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#Life On Lockdown: Reorganise Your Pantry

Where To Begin A pantry is one of the easiest messy spots to ignore in a home. We are sure that you have been diligently scrubbing down your light switches, counter surfaces and other commonly used areas of your home while in lockdown. But, take a second to consider the hidden germs and allergens lying […]

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Using The Very Last Of Your Pantry Staples To Make Delicious Meals

Pimped Up Beans On Toast There's nothing worse than a plain old can of baked beans smeared on toast. If this is all you have left in your pantry cupboards, we have a way to turn this drab meal into something spicy and satisfying: Ingredients: 1 can of baked beans 2 cloves of garlic, minced […]

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The Pantry Market At Keyes

What Is It? Be led by the love and appreciation for perfectly handcrafted small batch products including honey, dairy products and a selection of cheeses, jams and preserves, bread, microgreens, baked goods, chocolate and more. Bags and boxes will be available. The event is an organic, free range and no plastic policy. There will be […]

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