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Fresch Online makes shopping for health and wellness food supplies super easy. They stock a wide range of dry goods and pantry essentials. An added bonus is that they are health conscious and eco-friendly, too. Fresch deliver nationwide, including all over Johannesburg. So, instead of spending hours going from one health store to another, you can get all your goodies in one place!

Fresch are all about putting you, the customer, first. That's why all their products are made with love, care and attention to detail. Their online store is also user-friendly, so almost anyone can getting clicking away.

Here are some of our favourite products available on Fresch Online:

Fresch Online

Baking gluten-free or vegan goodies for yourself, friends or family can be a costly and tricky business. But, don't fret because Fresch have all you could possibly need. Firstly, their range of flours are well-suited to even the most strict dietary restrictions. You can get everything from gluten-free chickpea and rice flour, to spelt and organic wheat flour. These flours are perfect for baking, adding as thickener to sauces, crumbs for puddings and bread, or simply getting creative in the kitchen.

Sweeten up your baked treats with natural ingredients such as dried dates or raisins available from Fresch. Their dried fruit range offers guilt-free snacks, natural sugar additives and flavourants such as ginger chunks, toasted coconut and organic dried apricots. If you are looking to kick your sugar cravings to the curb, these organic fruity nibbles are the perfect place to start. More of a salty tooth? Fresch also have a great supply of raw and salted nuts. Whether it's good old peanuts you need, or something more refined like roasted hazelnuts, this online store has got you covered. Their Eureka Mix is the best of sweet and salty - a mixed bag of peanuts, raisins and other nuts to add to your breakfast, as a mid-morning snack or to help you get through the mid-afternoon slump.

What would any meal be without a little spice? Fresch stock both sweet and savoury flavours to load up on your spice racks. Take your pick from healing turmeric, sweet cinnamon, punchy paprika, vibrant cayenne pepper, spicy ginger, aniseed or the all-round spice nutmeg.

Fresch know that first time bakers often have a hard time, especially when using unconventional ingredients. That's why they have custom designed four super baking kits to help you on your way. These boxes come with an array of ingredients, detailed recipes and helpful tips and tricks to create the perfect bakes. Make your own health seed rusks, date balls, peanut butter granola clusters or gluten-free spinach and zucchini loaf! Once your inner chef has been birthed, be sure to check out Fresch's blog for more recipe inspiration.

Fresch Boxes

Fresch's boxes are 100% biodegradable

Have you ever gone on a day-long shopping trip, just to return home without something you desperately need? Gone are these days, as Fresch Online have created customised boxes to perfectly meet your pantry needs. Four specialised boxes are currently available - the Fitness Box; the Pantry Staples Box; the Breakfast Box; and the Green Dietician Box. Each box contains a careful balance of ingredients to suit your lifestyle. So, whether you are looking to bulk up, slim down or join the plant-based revolution, there should be a box for you.

Fresch isn't only about the basics. They also stock a few indulgences to add to your shopping list. Why not throw a 350g bag of coffee beans, delectable almond or cashew butter or versatile chia seeds in with your Fresch box? After all, being healthy doesn't mean cutting out all of life's sweet joys.

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Chickpea Pops

These are little bursts of flavour and crunchy goodness. Be warned though: you may find yourself stealing your children's lunchbox snacks! They seem too good to be healthy, but they really are. Drain and rinse a can of chickpeas. Spread out on a tray lined with foil. Drizzle with a good dose of healthy olive oil. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a generous splash of paprika and cumin to taste. Proceed to rub it all together with your hands, getting the chickpeas (and hands) nicely coated in all that deliciousness. Pop in the oven at 200 degrees and roast for approximately 20 minutes, or until you have your desired crispiness. Take it out the oven and leave to cool (or singe off your tongue, your choice). They are now ready to add to your children's lunchbox as a snack. Use any leftovers in a salad!

healthy snacks

Nut Butter And Apples

Sure, you could buy healthy nut butter from the shops, but why not make your own? It's quicker than going out to the shops with the children, after all. Grab about 100g to 200g of raw nuts (cashews, almonds, etc), preferably organic. You can use them as is or roast them in the oven first for fuller flavour. Throw them into the food processor and let the whizzing do its magic. Whiz and whiz and whiz, and when you think you've done enough whizzing, whiz some more. Once it has become a thick butter, cut quarters of apples, pears, or carrot sticks and dip them into a good teaspoon of nut butter. Fruit and veg will be transformed in your children's mouths.

healthy snacks

Ants On A Log

We have to tell the kids not to play with their food for a reason — their minds are exploring their world. So, any food that will stimulate their imagination is a winner. Introducing ants on a log. Cut the big ends of celery stalk (so that they look like a boat). Fill with chunky fat free cottage cheese and top with raisins. If you have a hard time getting them to eat the raisins (even after telling them about the ants on a log thing), you can use nuts, grapes, seeds, or simply leave them out altogether. 

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I know, right? How do we always forget this dietary fibre? I'm not talking about the microwave, instant version. Make it yourself in a pot on the stove! It is super speedy and much healthier! Add a pinch of salt, if you like. Or sprinkle with some spice to add flavour and avoid the salt. Tell your child that you are spoiling them with "movie food" and they will be over the moon for their lunchbox treat (Mom points, for the win!).

healthy snacks

Homemade Hummus

You can make a far more healthy hummus at home than the shop-bought variety, using that wonderful equipment again — the food processor. Plus, we've got a delicious but simple way to make it. Food processor, check. Cooked or canned and drained chickpeas, in. A tablespoon of olive oil, in. The juice of a lemon, in. Garlic clove, in. A pinch of salt, in — if desired. Whiz until preferred consistency is achieved. Add olive oil or lemon juice to taste and you've got yourself some fresh, delicious, crazy healthy hummus. Topped with this stuff, you'll take rice cakes to a tasty new level.

healthy snacks