Akhalwaya's Spice Importers

Akhalwaya's Spice Emporium have been trading imported spices in South Africa for four decades. Their flagship store in Fordsburg stocks a wide range of Asian and Indian spices, lentils, rice, herbs and desiccated coconut. The Akhalwaya's brand is synonymous with quality spice products and tasty Halal take-aways. Visit one of their stores located around the city to pick up all you need to whip up a spicy dhall, breyani or dessert.

Details: 25 Central Road, Fordsburg , Johannesburg | +27 11 838 3490 | [email protected]

Mallies Spice Works

Mallies Spice Works is an unassuming spice heaven located in Newtown. You might think that you've come to the wrong place, as Mallies exterior looks nothing like a spice emporium. But once you step inside, you will discover a wonderland of brightly coloured aromatics. Traders and restaurateurs come from all over the country to visit Mallies factory shop. As their spices are mostly organic, this is a vegan hot spot for all things spicy. If that isn't enough to convince you to pay them a visit, they also stock Panda liquorice - an all natural, soft liquorice suitable for vegan, Kosher and Halal diets.

Details: 111 Carr St, Newtown, Johannesburg | 011 838 6796


B Nagiah's

B Nagiah's is predominantly a lamb and mutton butcher, specialising in high-quality meat cuts delivered straight from Karoo farms. However, what would a tender lamb shank be without herbs and spices? B Nagiah's stock an assortment of chili powders, earthy spices and aromats to bring life to your lamb dishes. With stores in Midrand and Randburg, B Nagiah's is easily accessible and super convenient.

Details: Click here for more information

Spices for Eden

Spices for Eden is located along Edenvale's bustling main avenue. Local residents know that this is place to go for spices, soya products, pulses and dried fruit. Plus, the store is right next door to an Indian restaurant and take-away. So, if you are feeling just a little too lazy to cook up a curry storm with your newly purchased spices, pop into the restaurant for a Durban-style bunny chow, roti roll or samoosa.

Details: Shop 69e Sunrise Centre, 71 Van Riebeeck Avenue, Edenvale, Johannesburg | 083 303 6625


The Spice Emporium

The Spice Emporium is a family-run business based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. They also have a spice counter which is operated from within the Vorna Valley Super Spar in Midrand. Here you can stock up on an array of dried spices and seeds, as well as nut flours, fine vermicelli and other sweet treats.

Details: Superspar, Cnr Albertyn Street and Harry Galaun Drive, Vorna Valley, Midrand, Johannesburg | +27 11 805 3543

Friends Thai Supermarket

Cyrildene's Derrick Avenue is home to a number of Chinese and Thai supermarkets. One of the most popular among visitors is the Friends Thai Supermarket. Not only can you pick up an assortment of Thai food products, but they also stock Thai chili paste and various spices. Add a can of coconut milk and some Asian vegetables to your shopping basket and you will be whipping up glorious Thai-inspired curries in no time.

011 622 103321B Hettie St, Cyrildene, Johannesburg | 011 622 1033

Food Lovers Market 

Food Lovers Market is all about fresh produce and helping the customer make healthier choices. A select few stores now also have a dedicated spice section. From cinnamon, to garam masala and ground ginger, the Food Lovers spice route is exotic and inspiring. Stock up on all your essentials, plus a few special treats here. Just be careful not to mess tumeric powder on your nice new white t-shirt!

Details: Click here for more information

Happy Spice Shopping! 

The old adage rings ever true: "Find three hobbies you love — one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to express your creativity." To achieve a sense of fulfillment, we must find activities to participate in outside of our careers and home lives. But, finding the time and energy for three separate hobbies can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, as the new year kicks into full swing, we should all be mindful of allowing ourselves a little downtime. Hey, maybe you will get lucky and find a creative hobby that you love doing that also fills your pockets with some extra cash!

