Belle's Patisserie Concept Store

If you're ever at the Blubird Shopping Centre do yourself a favour and stop by Belle's Patisserie's oh-so-beautiful concept store. You'll find all the decadent desserts, pastries, cakes and other baked goodies they are famous for, such as candy-coloured macaroons, almond croissants and French apple tarts, as well as something savoury at their deli like gourmet sandwiches, salads, artisan bread and bagels. There's even a menu for the health-conscious among us with paleo, banting and low-GI options.

Belle's Patisserie

Planning a Party?

Why not let Belle's Patisserie do the catering at your celebration? Their birthday cakes are legendary and they also do gourmet platters of finger foods (plus a skinny version, ladies!). Belle's will take the pressure off you so you can do the hosting. Whether an intimate dinner, big bash, corporate event or wedding, Belle's does it all and with style.

Belle's Patisserie

For More Information

Call 082 968 5389, email [email protected] or click here.

Belle's Patisserie

Check Out The Brand-New Belle's Patisserie Bluebird Store!

Belle's Patisserie Blubids Has Had A Makeover!

If you're ever at the Blubird Shopping Centre, do yourself a favour and stop by Belle's Patisserie's brand-new and oh-so beautiful concept store! You'll find all the decadent desserts, pastries, cakes and other baked goodies they are famous for, such as candy-coloured macaroons, almond croissants and French apple tarts, as well as something savoury at their deli like gourmet sandwiches, salads, artisan bread and bagels. There's even a menu for the health-conscious among us with paleo, banting and low-GI options.

Belle's Patisserie

Planning a Party?

Why not let Belle's Patisserie do the catering at your celebration? Their birthday cakes are legendary and they also do gourmet platters of finger foods (plus a skinny version, ladies!). Belle's will take the pressure off you so you can do the hosting. Whether an intimate dinner, big bash, corporate event or wedding, Belle's does it all and with style.

Belle's Patisserie

For More Information

For more information about Belle's Patisserie Blubird (next to Checkers and Dischem), you can call them on 082 968 5389 email [email protected] or click here. 

Belle's Patisserie

Coffee, Chocolate & Champagne At AFRIKOA Café

Delight Your Senses At AFRIKOA Café

AFRIKOA chocolate, the luxurious home-grown confectionery, has opened its first concept store in the heart of Johannesburg’s blooming art district, Rosebank - AFRIKOA Café! What makes this spot so unique is the fact that it offers visitors the three most indulgent Cs - chocolate, coffee and champagne. Their signature specialty menu revolves around these three delights, celebrating the perfect marriage of sweet and bubbles in Rosebank Keyes Art Mile.

The Rosebank café offers a unique menu designed by Chef Patissier, Laettia Van Waeyenberge. Her heavenly chocolate creations, made with AFRIKOA chocolate, will tempt, tantalise and titillate even the most discerning palates. Along with a world-class coffee selection, the café will certainly elevate your chocolate experience. Oh, and it gets even better, there's also an offering of French champagnes to add a dash of opulence!

Let's Talk About The Food

Now for the part you've all been waiting for - the food! Since their signature specialty menu boasts indulgent chocolate, champagne and coffee, we definitely need to take a look. To be honest, nothing gets better than those three treats. Afrikoa Café will showcase the best in African excellence, as it takes its guests on an indulgently pleasurable journey that celebrates African luxury embodied in its #MadeofAfrica chocolate.

The presentation of their dishes are phenomenal! Each plate looks so utterly beautiful, the last thing you want to do is tuck in and enjoy as you'll destroy the masterpiece on the dish before you. Check out their social media platforms and website to get a glimpse for yourself! Expect everything from decadent chocolate inspired baked goods and single origin Rwandan Coffee to a selection of premier champagne brands that offer lovely bubbles.

The Chocolate Is Glorious!

Their chocolate is made from the finest single origin cocoa beans sourced from Tanzanian farmers and sent to Cape Town, where a team of chocolate makers turn them into four unique flavours. The brand draws inspiration from African fashion, music and lifestyle, and exudes sumptuous African luxury. The four flavours include:

For More Information

For more information about this indulgent café, visit You can also contact them via email on [email protected] or by calling 010 109 1759.

