There is nothing more personal than something that is handmade and crafted, it just gives it that sentimental touch and an even more personal touch when you add it to a gift whether it's something you are getting for yourself or a special someone.

Swap Ordinary For Extraordinary

These days we see the not so conventional soaps becoming an in thing, plus the culture of organic really motivates people to try soaps that are made with raw ingredients, soaps that are made with organic ingredients, soaps that are made for luxury purposes.

Most of these soaps are the kinds that you would see in stores and that have actual berries in them, honey in them or even made with some forms of Shea butter or milk and many other ingredients that encourage some sort of fragrant.

So before you go looking for a gift to a luxury spa, why not consider buying something that you can use in the comfort of your own home while enjoying a good slice of pizza in the tub (not the most ideal scenario for the everyday person however the tub and the good pizza is the best combination, LOL!)

Just a little suggestion, if you get this as a gift, it makes for a good combination with a bath bomb or even bath salt.

Finding Your Soap, Friend!

Soap Spots Joburg


Lush is just a world of amazing products, filled with so many different kinds of soaps made with raw ingredients and have amazing textures and rough cuts - it really leaves you with an imaginative thought of how the bath experience of using the soaps will be like

Each and every soap has its unique fragrant and is purely from the natural substances i.e. The honeycomb one, literally has raw honey and a layer of honeycomb. May I add, they have bath bombs that are to-die-for - definitely a good pair as a gift buy.

Soap Spots Joburg

Still Pure

Still Pure is just exactly what the name implies, they have the most amazing soaps you'll ever find; with pure ingredients that just allow for that luxurious feel that you want to have when you have just gotten home and just want to lay back and enjoy a good bath.

They have a variety of options available; you probably won't even know where to touch, let alone the ache to buy them all because the variety will have you confused.

Soap Spots Joburg

Aurora Soaps

Tucked away in the North West of Joburg is Aurora Glycerine Soaps, a slice of what heaven probably feels like. They live of being inventive.

Their generous offering is enough to leave anyone confused, they have little plain luxuries that feel amazing and rough textures that are creative.

Who knew that soap could move from just being a block of something to being a luxury piece of art and give you an amazing feeling that awakens all of your senses.

Check these places out Jozi, you will not be disappointed!

{Featured Picture By Lush}