Creative Hobbies

These kinds of hobbies are usually the easiest to start and the quickest to be forgotten. Expressing your creative side, in whatever form it manifests, is vital. 2020 has a lot to offer creative enthusiasts. So, do not fret if you aren't in touch with your emotions — there are always surprising pathways to self-awareness.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling was the creative hobby for 2019. Pinterest boards were littered with journal prompts and how-to guides. This expressive hobby is so much fun, we declare it officially past trendy fad stage. Bullet journaling is the new way to organise your life, in the most creative way possible. While it does take dedication, the rewards are ample. Our favourite way to bullet journal is with inky doodles and colour charts. If paint is your medium of choice, we recommend using watercolours to decorate the pages of your organiser. For those of you unfamiliar with the bullet journal, visit your nearest Exclusive Books store or their online shop to find a range of helpful guides.

Open Dance Classes

Conquer your New Year's resolutions by investing time in a 'get fit' creative hobby, such as dance. Whether it's an open ballet class or toe stomping tap, dance is an excellent way to shed those extra Christmas kilos while expressing your creative side. But, you need not spend a fortune on dance lessons or a hefty gym membership. Many of Joburg's theatre spaces offer free open classes to anyone with an interest in dance. The physical and mental health benefits of dance certainly outweigh the effort you need to put into getting started, so what are you waiting for?

Green Fingers Gardening

We know that gardening may not be everyone's first choice of creative past time. But believe us, it's worth giving a shot. The latest gardening hobby trend is growing your own avocado tree (don't blame the millennial fetish — avos are ridiculously expensive.) With the water crisis becoming our new reality, more gardeners are also turning to uprooting their gardens in favour of succulent plants. Consider nurturing a potted cactus to begin your venture into full scale gardening. Apartment dwellers, fear not. Urban gardening is a major trend that is likely to expand in 2020, as eco-friendly city living is the new norm.


Money Making Hobbies


Photography doubles as a creative and money-making hobby. Whether you snap great visuals on your smartphone, or are invested in buying yourself the best DSLR model, this is a wonderful way to pass your time. Being a good photographer means learning to balance your creativity with the analytic principles of composition. This may take years of practice to perfect, so get snapping. Once you have mastered the skill, advertise your talents on social media networks. What started out as a hobby may turn into a full-time job. Check out our list of Instagram worthy venues in Joburg to get started on your visual portfolio.

Pull On Those Apron Strings

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a talent in the kitchen, why not put it to good use this year? Take your cooking aspirations to the next level by turning your hobby into a part-time business. Whether its baking gooey chocolate brownies to sell at a local market, pickling your own cucumbers or making a weird and wonderful assortment of jams; cooking and baking are both rewarding and can be profitable in the long run.

Never used a spatula before? Or, set flame to your kitchen making toast? Make 2020 the year you learn to cook! You can either risk doing DIY lessons at home or attend a beginner's class at the PnP Good Food Studio on Nicol. Either way, we are sure you will be cooking up a storm by the time the end of the year rolls around.

Design Your Own T-Shirt Range

T-shirts never go out of style. Designing and printing your own brand of quirky tees has also never been easier. To start, grab an old t-shirt from your closet. Play around with adding appliques, cutting and dying the fabric. Alternatively, sketch your ideas or invest in computerised design software to help you map out your creative musings. Visit the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg to truly understand the versatility and range of fabrics out there. Make sure to go on a weekday to avoid the crowds. (Pro tip: The staff at Moosa's Fabrics on the second floor of the Plaza are always willing to advise newbie clothing makers.)


Keeping Fit

Park Run

Park Run take place all around the city. These events are safe, well-organised and competitively friendly. People of all fitness levels and ages are welcome to participate. If gym really isn't your cup of tea (or coffee), and you are in dire need of a little Joburg sunshine, sign up at your nearest Park Run. You can rope in a bunch of your friends to join you, or if you are more of a lone wolf, create a playlist to keep you motivated along the way. Making playlists may even become a hobby of its own - music lovers will attest that there should be one for every occasion.

Run/Walk For Life

Embrace the Joburg outdoors and join Run/Walk For Life. This scientific-based exercise programme is tailored to your personal fitness level, helping you achieve your goals at a steady pace. Plus, you will be allocated into a group of people with the same fitness level, so no one is left behind. Classes take place three times a week, for 30 minutes each, within safe and secure perimeters around the city. Run/Walk For Life members also regularly participate in marathons and group runs. So, not only will you be investing in a new hobby, but making friends and pushing your limits along the way.

