The MRP App Makes Homeware Shopping Easy!

Before we go any further, we need you to answer four questions for us:

  1. Do you love homeware as much as we do?
  2. Are you a little obsessed with all things interior, design and decor related?
  3. Do the words NEW IN or LATEST ARRIVALS fill you with excitement and happiness?
  4. Is your search for inspiration on homeware a never-ending quest?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, welcome to the club! There's nothing more exciting and thrilling than redecorating our homes with stunning pieces for decor or finding inspiration while swiping through Pinterest and online. And, with this in mind, MRP has got some good news for you. To satisfy your decor fetish, you need to download the MRP App now. It will take care of your healthy home obsession!

The MRP App is available for iOS and Android.

MRP Home

Why You Need The MRP App?

Mr Price Home is a great spot to get all you decor products, and this app allows you the convenience you need to purchase with convenience and being able to view your options in the comfort of being wherever you want be.

The latest items are available to you with ease (trust, it is a perk) and you can create your own wish list and purchase your stuff later.

With over 400 new products every single week, what more could you ask for?

MRP Home

Be Inspired By MRP Home Products To Be Your Own Designer...

Everybody loves being able to create something amazing of their own; that they can show to everyone. This App comes with a lot of ease in the logistics side of everything. You can easily plan what you want based on the products available, and when you are ready - order, pay and await your delivery.

A Special Treat With Your First Purchase...

When you shop on their app, you'll get R100 off your first purchase when you spend R500 or more! To get this special offer, make sure you use the coupon code MRP100 at checkout. This offer is only valid once and cannot be transferred. Happy shopping!

MRP Home

For More Information

For more information about MRP Home or if you need a little inspiration, visit here.