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Opening hours:

You can find AFRIKOA Café at Level 1, Trumpet Building, 21 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg. 

An Exciting NEW Planet-Friendly Grocer Has Arrived! – The Refillery

The Refillery Has Arrived!

Taking care of our beautiful planet has never been easier thanks to The Refillery and their amazing store concept. They, too, are truly concerned about keeping our home plastic pollution-free, which is why they want to try to help in their own small way.

This new planet-friendly grocer offers shoppers a stylish, convenient, plastic-free, weigh-and-pay shopping experience that's nothing like your usual grocery stores. Here, you can stock and re-stock your pantry with the highest quality, ethically-sourced products WITHOUT the wasteful (and harmful) packaging. We like to think of it as going green with our shopping.

The Problem & The Solution

There is a growing worldwide awareness and concern regarding the impact of uncontrolled use of non-biodegradable, single-use plastic packaging. Recently, the Source To Sea initiative was launched to try combat plastic pollution around our country’s coastline. In case you didn't know, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to cover an area larger than South Africa and Zimbabwe combined. 94% of South Africa's beach litter is made from plastic, 77% of which is packaging. That's a scary thought!

In attempt to combat any further litter to our beaches and country, The Refillery offers a more planet-friendly alternative to your usual grocery store - supplying single-use, plastic-free, responsibly sourced, refillable, everyday products for package-less pantries and households. Wow, that's a mouthful! This retail business model is a fast-growing global trend, and has finally made its way to South Africa.

What To Expect

The Refillery gives shoppers a casual, friendly experience in a simple, modern, old-school-yet-stylish environment that exudes a re-purposed vibe with its natural wood, textured surfaces and polished concrete floors. They make grocery shopping easier for the environmentally-concerned as well as convenience-seeking customers to fill their pantries and play a part in helping to reduce the global plastic pollution crisis. And as for getting your goodies, there is a Home Delivery and Refilling service, plus a Call-and-Collect facility. How convenient!

Right now, the store is solely online, but within the next few months, you can expect an actual, physical, stand-alone store. The very-first store will be opening its doors between March/April 2019. To stay informed with the latest development on this, make sure you sign up to their newsletter so you'll know exactly where and when their grand opening will be.

What Products Do They Have In Store? 

Wondering what goodies you can get your hands on here? Well, don't you worry, we went and scanned through their site and we must say, we're rather impressed with their grocery categories. They aim to source locally where possible and are proud that their store is over 95% local regarding their products. Here, you can get you hands on the following:

Are Their Products Organic? 

The big question here! Around 75% of their products are organic and they're currently searching for organic replacements and alternatives for the products that aren't organic.

Don't Forget To BYOJ!

In case you didn't get it, BYOJ means Bring Your Own Jar. Once the store opens later this year, don't forget to grab your storage jars/containers/bags to take along with you. But if you're new to this way of living, The Refillery will have recycled brown paper bags for you to use or you can buy a few jars in store.

For More Information

For more information about this brand-new, planet-friendly grocer, visit their online store at

You can also contact them on [email protected] or 079 860 2069 / 072 177 9311.

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Did You Know There's A Brand-New Water Park in Mogale City? - Happy Island Water World

If we knew about this place before we went on leave for December, we would been there faster than the speed of light! It would've been the perfect place to keep cool throughout the festive season heatwave. But it's not too late to experience the fun, thrilling and brand-spanking-new Happy Island Water World, as summer isn't over yet!

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Happy Island Water World is Making a Splash

R500-million and 18 months later, Happy Island Water World in Muldersdrift, Mogale City, had it's soft launch on 28 December 2018. And to delight their guests, they have 15 rides and slides, some of which are a first in South Africa! This water park has already made a splash with the locals, as they have already seen about 25 000 people walk through their doors.

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What To Expect

Like we mentioned above, there are 15 rides and slides for visitors to try! Just keep in mind, that since they are in the pre-launch period, not all the rides will be open and operating (as far as we can tell, you can experience 13 of the 15 right now). Wondering what you can expect at the water park? Here are the rides:

The Biggest Wave Pool in Africa

Their TWO gigantic Wave Pools are the largest on the continent, measuring a whopping 20 000m2 complete with hydraulic mechanisms that produce ocean-like waves at regular intervals. See, no need to head to KZN to be able to swim in the sea!

