Life Is Too Short For Plain Ice-Cream

Plain old ice-cream just isn't worth the extra time at the gym. That's why we have taken the time to compile this delicious list. Take your ice-cream from zero to hero by adding different toppings and treats. Just make sure your pantry is stocked up with all the best goodies to complement your midnight treat.

Add Some Fruit For That Extra Freshness

Adding some fruit to your frozen treat just gives it that extra kick of fresh goodness. You can mix things up by adding different fruit, from bananas and pineapples to berries and grapes. Not only is this simply delicious, it's also a much healthier treat, but who's counting calories anyway?

Are You Nuts About Ice Cream?

Add some crunch to your bite by throwing in some nuts. Stock up on your favourite nuts, whether plain or mixed, and get ready for a yummy indulgence. For this, you'll need to crush the nuts and sprinkle over your favourite ice-cream.

Sauce Things Up 

Happiness is best served with chocolate sauce, and that's a fact. Get your fill of some good old chocolate sauce and bring some happiness to your life. And the best part is that this fix goes with any kind of ice-cream. But, there are plenty of other sauces you can play with if you're not on the chocolate bandwagon.

Without Some Cookies, Your Ice Cream Will Crumble

Who doesn't appreciate a cookie or two every now and again? Combine your favourite baked treat with your favourite icy snack and you're in for a real treat. Simply crush a generous amount of your favourite cookie and mix into your ice-cream. You can use any type of cookie for this, but our favourite has to be Oreos.

We Love Rum And Raisins

We love Rum and Raisin ice-cream. It's just better than all the other flavours! To make this flavour combo even better, soak some raisins in rum overnight and then add to your ice-cream. This is the perfect treat to indulge in after a long and tough day.

Ice Cream Milkshake With A Twist

Why not make your own milkshake? All you need to do is mix a generous amount of softened ice-cream with some chocolate sauce, milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. To add an extra kick, top off your milkshake with your favourite liqueur and it's time to party.

Do you have any tips for spicing up your ice-cream? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

Fruit And Nuts 

Joburg residents have been changing lifestyles and making better eating choices.

Snacking can make it easy to eat too much sugar, salt and other unnecessary additives. For a healthier and tasty alternative, snack on fruit and nuts.

Why These Are The Best Snack?

Food Lovers Market

Food Lover's Market

Anyone who loves good and fresh produce knows that Food Lover's Market is a great place to stock up on a wide selection of fruit and nuts. They offer a wide variety when it comes to fruit, as well as very affordable nut options. Food Lover's Market also has fruit specials on a regular basis.

For convenience, Food Lover's Market also has some pre-packed and chopped fruit for those who are on the go.

The Nut Lady

The Nut Lady

The Nut Lady specialises in dried fruit and nuts. They have a lot of variety to choose from, including fruit and nut confections. Their options also include some salty treats. The Nut Lady is definitely a place to make your regular spot.

The Fruit, Flower & Nut Market

The Fruit, Flower & Nut Market is situated in Blairgowrie and has a wide selection of fresh fruit, flowers and nuts. They bring back the traditional element of a fruit market. This market also stocks bulk options as well, so if you have a big family this is the place to get your healthy snacks.

What are your favourite fruit and nut spots? Let us know about them in the comments section below!