This film series currently has 11 films, with another two due to be released in 2020 and 2021. The films, apart from Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch, all follow the life of Mike Myers as he tries to murder his last remaining relative on Halloween. As with most scary movies, the antagonist is somewhat impossible to kill, while the protagonists are seemingly oblivious. The long line of slasher films make for great Halloween entertainment, for those brave enough to watch them all.

Hocus Pocus

This 1993 comedy-horror film follows three witch sisters as they try to retain their youth by stealing the life force of little children. Their plan is thwarted by the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts. In order to save themselves, they cast a spell that will resurrect them in the future. 300 years later on Halloween, a young boy, Max, unknowingly completes the spell. The witches are brought back to life and terrorise the town and it's up to Max and his friends to save it.

Trick 'r Treat

Trick 'r Treat is an anthology horror film that follows the stories of a husband and wife, a school principal and his family, a new girl in town and a savant with a group of friends in the town of Warren Valley, Ohio. A participant in each group breaks a Halloween tradition and pays the ultimate price. All while Sam, an omnimous trick-or-treater in a burlap sack, watches from afar.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop-motion animation from 1993. The name may mention Christmas, but we feel it's Halloween appropriate too. The story follows Jack Skellington, who resides in the fictional Halloween Town. The residents of this spooky town spend their entire year planning an exceptional Halloween event. But Jack, the unofficial town leader, longs for something more. He stumbles upon Christmas Town and attempts to take over the Christmas event. But things go awry and Jack must learn to accept who and what he is so he can save Christmas.


Based on the Stephan King novel of the same name, It is a re-adaption of the 1990 miniseries. In 1988, in the small town of Derry, Bill Denbrough's brother, Georgie, goes missing. But he's not the first, nor the last child to have disappeared. With crime levels at its peak, a long line of missing children and unconcerned adults, Bill and his friends go in search of the sinister creature responsible for all the crime in Derry - a malicious clown. The sequel, It: Chapter 2, was released on 6 September 2019 and will follow Bill Denbrough and his friends, who return home as adults to save their town.

The Crow

On Devil's Night (30 October) in Detroit, young couple Eric and Shelly are attacked by criminals. Shelly is raped and murdered, while Eric gets beaten to death. A year later, a crow awakens Eric's corpse and he returns to life. Eric has flashbacks of his last moments alive and goes on a journey to avenge his lost love with the help of the supernatural crow. But, the cop investigating Eric and Shelly's deaths is on Eric's tail. This 1994 film makes for a chilling action-packed experience that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko has a stellar cast of actors including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Drew Barrymore. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the titular role of Donnie Darko, who sleepwalks and sees a grotesque rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world will soon end. Odd events occur in the town, such as the school being flooded and a local motivational public speaker's house burning down. Donnie is unknowingly responsible for these events, under the influence of Frank. Events spiral and Donnie meets the real Frank, loses his girlfriend and travels back in time to save those he loves.

Sleepy Hollow

In 1799, the town of Sleepy Hollow has been troubled by a series of deaths. All the victims were beheaded. Constable Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate these deaths. The town elders inform him that the murderer is an undead horseman. The constable believes this to be fantasy and begins his investigations. However, after witnessing the horseman himself, constable Ichabod discovers that the horseman is being controlled by someone else and sets about finding out who that someone is.

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Telling the story of the friendly ghost, this 1995 film stars Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman and Malachi Pearson. The film follows the adventures of father and daughter, James and Kat Harvey, as they inhabit a mansion haunted by Casper and the Ghostly Trio. Casper attempts to befriend the Harveys, but is thwarted by the shenanigans of the Ghostly Trio. After a mishmash of events, including Halloween parties, death, resurrection, a selfless sacrifice and the appearance of an angel, the group manages to put their differences aside and live happily ever after.

The Addams Family

Another film starring the talents of Christina Ricci, The Addams Family follows the weird and wacky adventures of the Addams family. This unconventional family is filled with eccentric characters. From the quirky Grandmama, the idiosyncratic Gomez and the alluring Morticia to the morbid Wednesday, the fur ball cousin Itt and the bizarre uncle Fester. Watch as this unique and diverse family live a life of romance, family trouble and quirkiness in a world that considers them freaks. This film is followed by The Addams Family Values. Both make great Halloween movie options.


