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What to Expect When You're Expecting... A New Puppy!

Shots! Not that kind of shot! Vaccination is as important for puppies as it is for new humans. According to the South African Veterinary Association there are four core diseases that our furry friends need to be vaccinated against: Canine distemper Canine adenovirus infections Canine parvovirus infection Rabies These vaccines are very important in managing […]

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Muddy Puppy Rietvlei

What Is It? Dog lovers, here's a fun obstacle course that you can do with your furry bestie! The Muddy Puppy Rietvlei Challenge in association with One Plan Pet Insurance is a 4km obstacle course fun run or walk for you and your dog. You and your four-legged comrade will have to crawl, climb, jump, slip, slide, wag, bark […]

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