Welcome Back, Time Square!

Time Square in Menlyn Maine is ready to welcome guests as of 16:00 on Monday 29 June 2020. The team has been gearing up for this incredibly special occasion following the announcement on Wednesday, 17 June 2020 by President Cyril Ramaposa that casinos, hotels and restaurants would soon be permitted to operate.

The hospitality industry has been given the green light to open from Monday 29 June 2020, and Time Square is ready.

It has been over three months since we closed our doors in support of the nationwide lockdown. We have been busily preparing the hotel and casino to host our guests in a safe, hygienic and welcoming environment. Our staff and guests can feel comforted knowing that we have implemented world class health and safety protocols that go beyond what is required. We cannot wait to welcome guests at Time Square once again,” says Time Square’s General Manager, Ruben Gooranah.

time square south africa in pretoria entrance to the casino with bright colours and lights

What Safety Precautions Have Been Implemented

Before the lockdown, Time Square introduced social distancing and queue management procedures. This included switching off every second slot machine and reducing the number of players at each casino table to create space between guests. In addition, the sale of alcohol was stopped and its restaurants were reconfigured to increase space between tables and meet head count limits.

Time Square has always adhered to the strictest principles of hygiene and cleanliness at all of its facilities. In addition to ongoing cleaning schedules, further enhanced cleaning and sanitisation practices were introduced. These have been amplified in anticipation of the complex’s reopening on 29 June 2020.

skyline view of time square south africa in pretoria during the day with clear blue skies in the background

Other safety measures include:

Sun Arena Time Square

What About The Restaurants & The Sun Arena?

According to Gooranah, several changes have been made at restaurants such as providing cutlery in a closed paper sleeve. The hotel’s buffet restaurant, Tatso, will operate as a la carte for the foreseeable future.

While the restrictions on group gatherings remain unchanged, the Sun Arena will be closed and events scheduled to take place have been either cancelled or postponed until further notice.

These are indeed extraordinary times and we have taken extraordinary measures to help our guests feel safe when they visit Time Square. Certainly, it will all take some getting used to but we trust that once our guests are familiar with the new way, their visits to Time Square will be as pleasurable as they always were. When Time Square opened, it was with the promise to deliver the very best experiences in an all-encompassing destination. This will never change.

Sun International’s health and safety protocols can be accessed from the website www.suninternational.com.

For More Information

For more information about Time Square, its reopening and safety measures, visit www.suninternational.com.

You can also contact Time Square at 0860 846 377 or [email protected].

Don't forget to follow Time Square South Africa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, information and updates.

1. Treasure The Ones You Love 

If there's a number one take away from living under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that family is a treasure we should never take for granted. If you've been lucky enough to spend lockdown with the ones you love, count yourself blessed. Remember to continue to reach out to extended friends and family during this time, too. A 15-minute video chat can do wonders for those in isolation alone.

2. Live Life To The Fullest 

How many times have you made excuses for not living life to its fullest? Once lockdown is over and it's safe to explore our city again, we're definitely going to be out and about as much as we can. Make your own post-lockdown bucket list filled with all the adventures you've always been "too busy" to go on.

3. Enjoy The Outdoors

This life lesson goes hand in hand with living life to its full potential. We live in an urban jungle, with tree-lined suburban streets, parks and nature reserves just outside the city. You really don't have to venture far to find a good spot to enjoy the urban outdoors. Being cooped up inside for months has definitely taught us to appreciate our natural surrounds and the beauty of our city.

4. Life's About The Simple Things

What have you missed most during lockdown? We bet it's not anything complex or out of reach under normal circumstances. For us, it's been our morning coffee from Seattle Coffee and half-price Tuesdays at Ster-Kinekor Cinemas. The COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly taught us to value the little things we so often take for granted.

Coffee Spots Bedford

5. You Can Cook For Yourself

Yes, you can cook for yourself! We've learnt that those Friday night takeaways aren't always essential and that cooking at home can be a whole lot more fun. Of course, we have missed our favourite juicy burgers from the best burger joints in Joburg and a few other guilty indulgences during lockodwn. But we've also come to appreciate that we can make do with what we have when need be.

6. You Do Have The Time And Ability To Learn New Skills

Have you finally used that meditation app on your smartphone? Lockdown has afforded us much more time to ourselves, leaving many of us dumbfounded over how to pass the time. However, it has also taught us that you really can make time to learn new skills when you put your mind to it. Have you started any new hobbies in lockdown? All it takes is dedication and a yearning to learn something new, doesn't it?

covid 19 pandemic

7. It's Good To Slow Down Sometimes

Hasn't it felt good to take a rest from the never-ending rat race? Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been allowed to take a step back from "normal" life. As the days and weeks have become an endless stream of time, we've appreciated the slower pace of things. Once this time is over, we'll be making more time to "do nothing" and let ourselves escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

8. Self-Care Is A Must

On a similar note, we've come to learn that self-care is a must. Amidst the chaos and confusion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to allow ourselves more time to rest and reboot. Whether this means treating yourself to a day of self-pampering or spending a weekend on the couch in your pajamas, caring for your physical and mental health is vital, pandemic or not.

