repurpose household items

Use a comb to hammer nails

If you are quite handy around the house and enjoy interior décor, you've probably had to hammer nails in at some point or another - when you want to hang a frame or secure a fixture for instance. Instead of risking your fingers while doing the hammering, use a hair comb to hold the nail in position while you hammer it in. That way your fingers are safe and the task is done!

Repurpose empty glass jars

If you often buy jam, olives and other food products that are packed in glass jars, your first instinct may be to recycle - or even throw away -  the glass jar once empty. Instead of doing that, why not re-purpose some of the fancy and cool looking jars as drinking or storage glasses? You can even use the lids to create something fun and crafty for yourself or your kids.

Use a hair straightener to iron collars

Most mornings are a rush and you simply don't have the time to get the iron and ironing board out to sort a creased   collar or cuff. Fear not; if you have a hair straightener use that to iron out the creases and save time and effort. It's a quick and easy fix you might end up using all the time.

Re-purpose an empty Pringles can 

Who doesn't love spaghetti? But it's always a pain to store once open. Instead of struggling to find storage long enough to fit your spaghetti or having to tape the pack closed when you don't use all the pasta, use an empty Pringles can to store your pasta or any other dry goods. You can even decorate the can to make it look pretty and don't forget to label it to avoid confusion.

repurpose household items

Use a bowl as an amplifier

Speakers aren't always on everyone's to get list or even in their budget. But every now and then we host friends or family and some good, loud music is the only thing missing to create the ambiance. Forget the lack of speakers and simply place your phone in a bowl to act as an amplifier. This should work perfectly and might even be a conversation starter for your quirky hosting skills.

Re-purpose spaghetti as a match

If you're a candles type of person then you know the struggle of trying to light a once-upon-a-time long candle that is nearing the bottom of its jar. Instead of risking burning your fingers with a short match or lighter, use a spaghetti noodle as a long match to light your candle. Now you don't have to throw away that last bit of your candle or risk burning your fingers.

Re-purpose spaghetti as a match

Use beeswax to waterproof your shoes

One of the most annoying things that can happen is getting caught in the rain when you are unprepared for it. Worse-still, having to spend the rest of the day or night in soaking wet shoes. Now you don't have to deal with that if you waterproof your shoes with beeswax. Apply the beeswax on your shoes by rubbing, blow dry to seal and you're sorted come rain or shine.

Know other items to repurpose around the house? Let us know below!