Gravity Loop

This one will literally make your stomach sink! Feel the sensation of gravity suck you down a near-vertical slide into an inclined loop at up to 60km/h! That's 2.5 Gs in less than 2 seconds! If you have the heart (or the stomach) for this, don't miss the opportunity to try this one. It's the ultimate body slide experience.

Spiral Slide

This slide will definitely have your head spinning for all the right reasons. Twist, turn and tumble your way down this thrilling slide before splashing into the landing pool area. And best of all, it's great for all ages.

Lazy River - Not operational during pre-launch

Want to relax and soak up the sun? Gently float down the Lazy River in a rubber tube as it takes you down the ​850m course through the beautiful water park surrounds. Also, this lazy ride is perfect for all ages. You can get your single or double tubes at the entrance.

High Speed Slide

Havde the need for speed? Then be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the park's high-speed slide! Thrill-seekers will whoosh through this ride at up to 40km/h. But do exercise extreme caution on this slide, as it's certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Behemoth Bowl

Looking for a group ride to experience with family and friends? Then this is something you need to try. The Behemoth Bowl or Super Bowl is a four-person per tube, wild, adrenaline-filled adventure through a massive bowl that'll take you down into a clear pool below. It's an absolute rush!

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Master Blaster Super Tubes

Two super tube slides, one that's open air, and one that is almost entirely dark. One thing they have in common - both will leave you with adrenaline running through your veins! This ride is a classic super tube ride, enjoyed with one or two-person tubes.


This is the big one! Adrenaline junkies, brace yourselves! It's a first in Africa and is as spectacular as it is fun. You'll love the experience of being sucked down a giant tornado funnel into the water pool below. This one is a must.

Rainbow Slide

Whether you're feeling a little competitive with your mates or simply want to experience what it actually feels like sliding down a rainbow, this ride is for you! Take a slide down this fast and wild ride down the magical rainbow, perfect if you're looking to race against your friends.

The Python Slide

Three reasons why you need to experience the Python Slide: 1. it's wild; 2. it's high-speed; and 3. it's loads of fun! Enough said!

Massage Pools

Been a long week at the office and in need of some soothing massages? Then head over to the Massage Pools, be lazy, soak and relax a little while being gently massaged. Just keep in mind that these pools are not heated.

Pirate Boat Slide

Arrr, me mateys! Board the Pirate Boat if you dare. Your only escape back to safety is sliding down into the Lazy River. This one is perfect for the kids and anyone with a wild imagination.

And For The Kids...

Other the big rides that'll thrill your socks off, they also have a bunch of fun water features for the littler kids, because what is a water park without fun for all ages? Some of the water park features that are ideal for the younger aged children includes:

Fun Slides

Built just for the kids, there are THREE different slide experiences that all ending in a shallow pool. The kids will love it.

Amazon Rain Forest

Themed on the Amazon Rain Forest, this mini water park features plenty of fun for the little ones, including slides, a pool, and a full rain forest maze for them to explore.

Spray Park

The Spray Park has dozens of playful fountains. It is a safe, fun place for toddlers, young kids, teens and older folk to cool off in the summer heat.

Boome Rango

This is a high-speed four-person tube ride pushing riders up almost vertical slopes as well as spinning, turning, rocking and gliding everywhere. It's sensational!

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They Also Offer Accommodation!

Want the fun to last a little longer? Then why not check out the accommodation options available around Happy Island Water World! You can take your pick from:

We think this will make the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family! So, if you're interested in making your experience last all weekend long, click here to find out more.

How Much Is Entry?

At the moment, entrance is R199 per adults and R99 per child.

HOWEVER, the prices will increase to R399 per adult and R199 per child once they have gotten through their pre-launch period but the prices have not been finalised.

The reduced prices are said to be in effect because only 13 of the 15 rides are fully operational.

For More Information

For more information about this brand-new water park, visit

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep in loop with the latest updates and happenings at Happy Island Water World.

Sherbet Angel's Brand-New Beauty Bus Offers Glam On The Go!

The Sherbet Angel Beauty Bus Has Arrived!