9. Generosity Costs You Nothing 

On a different note, we have also learnt to care for others during this time. As many of us have struggled to keep afloat financially in lockdown, we've found that generosity can go a long way towards helping someone in need. Even if you have very little to give, a kind word or simple act of kindness can brighten a person's day.

10. We Are All Equal 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown no discrimination in whom it infects. In retrospect, we've come to learn that now more than ever, we're all the same. From princes to paupers, we have all been impacted by the pandemic in some way. Ultimately, we can choose to see the negative outcomes of this period or to celebrate our common humanity and determination to win against an invisible enemy. We like to hope that it'll be the latter.

covid 19 pandemic

What Is It?

LiveMedAid is bringing the world’s leading doctors, scientists, writers, thinkers and cultural influencers together to discuss what the world is faced with currently - the COVID-19 virus.

They will be discussing how we can work together to understand it and fight it.

When Is It?

Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 01:00.

Where Is It?

Online, click here.

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Event is subject to be cancelled at any given time, so please check to avoid disappointment.


One thing we all miss during this lockdown is that one place we love to visit on the regular. Take a moment to think about your favourite restaurant or bar – your spot. Is it just a place you go to or is it more than that? For many South Africans, our local spot is our home away from home. Where we get to eat, drink and be merry, surrounded by the people we love. It’s where our community comes together, where memories are made and life can be truly savoured and celebrated.

people from all walks of life sitting around a table at a restaurant toasting with stella artois beer

The bad news: Your favourite local spot (and all those who work there) is under threat. With most restaurants and bars having already been brought to their knees by social distancing regulations that began even before the national lockdown, the ongoing livelihood of hundreds of thousands who rely on these businesses to survive hangs in the balance.

That’s why Stella Artois is rallying to #SaveYourSpot.

How You Can Help

Stella Artois, one of SA’s best loved premium beers in the SAB, has launched an online platform on which you can buy a voucher to your favourite restaurant or bar. Not only will this money go to your spot, but Stella Artois will add an additional 50% of the value of each voucher.

It’s a win-win – for you AND your spot! Not only can you redeem your voucher at your favourite local spot after the lockdown and enjoy 150% of the value you paid for it, but the spot itself will benefit from some much-needed financial relief to pay wages and rent when they need it most – right now.

three ladies sitting at a bar enjoying stella artois beer and laughing

Why Participate?

Vijay Govindsamy, Commercial Director High End Company at SAB, reminds us what’s at stake: “Most restaurants and bars have about 16 days worth of cashflow reserves to keep their business afloat. That’s a global average. For many South African outlets, that figure will be significantly less. If we hope to see our favourite spots survive this lockdown, we need to rally together and do what we can to support them now – when they need our help the most.

This initiative is born out of a genuine love for our restaurants and bars. It’s a love we share with most South Africans who are famously sociable and gregarious the world over. By buying a voucher to #SaveYoutSpot, you’re investing in the good times that still lie ahead – you’re investing in hope,” Vijay continues.

stella artois beer in glasses on a wooden table with two men in the background out of focus

So, how much is Stella Artois investing? R1.5 million. Which (together with the amounts patrons pay toward their vouchers) effectively translates to a much-needed R4.5 million cash injection into the food and beverage industry.

After the 50% incentive bonus runs dry, Stella Artois has committed to still oversee and run the online platform, in the hopes that a movement toward rallying for our restaurants and bars will continue. They will thus continue to facilitate the purchasing of vouchers and their value being transferred directly to the outlets they relate to.

restaurant table with stella artois in a glass surrounded by plates of food burgers, people

How To #SaveYourSpot

  1. Visit rallyforyourbarandrestaurant.com.
  2. Buy a digital voucher to your favourite spot to the value of R100, R250 or R500.
  3. Stella Artois will add an extra 50% to the total voucher amount you've selected.
  4. Redeem your voucher after lockdown and enjoy 150% of the value you paid for it.

Can’t find your favourite local spot? Nominate it via the online platform and Stella Artois will get hold of them directly to get them listed ASAP.

A movement that at once celebrates the good times ahead, while helping our most beloved places survive the bad times, is a movement we can most certainly all get behind. Cheers to that!

#SaveYourSpot campaign logo with three people drinking stella artois beer

For More Information

For more information about this wonderful initiative, visit rallyforyourbarandrestaurant.com.

Also, don't forget to like and follow Stella Artois on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news, information and updates.

What Is It?

The Daily Maverick is hosting a free webinar on the subject of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Experts on the panel include Daily Maverick editor Mark Heywood and Professor Salim Abdool Karim.

When Is It?

08 April 2020, from 12:00 - 13:00

Where Is It?

Online. Click here to register.

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For More Information

For more information, check out the Facebook Event.