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It’s really embarrassing when someone hints at bad breath by offering you a mint or some gum. There’s little you can do in that moment but swallow the mint along with your pride. The truth of the matter is, halitosis (chronic bad breath) is a medical condition that doesn’t discriminate. Everyone and anyone can develop bad breath. And if it's left untreated, this condition can cause plenty of paranoia and anxiety. It can also be an indicator of a more serious underlying health concern. When you think that over 600 species of micro-organisms can live in your mouth – it’s not surprising that anyone can develop bad breath from time to time.

But What Actually Causes It?

As much as 85% to 90% of bad breath is caused by oral factors (in the mouth). This includes tooth decay, bacteria in the mouth, as well as certain medications (anti-depressants, narcotics, antihistamines). Also, foods like onion, garlic, coffee and alcohol, as well as cigarettes contribute towards that dreaded bad breath. And believe it or not, but ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are non-oral causes of horrible breath, while some serious illnesses like kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, bronchial and lung infections are indicators for bad breath. There's no avoiding it, it does happen to most of us... so the question is, how do we fix it?

Nova Breath To The Rescue

Drinking plenty of water is known to help combat bad breath, but sadly it’s not always enough. The good news is with the launch of Nova Breath – a new medically tested solution to help prevent and treat bad breath – you don’t need to leave those around you breathless for all the wrong reasons.

Their OTC range has an oral product for every preference, whether you like to use a mouthwash, spritz a little mouth spray, suck on lozenges or brush those pearly whites with toothpaste. The ingredients – each with a different function – work together to reduce those wonky odours. The unique clinically tested formulation is enriched with components that keep the ingredients in your mouth to ensure it produces the required change. More than that, it outlasts mints and ensures a fresh breath for up to eight hours.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner - make sure you can kiss with confidence. There’s nothing worse than your partner recoiling as you pucker up.

There Are FOUR Products To Choose From

NOVA BREATH Lozenges – Sugar-Free

Suggested RSP - from: R88.80 excl. VAT

NOVA BREATH Toothpaste

Has a dual application:

Suggested RSP - from: R68.20 excl. VAT



Suggested RSP - from: R114.28 excl. VAT


Suggested RSP - from: R51.00 excl. VAT


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