A first in South Africa, Sherbet Angel recently announced the launch of their brand-new premium service — a fully equipped, mobile beauty bus, which will offer a variety of glamorising treatments on the go for all corporate and event needs in Gauteng! Think corporate functions, festivals, weddings, bachelorette parties, pamper sessions and baby showers — this will add quite a lovely element to your special event.

sherbet angel

The exciting new venture has been designed to both entertain as well as provide streamlined mobile personal grooming. The stylishly renovated bus was unveiled at the Sherbet Angel premises in Linden in front of a crowd of beauty lovers and influencers. Guests were treated to a preview of the Beauty Bus with the Sherbet Angel team of expert beauticians, who showcased a few of the mobile treatments, including hair styling, makeup, manicures and pedicures, massages, waxing, brows and lashes.

And as for entertainment at the grand reveal, the crowd was treated to a performance by South Africa’s darling, Tamara Dey alongside DJ Kimmy K on the decks. An exotic gin bar was provided by Ginifer, Meridian wines hosted the indulgent bubbly bar while premium caterer, Oregano, served exceptional canapés.

sherbet angel

Book Your Glam-On-The-Go Experience Now!

The Sherbet Angel Beauty Bus is available for any kind of event in both Johannesburg and Pretoria. Not in those areas? Don't worry! More Sherbet Angel Beauty Buses will be coming to all major cities in the country in due time.

And as for what the Beauty Bus and their services cost, you'd be surprised! For the convenience of having the entire glamorising shebang brought to you, the Sherbet Angel Beauty Bus pricing is highly competitive.

sherbet angel

For More Information

For more information about Sherbet Angel or to make a booking, email [email protected] or call 010 594 5182.

Also, don't forget to give Sherbet Angel a follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

East Rand Mall Bras N Things Celebrate Store Opening

Have You Heard?

Bras N Things is in the building! This store is the first in the East Rand suburb and welcomes 6 new employees. Renowned for having Australia’s largest range of lingerie – including fashion, bodysuits, playwear, basics, or full cup – to sleepwear, active, or maternity, Bras N Things has the perfect fit in a wide range of sizes, so customers enjoy style and comfort. And everyone is catered to, bonus!

Bras N Things’ specially trained fit experts were on hand to help every customer find their perfect piece that not only looks stunning on but is comfortable and offers maximum support. Bras N Things’ fit experts offer every customer a complimentary bra fitting service with a money back comfort guarantee – if it’s not your most comfortable bra, simply return it.

Michele Oliver, South Africa Country Manager said: “We are excited to celebrate the opening of our new East Rand Mall store with our valued customers and showcase our gorgeous product range. With our collections constantly updated and our fitting specialists on hand, we look forward to ensuring all customers have the very best, and beautiful, shopping experience in our sparkling new store.”

The East Rand Mall store is the 8th Bras N Things store to open in Johannesburg.

Bras N Things

About Bras N Things

For Bras N Things it’s about her always. They are Australia’s leading fashion lingerie retailer with more than 177 stores across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Bras N Things products are available online at and are also distributed through The Iconic. Bras N Things offers a wide range including lingerie, sleepwear, playwear, active, maternity, shapewear, solutions and swimwear that never compromises on style or comfort. Bras N Things’ products are designed by women for women and they are continuously creating a wide range of styles to ensure that they have every woman covered no matter what she is looking for, sexy, playful, comfy, flirty or fun.

For More Information

For a full list of stores or to shop online visit this website or

Sally Williams Has Arrived At Melrose Arch

They're calling Melrose Arch their Signature Store, and rightly so. It's a beaut!

So pop in for a decadent sweet treat and a freshly brewed cup of coffee to brighten up your day.

Makro Riversands Is Now Open!

Don't Miss The Opening Of Makro Riversands

Just in time for the festive rush, Makro will be adding a brand-new store to their family. Makro Riversands will be opening their doors on Wednesday, 29 November 2017. Located north of Fourways just off William Nicol Drive, this new branch promises a unique, world-class shopping experience to all its shoppers.

You can use your existing Makro card at the new store or download the mCard app and have your card digitally stored on the app for use at checkout. With the mCard app, you can earn real cash with mRewards while you shop.

Unmissable Deals!

No grand opening is complete without a celebration and, of course, amazing deals that you just cannot resist! These special offers are valid until 03 December 2017, so don't miss out. And if you want to see what else they have in store for you, click here to check out their opening specials leaflet. Happy shopping!

