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Romeo and Juliet - A Three Act Ballet

What Is It? Nebula Cinemas proudly bring you the Royal Ballet's Romeo and Juliet at their micro theatre in Benoni this July. Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet is a modern ballet classic. First debuted in 1965, this magical adaptation of Shakespeare's great tragedy is a must-see. Go on a journey to Renaissance Verona, where two ill-fated lovers […]

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Shakespeare's R & J at The Pieter Toerien Main Theatre

What Is It? Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is spun on its head in Joe Calarco's Shakespeare's R & J. Brought to you by Pieter Toerien studios, this modern take on Romeo and Juliet is a definite must-see for fans and critics alike. A school, four boys, a smuggled copy of Romeo and Juliet and a secret enactment […]

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