Scuba Diving Lessons

Even though we have no seas or beaches in Joburg, many of us love the water. Instead of spending hours lounging in the pool, push yourself to learn a new skill. The Urban Dive Centre in Northcliff offers scuba diving lessons. They will start you out in the heated pool at their premises, before moving you on to open water training. After acquiring your diver certification, sign up for one of their many diving trips on offer. They even have an underwater photography course! You'll be the ultimate triple threat hobbyist with your creative underwater photography portfolio.

Do you have any great hobbies? Tell us about them!

Since 1974, the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg remains one of the country's most iconic shopping malls in central Joburg. This is just the place if you're looking to escape the buzz of the city centre and enter Delhi, Nepal or even Indian without having to fly abroad. Not only will shoppers and visitors be spoilt for choice with a wide range of retail offerings, but they'll also enjoy mouthwatering foods, incredible deals, a vibrant atmosphere and much more.

For more malls in Johannesburg, click here to take a look at our shopping guide to the city!

What Are You Looking For?

Trading Hours
Contact Details


Whether shoppers are looking to update their wardrobe with some of the latest fashion and footwear, refresh their home décor, or simply want to indulge in some tasty and traditional cuisines and foods and drinks, Oriental Plaza boasts over 300 exclusive stores for your to explore, browse, shop and enjoy. From fabric stores, bridal wear, Islamic wear, home and décor, fragrances and cosmetics to jewellery and accessories, luggage and linens, tailors, spices, toys and more, there's definitely something for every occasion, taste, and pocket. Click here to see what stores are available at the Oriental Plaza.

Explore Shopping at The Oriental Plaza.


With so much shopping going on at the Oriental Plaza, surely you'll get peckish or hungry at some point during your retail therapy session. To ensure that you're hydrated and fueled during your shopping spree, Oriental Plaza also offers shoppers a selection of food outlets to delight your taste buds. Shop for some aromatic spices to add to your pantry from various stores throughout the centre, indulge in something spicy from Harry's Cafe (be sure to try one of their juicy burgers or the soya chip hotdog smothered in masala), or stop by World of Samoosas for crispy, golden fried samoosas for the perfect on-the-go snack!

Explore Restaurants at The Oriental Plaza.

oriental plaza restaurants


One of the services that stands out at the Oriental Plaza is tailoring and dress making. This is just the place if you're looking to get a certain outfit made to your specifications for a special occasion, want to create something unique or simply just need to take something in a little bit. The tailors and dress makers here cater to crafting bridal attire, fashion pieces and suits. Visit Oriental Plaza to find out how they can assist in your fashion creation needs.

Image bi Freepik via Freepik.com.

Trading Hours

Oriental Plaza extend shopping hours during common and religious festive seasons such as December and Ramadan. During these seasons, they may extend their trading hours to Sundays at the following: 09:00 to 15:00 (please note that selected stores may be open).

Regarding South African public holidays, Oriental Plaza also extends their trading hours for shoppers, however they will be closed on the following public holidays: Good Friday; Family Day; Christmas Day; Day of Goodwill/Boxing Day; and New Year’s Day.

Click here for more information about Oriental Plaza's trading hours.

oriental plaza

Contact Details

Website: www.orientalplaza.co.za

Tel: 011 838 6752

Email: [email protected]

Address: 38 Lilian Ngoyi Street, Fordsburg, Johannesburg

Social Media Platforms: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

For 13 straight days Rosebank Mall, Sandton City, Nelson Mandela SquareOriental Plaza and East Rand Mall will be hosting the Joburg Shopping Festival. What better place to host a shopping festival than the spending capital of Africa? You betcha, from 28 July until 09 August selected stores at these retail centres will be participating in a city-wide celebration of low prices, great deals and awesome prizes. You can also head to Maponya Mall to be a part of the fun.

