The level of therapy available is unrivalled in comparison to cost, as the Recovery Centre is able to provide intensive therapeutic groups on a daily basis, presented by qualified and experienced addiction counsellors.  These groups provide a platform for teaching as well as sharing in a supportive therapeutic context under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, with a variety of group dynamics offered.

A combination of techniques are utilised including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative and Trauma Therapy and a Person-Centred Approach.  Thorough education is provided in terms of the addiction process, and understanding the purpose of the 12 Steps in order to incorporate these principles into a lifestyle.  Alternative programmes are also available as we acknowledge that sometimes people require a different approach.

The Recovery Centre at White River

Their Treatment Plans

Each client is assessed individually in order to determine the best way forward, and a unique treatment plan is devised accordingly, dependent on the client's needs.  They believe in freedom of choice and therefore involve their clients in the therapeutic process to help effectively guide them towards good decision-making, and ultimately, change.

The baseline programme includes an initial assessment session with a Psychiatrist / Medical Practitioner; one weekly session with a Social Worker / Addiction Therapist; one weekly session with a 12 Step facilitator; sessions with Spiritual Advisor when requested; all group work sessions;  all creative skills development programmes; and all stepwork literature; as well as initial admission and discharge drug testing, and in-house medical checks.

The therapeutic programme can be intensified through additional services available that include psychiatric or medical consultations and medication; clinical psychology; online sexual addiction programme; music therapy; specialised trauma counselling; physiotherapy; and an Aftercare Specialist.

Psychological and emotional healing and restoration is a primary goal, as they understand that addiction is a result of deeper underlying issues, and that the substance abuse or toxic behaviour is merely a symptom.

The Recovery Centre at White River

About The Recovery Centre At White River

Set in the lush environment of White River, close to the Kruger Park, their vast property boasts access to the White River with stunning nature trails. At the Recovery Centre, they believe in a holistic approach, incorporating body, mind and soul, and thus ensure that recovery is addressed on all three levels.

All medical needs are taken care of by their professional team, and they work closely with a variety of consultant medical professionals.  Clients are encouraged to eat healthily and exercise frequently, as well as to rest adequately in order to achieve balance in their lives.  Self-care is vital, and they offer occasional spa services when needed.

The Recovery Centre knows that a healthy body is equally important and that restoration needs to occur in all areas.  Clients may participate in a variety of sport and exercise options, including self-defense, kick-boxing, Pilates classes, volleyball, jogging, hiking or mountain-biking and are able to cool off with a refreshing swim in the sparkling pool.

The creative skills development programme incorporates a wide variety of options, designed to stimulate creativity and encourage the development of resilience, satisfaction and self-respect.  They ensure that tasks are practical and have a purpose. Creative mindfulness is at the core of groups, hosted to include an interesting range of artistic endeavours. They believe that spiritual growth is imperative, and thus encourage this as much as possible.

Accommodation options vary from dormitory to double rooms, and clients are expected to participate in basic housekeeping to solidify routine and self-discipline, which are often lost in addiction. The community is close and provides an environment to heal and restore, in a supportive therapeutic context that also promotes growth and change. Read more about luxury recovery centres.

Weekends and evenings are relaxing, but incorporate innovative team-building ideas, step work time and optional church services. They aim to provide exceptional professional services and all their staff are experienced and highly qualified. Their programme advocates the development of healthy coping skills like asking for help, mindfulness, journalling, spirituality, distress tolerance skills and daily quiet times, as we know that recovery is a journey and there is more to it than simply stopping substances.

One needs to create a life worth living and to replace unhealthy toxic behaviours in order to achieve one's full potential. Acceptance and change are vital aspects, along with accountability and honesty, and it is essential to incorporate recovery principles into a sustainable lifestyle.

For More Information

Feel free to contact their helpful admissions office on 082 870 5014 for further discussion or an information pack.

To change your life today, take advantage of their unbelievable special offer of R9 000 per month, inclusive of VAT and covered by most medical aids.

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The Safe Place To Recover & Isolate

Whether you're looking for a comfortable and safe place to recover or simply looking to isolate yourself away from loved ones to protect them, The Capital Hotels and Apartments has come up with the perfect solution. In partnership with Discovery Health, they will launch a COVID-19 isolation and recovery facility at The Capital Empire in Sandton.

Both companies recognised the need to create safe spaces for people exposed to or infected with COVID-19 to isolate and recover, and to support the country’s efforts to flatten the curve during the national lockdown period.

self-isolation hotel woman in bed listening to music

About The Self-Isolation Hotel

The medically-controlled facility with access to 24-hour nursing care is open to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and needs to be in isolation while they recover. To enable broad access to these facilities, The Capital Hotels and Apartments has significantly reduced their rates. The Capital intends to avail additional facilities in other major South African cities. Also, Discovery Health Medical Scheme members seeking self-isolation and care can access this facility at a reduced rate.

self-isolation hotel

How It Works

Starting from R1 350 per night for a standard hotel room, the rates include three meals per day. Guests are encouraged to stay for between 12 and 14 days to allow for full recovery before they return home.

From R2 000 per night, guest can stay in a modern spacious apartment with a fully fitted kitchen (including laundry facilities).

All rooms include the hotel's standards of complimentary high speed Wi-Fi and Smart TVs.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme will contribute R400 towards the daily rate during the period of isolation (this is specifically for Discovery Health members who have COVID-19 and who do not require in-hospital care).

To oversee recovery, Discovery Healthcare Services will make 24-hour nursing supervision available as part of the service. In addition, Discovery Healthcare Services has made arrangements for referral and if needed, ambulance transportation of anyone who needs escalated medical care.

self-isolation hotel

All food is inspected to ensure suppliers are following the WHO food preparation protocols and is prepared under strict hygiene standards. Food will be delivered at the room door, with strict isolation protocols.

All Capital staff have been trained on global best practice protocols for sanitisation and care of both themselves, their family and guests, following the guidelines of the WHO, European and US Centres for Disease Control and the South African Institute for Communicable Diseases. Additionally, all staff will use the necessary personal protective equipment to ensure their safety.

Daily room servicing to ensure a hygienic environment includes the disinfection of high touch points, including TV remotes, door handles and toilet flush handles as well as front desk pens and room keys. Commercial grade cleaning and disinfectant materials are used in all aspects of the hotel.

All staff will be screened for any symptoms and signs of COVID-19, including regular body temperature monitoring. Any staff members involved in the food supply chain has their temperature check performed hourly.

The Capital

For More Information

For more information about The Capital Hotels and Apartments and their Self-Isolation Hotel, click here to view their offers during this difficult time.

You can also book by contacting them on [email protected] or 011 290 9700.

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest hotel news, offers and more.