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Restaurants At Melrose Arch

Melrose Arch's restaurants pride themselves on providing delectable dining using only the highest quality, fresh ingredients in an appealing ambiance to suit every occasion. The buzz and hum of the precinct prove the perfect background to lazy lunches and evening revels alike. With an array of chic cafes, top-rated restaurants, elegant eateries and happening cocktail […]

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Build Your Own Menu At These Joburg Restaurants

Andiccio 24 Have you ever looked at a pizza menu and been at a loss over what to order? Sometimes, the combination of toppings just doesn't tick all the boxes, right? Rather than compromise on what you really want, head out to Andiccio 24 to build your own pizza. There is no set menu here, […]

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Must Visit Gourmet Salad Spots In Joburg

Most of us consider salad to be rabbit food. But there is no reason why salads can't be nourishing, flavourful, filling and indulgent. Restaurants are now serving up delicious gourmet salads. And Joburg is loving the difference that comes with the bursts of flavour, spontaneity and all-round love for food. Conscious 108 Conscious 108 is […]

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Top 10 Salad Spots In Joburg

Life Grand Café Life’s Grand Café’s salad bar is amazing enough to turn any die-hard carnivore into a veg lover (for one meal, at least). Here’s how it works: you get a base of lettuce, tomato and cucumber and can then pick four toppings. It’s always a tough choice deciding what to fill your bowl with. From […]

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