The Joburg Shopping Festival, largely inspired by the 21-year-old Dubai Shopping Festival, is fast developing into a tourism attraction for visitors from across the African continent, positioning the city and province as a convenient, budget-friendly shopping destination.

joburg shopping festival

Prizes are on offer during the awesome Joburg Shopping Festival which kicks off on 28 July. Visit these amazing venues from 28 July – 9 August and stand in line to win one of these amazing prizes: A MSC Cruise, Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Tickets, 2 x Canon bundle's from Kameraz, Dinner at The Saxon, a lovely hamper from Spec-Savers, tickets to the Soweto Wine Festival, SAA tickets, a trip on Bill Harrop's Balloon Safaris, luggage from The Matador, a get-away to Sun City, a Four Seasons spa experience and the grand prizes, a Chevy Spark and R 25,000 in cash.

Sandton City

Located on Africa’s richest square mile, Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square offer a premium shopping and dining experience.

Rosebank Mall

The trendy Rosebank Mall is an eclectic mix of local chain stores, international brands and unique local boutiques, located in the northern suburbs.

East Rand Mall

East Rand Mall is situated only seven kilometres from South Africa's busiest airport, OR Tambo International Airport, and conveniently boasts South Africa's largest Pick n Pay Hypermarket. The centre's well-planned tenant combination includes all of South Africa's major chain stores and a host of smaller specialized stores.

Oriental Plaza

Last – but certainly not least –Joburg’s bargain treasure, Oriental Plaza, is the bulk-buying mecca for the serious retail entrepreneur. You'll find everything you're looking for here, trust us!

For More Information

Visit the JSF at www.joburgshoppingfestival.co.za. You can also Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @JSF_SA and on Instagram #JoburgShopFest.

Tucked away, just west of the city centre, is another world, and in many ways a special world that is a tribute to its people. It was born in the 1970’s when, in terms of the forced application of apartheid, Indian traders in Vrededorp and Pageview were relocated. They were offered space in what is the Oriental Plaza, where they could buy their shops. Some managed to do so, but others lost their livelihood. So, instead of trading amongst the people, they had to attract the people to them, which they set out to do. Those who wished to came to them – as people now do, under different circumstances in the great shopping malls that have been developed.

However, where the great malls are, in a way, escapist fantasy lands with prices to match, the Oriental Plaza is a plunge into the midst of a people who have adapted to a situation and made it work for them. On and around the open spaces, there are shops and goods everywhere. Every possible space is utilised and, just when you think you have seen it all, you find another passage with more shops and items on display.

There appears to be something for everyone: Bedding and Linen, Book stores, Cellphones and Accessories, Crockery and Cutlery, Curtaining, Dress Materials, Eastern Wear, Electronic Items, Sound Systems, Motor Spares, Food, Gifts, Toys and Brassware, Haberdashery, Hardware, Jewellery, Ladies Clothes, Men’s Clothes, Pet Shop, Young People’s Clothing and Toys, Shoes, Spices, Sports Goods, Luggage, Leather Goods and more. Everything, it seems, from a Liverpool FC bathmat to exotic eastern dress, from colourful drapes and fabrics to drills and chisels.

It is commercially friendly. Owners are often to be seen at the doors of their shops, ready to smile and invite you in. And often, as I paused to look, someone would appear and offer to help. Their focus seems to be on showing you what they have, making a sale, and having you leave happy. And as the Centre boasts that their prices are generally much cheaper, and the shop owners are willing to bargain, that could well happen. I had to stop myself from buying a Kaftan – just because it looked so good – and an exotic wedding suit, that I could only have worn at home, alone, and out of range of any mirror!

There are lovely names to the shops – Trust Me, Caeser’s Palace, Bhamjee’s Shoe Centre, Honey Bee Gifts and Bridal Boutique, The Guru, Housewives Paradise, Kismet Boutique, Gateway of India, and my personal favourite – Jerry’s Bridal Wear! But there are over 360 shops from which to choose and, depending on what you are looking for, it does make it simpler to compare prices.

It is easy to navigate the different levels, with stairs, ramps escalators, and lifts, and there is a secure and adequate parking area. It is worth visiting to see, and to buy, and if you enjoy watching people, fascinating.

Have you been here? Rate and review your experience below!