5G Is Here!

It feels like just yesterday everyone was trading in their ADSL connection for fibre, and installation trenches were appearing left, right and centre in suburbs throughout the country. But with fibre available to only a select few (only 496,000 South African homes had fibre in 2019), 5G is starting to change the home internet game, beginning with Gauteng!

Experience Faster Streaming on Multiple Devices

Want to watch Netflix on your laptop while your kids stream YouTube videos in the lounge or play their favourite games on your tablet? 5G is the best option for households that want to make the most of a single connection, as it allows for fast streaming for multiple devices at once.

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Good News, It's Cost Effective!

There are more benefits to 5G broadband than just speed. 5G is also an affordable option since it doesn’t require cabling to be laid and connected to your building. All you need is a 5G router, and you’re all set. In this sense, it will cost operators less to deploy, with the savings passed on to the customer.

Right now, network operator rain offers customers unlimited data on the 5G network through two affordable products:

Both products come with a free-to-use router, and are on a month-to-month basis.

Get Up & Running With Ease

Since 5G is a plug-and-play solution, getting your connection up and running once you have a 5G device is as simple as plugging in a wireless router – no waiting for operators to dig up (and fill in) trenches in the road, or tricky installations.

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Best For Home Use

The one caveat of 5G internet is that while its fast download speeds are great for streaming and browsing, its upload speeds are more suited for home use than business. If you regularly need to upload large files or engage in high-definition video conferencing, fibre may be more suited for your needs.

But for South Africans living in urban areas, rain’s 5G offers an affordable and practical option for home internet, allowing many users to leapfrog older technologies. rain has plans to roll 5G out to metros across the country in the next few months, but in the meantime, Gauteng is the first in the country to enjoy the new generation of home internet.

For More Information

For more information about rain and their 5G offers, visit www.rain.co.za.

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Don't Miss 3TCricket!

Cricket fans can celebrate the return of their favourite sport with the innovative and first-of-its-kind, 3TCricket, where three teams will play in a single match, competing for the inaugural Solidarity Cup.

Presented by RAIN, the Solidarity Cup will be the showcase event for the brand-new cricket format which sees 24 of South Africa’s top cricketers in three teams playing two halves in one match.

The three teams competing in the Solidarity Cup are the Eagles, captained by AB de Villiers and sponsored by Takealot; Kingfishers, captained by Kagiso Rabada and sponsored by OUTsurance and the Kites, captained by Quinton de Kock and sponsored by Mr Delivery.

The Solidarity Cup will be the first live sport in South Africa since the lockdown was announced in March 2020 and will be broadcast on SuperSport.

Director of Cricket at Cricket South Africa, Graeme Smith believes that this new format will bring back the excitement of cricket. “We miss cricket, we miss the fans and we miss the players. Cricket is seen as a professional non-contact sport under government alert level three regulations and what better way to introduce the sport back to its fans than with a new format.


The Hardship Fund

Cricket South Africa and 3TeamCricket understand the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the world experiencing economic challenges. This is very true for the sporting industry and South Africa. Sadly, many people in South Africa and the cricket industry are severely affected. Cricket South Africa identified the need to “use their voice” to help people and institutions. 3TeamCricket will be raising money for The Hardship Fund using its platform of passionate cricket supporters.

Rain Chief Marketing Officer, Khaya Dlanga believes that 3TCricket will be an exciting new addition to the international calendar. "As a pioneer in the data-only mobile industry, we have an avid appreciation for innovation. At Rain we are ecstatic that some of the best players in South Africa will kick-start 3TCricket, which we are sure will be an inextricable part of the international cricket calendar in no time," said Dlanga.

Takealot Eagles skipper, AB de Villiers believes that 3TCricket will be an incredible spectacle for the fans starved of cricket action. "It's an amazing idea, and thanks so much to Cricket South Africa and Rain for working so hard to develop this new style of cricket. There are so few team sports in the world where you get to play more than one opponent in a single fixture and that is game changing! Also, what an incredible opportunity for the fans to see so many talented cricketers show their stuff in one game. I can't wait."

Mr Delivery Kites captain, Quinton De Kock explained that he's excited to beat two teams at once in the 3TCricket model. "I'm really excited to be captaining the Kites, we have a great team and I think we can claim the gold. I'm even more excited about the new format, it's going to be a lot of fun beating KG and AB on the same day."

Proteas fast bowler and captain of the Kingfishers, sponsored by OUTsurance, Kagiso Rabada has been ruled out with a groin injury since late February 2020 and will make his return to cricket at the Solidarity Cup. “I look forward to playing alongside some of the fine gents of the game, with each of us bringing our own special flair. We have a great mixture of talent and I’m positive that we can walk away with the inaugural Solidarity Cup.

For More Information

For more information, visit www.3team.cricket.

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