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Upcycle Creative has been working closely with many companies to provide them with solutions to their waste issues. The Upcycle Creative team of experts are ready for the challenge of making your company green. Their vision is to make going green simple, easy and effective.

The destruction of waste to be upcycled into a completely different product is Upcycle Creative's forte. Swap, donate or exchange waste for the Upcycle Creative community.

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158 Long Road, Greymont, Johannesburg.

Safety Precautions In Place

Limited shopping hours.

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For more information about Upcycle Creative, visit www.upcycle.co.za.

Details: 082 855 2236 | [email protected]

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Famous Beluga caviar served at the sushi bar

Delicious hand-stretched and stone baked pizzas straight from the wood-fired pizza oven

The store was officially opened by Shoprite's Chief Executive Officer, Pieter Engelbrecht.

"I am honoured and proud to present this store to you as an outstanding example of the extent of our Group’s ability to innovate in order to give our customers what they want. We take pride in our ability to tailor our products and services to meet our customers’ needs - whether they are looking for the most affordable products in remote areas or looking for artisanal chocolates and breads in Sandton City - all this while we never compromise on value for money."

A decadent chocolatier bar with artisanally crafted truffles made from Belgian chocolate combined with the very best South African ingredients

An in-store ​Kauai​ with its famous salads, wraps and smoothies

Get your greens and stay hydrated this summer!

A​ selection of meat and veggies expertly prepared on the imported Rodizio Grill

Freshly-made artisanal breads and delicious pastries from SCHOON

This will also include a sophisticated new range of confectioneries and luxury cakes, yum!

A temperature-controlled tasting room with wines from over 100 leading estates

That's right! The store will be adding more international wines than any other supermarket as well authentic French champagne and the widest range of Italian prosecco.

The various in-store service departments (such as the Butchery, Bakery, Cheese Deli and Fresh Fruit & Vegetables) are dedicated destination areas - designed to look and feel like a store within a store - offering customers an artisanal market experience within a supermarket environment.

Customers can also expect wider aisles and shelves designed with the shopper in mind, while the seamless floors mean trolleys make less noise when pushed through the store.

Checkers Hyper Sandton City will also offer customers a 100% recyclable and compostable paper bag, which will be the supermarket chain’s first product carrying the new standardised recycling instructions, known as On Pack Recycling Labels (OPRLs), as per the guidelines recently published by the WWF-SA.

Almost 60 new jobs were created with the opening of the newly branded store, bringing Checkers Hyper Sandton City's full staff to 290, of which 225 are women. ​The store will be managed by seasoned Branch Manager, Selva Pillay, who joined the Shoprite Group in 1991 and has more than 28 years experience in retail.

Visit The Store 

Trading hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 09:00 - 20:00

Sundays: 09:00 - 18:00

Location: Sandton City Mall, Cnr Alice Lane & 5th St, Sandton, 2196

More Information: 011 245 0800

The up-cycle movement has been on the rise for a couple of years now. With eco-warriors at the helm, furniture is no longer being discarded without a second thought. Similar to re-cycling, the up-cycling movement promotes re-use of non-perishable or slow degrading items. The difference here though is, instead of breaking down materials to re-cycle them, the old is given a little spit and polish to make it seem brand new.

This movement is especially relevant to furniture and upholstery. The manufacturing process behind that brand new reading chair you have been eyeing can have disastrous effects on the environment. So, instead of buying new, we work with what we have to create something updated and modern. Using only minimal materials, up-cyclers can re-work a dusty, old piece of furniture into a contemporary living space must-have.

Up-Cycled Furniture

Up-Cycled Furniture 

As trends come and go, you may find up-cycling your much-needed answer to millennial pastels, prints, gold finishes and all other interior design gimmicks. That's where Up-Cycled Furniture comes into the picture, specialising in couches, dining room chairs, occasional chairs, benches, custom-made furniture and more. They will re-upholster your favourite lounger back to its original glory. Or, you can give your entire living room collection a complete makeover without having to blow your budget.

