen in love with. Babette's Bread has one of the best breads we have tasted and her sourdough bread will have you saying feta, rocket and sun dried tomatoes.

Junipa's Bistro

Want to talk artisan, well Junipa's Bistro is thee bread spot you must visit. Situated in the ever so modern burbs of Bryanston, the atmosphere is absolutely great. This spot also has freshly brewed coffee to compliment their oh so yummy freshly baked breads that will have you eating out of the palm of Junipa's (pun definitely intended). Whether you want bread to go or to sit down at the bistro, you surely won't be disappointed. I'm quite the matchmaker so I'd pair their goodies with a good pulled chicken and cheese.


If anything, I think we have established that Fournos is one of the franchises that actually make some of the best breads around. They have tons of tummy hugging fresh bakes that will have you warm inside and filled with nostalgic thoughts. Believe me when I say, you will be spoiled for choice - just don't buy the whole shop unless the plan is to get a franchise. The passion they have for baking and serving good food shines through, you cannot deny yourself of such goodness.

What a mouthful? Literally...last words. Bread, Butter (not margarine), chicken, cucumber and mayo! That is my weakness. Do you know of any other awesome bread spots in the city? Let us know about them!