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Cotlands' #LaughForChange Comedy Show

What Is It? Mandela loved children and he dedicated much of his time and efforts to improving the lives of children in need. To honour his legacy, Cotlands is proud to present a 67-minute comedy show featuring some of South Africa’s best comedians on Mandela Day. The event will be streamed live from Penny Lane […]

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Nik Rabinowitz Work In Progress

What Is It? Yad Aharon & Michael's YPD presents the hilarious Nik Rabonwitz's Work In Progress, and he is bringing that will have you rolling off your chairs in laughter. Nik's storytelling approach will have you drawn into the topics he will be touching which involve hair transplants, Ill-conceived mountain rescues and more. Work In […]

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Hot 91.9 FM Comedy Jam

What Is It? Hot 91.9 FM and Real Comedy are bringing the laughs with a spectacular line-up at the Hot 91.9 FM Comedy Jam. Expect to see the likes of Barry Hilton, Mpho Popps, Chris Forrest, Nik Rabinowitz and Conrad Koch. The host of the night will be the ever witty, David Kau. So come […]

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Nik Rabinowitz In Dry White Comedy Show

What Is It? So once you've recovered from a midlife crisis, what else is there to cover in your comedy routine? Cape Town's near miss with being the first city in the world to run out of water. This is exactly what Nik Rabinowitz tackles in his latest show, In Dry White. And since the […]

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A Night To Remember Comedy Show

What Is It? There's nothing more uplifting than tickling your funny bone and having a good laugh! If you're in need of a dose of laughter, then don't miss out on A Night To Remember Comedy Show. Join Montecasino as they celebrate Nelson Mandela’s centenary and legacy with some of South Africa’s iconic comedians. The show will include […]

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