Rather than waste your time DIYing your household items to their former look and comfort, send them off to Up-Cycled for the royal treatment. If you are unsure of the look you want, they will choose the fabric and style for you. So, the next time you find a super cool armchair at that vintage store in town, don't pass it by. Up-Cycled will not only give it some much-needed TLC, but they can make it uniquely yours, reflecting your tastes and comforts.

How it works

Up-Cycled collects your run down and tired furniture at the most convenient time in your schedule. They then haul them off to their factory workshop, where all the magic happens. Up-Cycled has years of experience in traditional and modern upholstery. They also have a vast amount of understanding of furniture function, restoration and traditional re-upholstery techniques. So, whether you are looking for timeless traditional or clean contemporary design, they will be able to transform your drab couch or chair into something worthy of a magazine cover. Your furniture is then re-delivered to your home, ready to brighten up your living space.

Up-Cycled Furniture also creates their own custom pieces. Their pallet patio sets are particularly impressive, as they re-work, paint and transform old wooden pallets into outdoor furniture to last you a good couple of years. Complete with glass tops and lockable wheels, their tables and garden couches are the perfect addition to your braai or pool area. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some fancy 'new' furniture.

Check out this awesome custom made pallet patio set! You can Choose your configuration and colours! Call or email us for an obligation free quote on 082 641 8838 or info@up-cycled.co.za

Posted by Up-cycled on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

For more information

Visit their website for more details, or follow them on Facebook.

Details: 082 641 8838 | [email protected] | 137 10th Rd, Kew, Johannesburg. 

So, you want a cleaner environment? You're sick of seeing streets lined with trash, hearing stories of animals suffocating on plastic and don't care for the mess you see in public spaces everyday? You've decided it's time to care for the environment. To do this, you've stopped buying plastic bags, you have a hemp bag with steel straws in your handbag, you bought a reusable water bottle and your favourite coffee shop uses those biodegradable coffee cups. You've got two of Rs, reduce and reuse, sorted. But now for the recycling. We have found the best recycling organisations to make recycling a breeze.


Recycling plastic has become necessary in recent years. This is because plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Despite this fact, plastic is still found in almost all our day-to-day items, such as plastic bags, sandwich bags, Tupperware, water bottles, packaging, even chewing gum is made out of plastic. Plastic can also be tricky to recycle because there are so many different types of plastic and because a lot of packaging is made from several materials. Most supermarkets have switched to recyclable bags and now have an option for paper ones, too. However, this just isn't doing enough. Apart from reducing our use of single-use plastic, we also need to make an effort to recycle our plastic. Here are some organisations that can assist:

Petco: Petco specialises in the recycling of PET plastic, the type of plastic that is used for bottles, jars and containers. They take these items and use them to make fibre for pillows and duvets, fruit trays and new bottles. Petco has many drop-off sites around Joburg, which you can find here.

Owl Rescue: Owl Rescue, based in the North West, use old bottles to make owl houses, bat houses and bee hives. They do not benefit from this great initiative but do it simply because they care about the environment. You can purchase a bag from them where you can store your own bottles or even collect bottles from your family, friends and colleagues. They will come and collect the plastic free of charge. You can order a bag here.



Paper recycling is one of the most established areas of recycling in South Africa. Recycled paper can be used to make newspaper, cardboard and even egg cartons. Regular paper, old magazines and books can all be recycled so that more trees don't need to be cut down.

Mpact Recycling: This recycling company collects 630 000 tonnes of paper a year, which gets processed into cartonboard and container board. Mpact has designated drop-offs zones where you can leave your used paper. They will then fetch your recycling material from this site. Find your closest drop-off zone here


Melting down crushed glass uses much less resources than making glass from scratch and is, therefore, cheaper and better for the environment. Melted glass can be used to make many items, such as new glasses and glass fibre. What many people don't realise is that glass is one of the longest lasting items on this list - taking about 1 million years to disintegrate.

The Glass Recycling Company: This company has 4 017 glass banks across the country where you can drop off your glass for recycling. They will then recycle it, which creates jobs, reduces our carbon footprint and clears up the landfills. Find a glass bank close to you here.


