Melt Chocolaterie

Melt Chocolaterie is a family-owned chocolate business that blends up some of the very best chocolatey drinks you’ll ever sip on. Their hot chocolate made with Belgian couverture chocolate, topped with marshmallows, for example, is one of the dreamiest things that will ever touch your lips. What’s more, is you can choose from an original, cinnamon, chilli and sugar-free option when you order up this heavenly beverage. Pair it with a side of their luxurious truffles and it’s safe to say you’re well on your way to chocolate heaven.

Naked Coffee

Naked Coffee, located in both Sandton City as well as Morningside Shopping Centre, is best-known for their world-class brews and tasty paninis, which can make it pretty easy to miss their steaming hot chocolate on the menu - but make sure you don’t! It’s simply a cup of goodness, made with the finest quality chocolate and full-cream milk. If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, you’ll be delighted to know that you can swap out the cow’s milk for almond milk for just R5 extra... you’re welcome.


Croft & Co

Croft & Co is a charming little sidewalk café come restaurant that offers visitors a simple yet somewhat scrumptious menu. Their classic hot chocolate, which is topped with loads of fresh whipped cream, is a treat in its own - but in my opinion, it’s best enjoyed with one of their yummy breakfast dishes. It’s the perfect place to visit on a cold winter’s morning for a delicious breakfast or brunch, and is a spot that the whole family is sure to enjoy thanks to its comfortable ambience.

Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove may be best-known for their drool-worthy cakes and delicious pastries, but I can assure you that their gourmet hot chocolate brushed with chocolate praline spread is just as much of a treat. In fact, it’s best enjoyed with a fresh slice of cake on the side (just saying!). Don’t let its shopping centre location put you off - I can assure you that once you arrive at Walnut Grove, you’ll only be glad that you have. Trust me when I say that it’s well worth braving the Sandton City crowds to get to this little hot chocolate haven.

hot chocolate


This one is a given! Stop by Starbucks and grab one of their indulgent chocolaty delights that'll certainly satisfy your sweet tooth! Take your pick from either their Classic Hot Chocolate or the Starbucks® Signature Hot Chocolate which will definitely hit the spot!And if you'd love to sip on a rich an decadent combination of chocolate and coffee, why not get your own Starbucks At Home Caffè Mocha Premium Instant Coffee to craft and enjoy in the comfort of your own home? In case you missed it, Starbucks has recently launched the Premium Instant Coffee range. Click here to find out more.

Krispy Kreme

Other than their moreish doughnuts with all the toppings and trimmings, Krispy Kreme also offers decadent hot chocolates that are sure to compliment your choice of doughy delights perfectly. You can either order the Cafè Mocha with a shot of espresso if you're looking to spice it up a little bit, or you can take a pick from their variations of hot chocolates ranging from white chocolate, classic chocolate, Milo or salted caramel fudge. And if you're looking for something cold but chocolaty, also take a look at their Kremey Chillers!

hot chocolate

The Whippet Coffee

The Whippet is a wonderfully charming spot that’s in actual fact one of my Saturday morning go-tos. Their tantalising breakfasts simply never disappointment. However, after trying them out for myself, I’m now happy to report that their dreamy milk and white hot chocolates are just as impressive as anything else on the menu. With their super-sweet, buttery taste, they make the perfect accompaniment to a plate of perfectly-cooked eggs or a fresh, flaky chocolate croissant.

PAUL at Melrose Arch

If you're visiting Melrose Arch, be sure to indulge a little at PAUL. Not only is there a wide selection of baked delights, pastries and cakes and amazing deli meals, they also have amazing hot chocolate that you need to try for yourself. There's a hazelnut and a salted caramel variation if you're looking to make it extra indulgent.

hot chocolate



In African cuisine, there is no selection of desserts that can be called traditional, so join Moyo for their delightfully decadent dessert creations to end off your African dining on a sweet note! Their Berry Crumble sounds amazing. This showcases a selection of berries poached with vanilla sugar and topped with an almond crumble, served with vanilla ice cream and berry coulis. Or why not try the Orange Blossom Baklava – Tunisian pistachio nut and honey phyllo rolls drizzled with orange blossom sauce? I have no clue which sounds better, but would love to try both!

Paoletto Cafè Belgian Waffles

I had the pleasure of visiting this cosy little waffle house in Edenvale not so long ago, and I must say, I never knew waffles could be served with such a vast selection of toppings! From unique and different savoury toppings (Cajun Chicken Waffle just to name one off the top of my head), to the sweet and decadent, there is a waffle for everyone and every taste at Paoletto Cafè Belgian Waffles! I thoroughly enjoyed a Caramel and Banana waffle, topped with two generous dollops of ice cream. Definitely worth the visit!


Wakaberry has gained a lot of popularity among frozen treat lovers. This is the perfect place to end a dinner-movie date with that special someone. With a large variety of frozen yoghurt flavours and toppings, try everything and every combination possible! The best thing about Wakaberry is there is no set pricing – you pay by weight! My favourite flavour is definitely the cherry, or mixed berry topped with twirly marshmallows!

Häagen Dazs

Known as possibly one of the best ice cream spots around, why not pick up a scoop or two of Häagen Dazs in Sandton City? Definitely a great treat, with a variety of deliciously decadent flavours for that after dinner indulgence, or a sweet fix on the run. Even better news is that Häagen Dazs is also sold at select retail outlets, which means you can indulge your sweet tooth in the comfort of your own home!

Col'Cacchio's Bryanston

I have always loved Col’Cacchio’s for their large and interesting variety of pizzas which leave you feeling spoilt for choice. Reviewing their dessert menu left me just as curious and that was when the sweet tooth hit. The sound of their Chocolate Pizza is divine – mini pizzas covered in a layer of Nutella and, if you wish, covered with additional toppings such as fresh banana, ice cream, marshmallows and strawberries. But the White Chocolate Cheesecake sounds like the winner!


After a hearty steak at Wombles, why not choose something sweet to balance out your meal? They have a nice selection to choose from, including Crème Brulee (my absolute favourite!), Crème Caramel, Crepe Suzettes, Pavlova, and Chocolate Mousse Cake to satisfy any chocolate craving. There is also a selection of dessert wines available that are served chilled, in a 50ml glass or, if you wish, you can buy the whole bottle.

Cafe de la Crème

I used to visit this spot quite often while I was studying at UJ, and it was definitely a great place to be if you were looking for some sweet relief after a test gone wrong. From tarts to cakes, Café de la Crème is definitely a sweet gem on old Melville’s busiest intersection! Choose from their selection of sweet treats, fresh from their on-site bakery, have a bite to eat or spend some quiet time reading while sipping on a delicious café latte.


Visiting Fournos always leaves me wanting something decadent and delicious from their bakery. I remember sitting at the branch in Benmore Mall staring at the cakes spinning round and round in their glass cake display, making my mouth water at the mere sight of them. My father was nice enough to allow me to have a slice of Chocolate Mousse cake even though it was just before dinner. Soft, moist cake alongside a great cappuccino is definitely the perfect indulgence! Choose from a variety of cakes and, if you want a bite to eat, check out the rest of their delicious menu!

Life Grand Café

Life Grand Café is well-known for their amazing salad bar... but did you know that they also serve up a wide range of decadent treats? Their mini cakes are simply delicious (red velvet – yes, please) while their pain aux chocolat and their molten chocolate pudding will certainly satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!

By Kim Brown

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