And find out more about Makro and their amazing deals, don't forget to visit them at, and on Facebook and Twitter.


Bride&co Launch Their Latest Wedding Collection Just In Time For Spring

The New Bride&co Collection Is Here

This wedding season, Bride&co are going back to elegance. Back to simple, sleek and structured sophistication. Back to show-stopping glamour. And they’re also going back to ‘the back’. Bride&co’s new collection, designed with the elegant, modern bride in mind, is all about dresses and designs that show off and accentuate the back with sexy straps, crisscrossing, daring low-cuts and illusion detailing.

And not only will Bride&co be bringing the sexy back, back, but they’ll also feature the best and latest in wedding dress trends for beautiful brides with any budget. They stock hundreds of stylish silhouettes by designer labels Oleg Cassini, Viola Chan and their own in-house brand, which means they’re bound to have just what you’re looking for.


What's The Trend This Season?

Modernity and sophistication dominate bridal style this year with structured, strong lines that set the tone for one of the chicest wedding seasons ever seen. Minimalism has made a comeback with gowns in luxurious fabrics including duchess satin, mikado, crepe and soft, sensual chiffon. With an imaginative twist and mesmerising additions, modern brides-to-be will certainly make a statement on their special day.

In true Bride&co style, there’s always something for every bride – from a princess style dress to fitted mermaid gowns that exude elegance with a hint of sexiness.


There's Something Stunning At Any Budget

The New Collection ranges from R2 800 to R25 000, which allows all brides with varying budgets to find the dress of their dreams, each created with the utmost quality construction. Once you’ve said ‘YES’ to your dream wedding dress, you can also find the perfect pair of wedding shoes, special jewellery and veil.

Bride&co Don't Only Specialise In Wedding Dresses...

Bride&co also offer a wide selection of elegant occasion and evening wear, ensuring that the entire bridal party will find the perfect dress. From cute flower girl and chic bridesmaids dress to beautiful mothers-of-the-bride outfits, your wedding apparel needs are sorted.

Make an appointment for a free fitting with a knowledgeable consultant at any Bride&co store nationwide. Once the measurements and sizing have been done, the experienced in-house seamstresses will ensure that your dress doesn’t just look like a dream, but it fits like one too. Wedding dress shopping has never been easier.


For More Information

To find your closest Bride&co store, visit

Also, don't forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Get Your Hands on Delectable Delicates with GEORGINI’s New Range

Bedazzle Your Wardrobe With GEORGINI’s Delectable Delicates Range

Don’t let the chilly season dull your style – add some sparkle to your winter wardrobe with something beautiful from GEORGINI’s Delectable Delicates range, inspired by the simplicity of timeless elegance and the modern woman.



Featuring fine yet fancy studs, classic necklaces with a modern twist, colourful and stackable rings, as well as petite pendants, the range of delicate and on-trend pieces is perfect for layering over jerseys and knitted polo necks, accessorising a warm winter outfit or even wearing with your OOTD. Standout items in the range include the Black Cubic Zirconia – the epitome of drama and wow-factor.

The Delectable Delicates by GEORGINI will be available as from mid- to late May 2017 with prices ranging from R499 to R2 999.

All items are 925 sterling silver with rhodium, rose gold or gold plating, available from GEORGINI stockists and online.


For More Information

For more information about GEORGINI and their gorgeous ranges, visit them on

You can also contact them on 011 089 6007 or [email protected].

Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.


One lucky reader stands the chance of winning a set of Pallas Rose Gold Studs and a Pallas Rose Gold pendant, to the value of R3 000!

Enter below.

WIN A R3 000 Voucher From GEORGINI

Ted Baker Sandton City Reopens

What Is It?

Luxury British clothing brand, Ted Baker, recently reopened in Sandton City.

The store, which draws inspiration from Johannesburg’s famous Shakespeare garden, has a stylish setting, showing off a beautiful Elizabethan wooden framed front and antique oak floor. Plus, it has a black and white chequered in-lay to welcome customers to the new space.

On the rails, you'll find Ted’s latest season menswear, womenswear and accessory collections. So, if exquisite, pretty fashion pieces are your favourite, then be sure to pay Ted Baker a visit!