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Top Photography Packages In Joburg

Vivid Images Vivid Images offers you photo shoots to capture those unforgettable and special moments. Specialising in maternity, newborn, family, engagement, wedding and pet photography, you can have pictures taken for every special occasion! Book a newborn photo shoot to record the absolute cuteness of your little bundle of joy with their Slumberlings Photography package! […]

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What to Expect When You're Expecting... A New Puppy!

Shots! Not that kind of shot! Vaccination is as important for puppies as it is for new humans. According to the South African Veterinary Association there are four core diseases that our furry friends need to be vaccinated against: Canine distemper Canine adenovirus infections Canine parvovirus infection Rabies These vaccines are very important in managing […]

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Miss Grace Country Food Guest House

This is a pet friendly countryside eatery, surrounded by lush and tranquil gardens and an abundance of bird life. This Guest House is surrounded by great land to host different events. Set outside Johannesburg, you get to enjoy a peaceful afternoon and indulge in delicious food, good company, great coffee, cocktails and home-baked delights. This […]

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