Although not scary, we will admit that this animated film does give us the heebie jeebies. As such, we only recommend it for older children. The story is about a young girl, Coraline, who tries to adapt to a new life in a new city. Having no friends and being ignored by her parents, Coraline is lured into an alternate world. In this new world, Coraline encounters "the others" - doppelgangers of the real people in her life, who spoil her with love and affection. But she soon finds out that not everything is as it seems and this sinister world may destroy everything she holds dear.

Hotel Transylvania

Perhaps the most lighthearted depiction of Count Dracula, this film follows the story of the famous vampire. In this version of events, Dracula married, but lost his wife at the hands of an angry mob of humans. Seeking to protect his daughter, Mavis, he builds a hotel in Transylvania - for monsters only. But soon a human finds his way to the hotel. The ensuing drama is bound to leave the family in stitches. This movie is followed by Hotel Transylvania 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. Sony Pictures Animation has announced that a fourth installment will be released in 2021.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

There is some debate about whether this animation is a Halloween or Christmas movie. Our answer is, it's both! In our opinion, this animation should be re-watched over and over again throughout the months between Halloween and Christmas. This Tim Burton film follows Jack Skellington who lives in Halloween Town. This fantasy world is filled with monsters who spend the entire year organizing their annual Halloween event. But Jack has tired of this and seeks something else. He finds a portal to Christmas Town and attempts to take over the annual Christmas event. This goes horribly wrong and Jack tries with all his might to fix his mistake.


This film has its roots in the Mexican Day Of The Dead tradition, rather than Halloween. In the film, a young boy, Miguel, dreams of becoming a musician. However, his family forbids any type of music in their household. This is because Miguel's great-great-grandfather abandoned his wife and daughter to follow his music career. In an odd turn of events, Miguel ends up in the Land Of The Dead, and must get a dead relative's blessing before he can return to the living. During the adventure, Miguel comes face to face with his great-great-grandfather and finds out he's not who Miguel thought he was.

Monster House

This 2006 horror-comedy film follows D.J. and his friends, Jenny and Chowder. D.J. lives next door to a creepy house owned by Mr Nebbercracker, a grumpy old man who scares children and confiscates any items that land on his property. When D.J.'s parents go on a trip, he and his friends attempt to retrieve their lost toys from the house. Nebbercracker catches them, has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital. In his absence, the children attempt to break in, only to discover that the house is alive. They later learn that the soul of the deceased Mrs Nebbercracker lives in the house. Mr Nebbercracker recovers and helps the kids destroy the monster house.


Based in the town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, ParaNorman is about a medium, Norman, who is not accepted by his family and community. One day Norman's uncle, Mr Prenderghast, appears and tells Norman that a ritual must be preformed to protect the town from an ancient witch. Mr Prenderghast soon dies and the ritual is left up to Norman. But things go awry thanks to a school bully, a stagger of zombies and a mob of town citizens. With the help of some new friends, Norman is able to empathise with the witch and help her move on into the afterlife, saving the town. This is a great Halloween film for the family, teaching us about acceptance.

Monsters Inc.

This classic animated film is probably one we've all seen. It tells the story of the scrawny green blob, Mike Wazowski and the furry blue and purple James "Sulley" Sullivan. These two monsters work at Monsters Incorporated, a factory that turns children's screams into energy to power the monster city, Monstropolis. But the monsters have a frightful secret - it's actually the children who are dangerous to the monsters, not the other way round! In a cataclysmic turn of events, Mike and Sulley bring a human, Boo, to Monstropolis. At first terrified, they later grow to love the child. They attempt to return her home, only to discover an undercover plot within Monsters Inc.


This adorable recreation of Mary Shelley's classic is a black and white stop-motion film produced by Tim Burton. Watch as a lonely young Victor Frankenstein becomes a mad scientist in an attempt to bring his recently deceased dog, Sparky, back to life. Victor's fellow school mates find his formula and decide to try it themselves, but end up creating monsters. The monsters attack the town and Sparky is blamed for the turmoil. In a turn of events, Sparky gives his life to save the town. Realising he is a hero, the townspeople gather to reanimate Sparky. Keep a box of tissues handy, as this movie is a real tear-jerker.