Metal can take anywhere between 50 - 500 years to break down, depending on what type of metal it is. It is also a lot cheaper and requires less resources to recycle metal rather than processing new metal. So, recycling your metal should be a no-brainer. The most common house-hold metal comes in the form of bottle caps, lids, foil and cans. Here is how you can recycle your metal:

SA Metal: This company won't help with small household pieces of metal. They will, however, pay you for your scrap metal and then recycle it. So, if you're looking to get rid of an old car, fridge, washing machine, pool pump, fencing or even some old tools, contact them to recycle it for you.

Whole Earth: Whole Earth is a great recycling initiative for families and businesses. They provide you with a bag, you fill it and they come fetch it. You don't even need to sort your recycling items. Not only do they recycle cans and other metal, they also recycle glass, paper, plastic and electrical waste. Get your recycling bag here.


There are many other items that should be recycled or disposed of in a correct manner. These include:

Oil: Old car oil can't just be thrown down the basin as it will contaminate the water supply. For safe disposal of old oil, contact the Rose Foundation.

Batteries: Batteries are another item that can't just be thrown in the garbage. Although the chemicals no longer react in a battery once it has died, the chemicals are still present. All batteries should be disposed of correctly so that they do not harm anyone. You can take all your old batteries with you the next time you go to your favourite Joburg shopping centre. Most shopping centres have bins especially for old batteries.

Light Bulbs: These are another difficult item to recycle because they are so fragile and are made of several different materials. Luckily, shopping centres have bins for these, too. If you can't find a bin, head on over to your local Woolworths.

Electronics: These are difficult to recycle due to the many parts, including batteries. Most shopping centres have electronic disposal bins or you can head on over to Jackson's Real Food Market, where you can recycle your old cell phones.



Quilling is the art of rolling and folding strips of paper and gluing them together to form creative designs. The resulting art is a colourful and vibrant 3D art work. This is a great way to use up any paper you have lying around whether it is from magazines, coloured paper scraps of left over scrapbooking paper. Simply draw an outline of a design on a piece of cardboard, cut your paper into strips, roll the paper into circles, glue the edge of the paper down so that it does not unravel and stick the circle of paper onto your cardboard design. The Spruce Crafts has some gorgeous quilling ideas for beginners.



We have all seen the pretty mosaic tables made from broken tiles. But there is no reason that mosaics arts and crafts should be limited to tiles. Some magnificent pieces can be made from materials you have lying around your house like beads, stones, glass, bottle caps and even straws. Simply break your chosen medium into different sizes and arrange into a pattern of your choice and glue with an appropriate adhesive. Check out Craftionary for some inspiration.



This hobby traditionally uses yarn or thread to form objects like fabric and baskets. But weaving can be a very diverse hobby depending on what materials you choose to use. Weaving can be done with fabric ribbons, paper, plastic and even wire. Weaving is a great way to reuse plastic bags to make something that won't clog our oceans. Simply cut the plastic bags into ribbons and weave away. Check out WeaveZine for a tutorial on how to replace yarn with plastic for your weaving projects.

weaved bags


This one is all in the name. Scrapbooking uses scraps in a creative way to beautify precious memories like photographs, letters and cards. The method involves framing memorabilia with various arts and crafts objects like buttons, sea shells, beads and stickers. You can even decorate your projects with some of your weaving and quilling projects or make a mosaic. This is a lovely craft that can use up left overs from other crafts or anything you find around your house such as paper clips, pressed leaves and flowers from your garden or cut outs of old cards, magazines and wrapping paper. Better Homes & Gardens will inspire you to get scrapbooking.


Modelling Clay

Modelling clay can be a fun way to create amazing pieces. The only limit to what you can create is that of your imagination. This is a relatively easy hobby to master as it only requires making a shape out of clay, allowing it to dry and then adding some colour. You can easily make your own air drying clay out of old newspaper, cardboard or egg cartons, water, and glue. Make a base shape out of old jars, cardboard and even foil. Creative Mom, our inspiration for these crafts, has many ideas and tips on her Youtube Channel.