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Motherland Coffee Company VS Father Coffee

In our search of the perfect cup of coffee, we only have one question: who has the better bean? We're pitting Motherland Coffee Company against Father Coffee, to see who takes the brew. Motherland Coffee Company We are sure you have heard the term, Africa the motherland. This is what Motherland Coffee Company is all […]

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Bootlegger Coffee Company At Ferndale On Republic

Johannesburg is a city with a deep love for good food and great coffee. If there's one place that brings this together, it has to be Bootlegger Coffee Company. Born and bred in Cape Town, Bootlegger Coffee Company has landed in Ferndale, to our great delight. Coffee Connoisseurs Their beans, sourced from Guatemala and Costa […]

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Grilling of a Lifetime

What Is It? Pieter Dirk Uys and the irrepressible Evita Bezuidenhout, are to be honoured at this year's Grilling Of A Lifetime. Both figures will feature alongside a hand-picked panel of friends and colleagues, who will take turns poking fun at these beloved South Africans. The first part of the evening will be a brief […]

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