Cue The Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector!

Pull up an armchair, clear a wall and enjoy a night at the movies in the comfort of your own home with the Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector. This portable projector is your professional projection solution with full HD projecting. You can stream and present in full HD 1080p, which will ensure crystal clear visuals.

Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector

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How To Use Your Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector

Need a few ideas as to how you can use your brand-new Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector when it arrives? We have a few suggestions here! Movie night has never been this exciting! And we're sure home schooling the little ones will become a whole lot more entertaining.

A Special Kind Of Date Night

Haven't had a date night throughout the entire lockdown and need to plan something unique, special and thoughtful? Well, order your favourite takeout for delivery, uncork that bottle of wine you've been saving for a special occasion and watch The Notebook on the "big screen" in your lounge. Any romantic movie will do! Or you can project some stars onto your ceiling and walls to set the ambiance, minus the winter chill!

Enjoy A Movie Marathon With The Kids

Are the kids bored? Why not have a blast building a blanket fort filled with loads of comfy pillows and blankets? Then grab a whole bunch of your an d the kids' favourite snacks and drinks, get comfortable and watch your favourite animated, family-friendly films with your children? Don't forget the surround sound to ensure it's the ultimate movie night experience!


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Upgrade Your Video Gaming Experience

Playing videos games on a normal computer screen is a thing of the past! Upgrade your gaming experience by playing your favourite games projected onto your living room or bedroom wall. It's bigger action, bigger effects and even bigger screening that's sure to have you feeling as if you're actually right inside the video game itself!

Relive Your Fondest Memories

Spend an evening taking a trip down Memory Lane, viewing your digital collection of family photographs in a special slide show. Spend so time sifting through all your photographs and compile a presentation that's sure to give everyone a little bit of nostalgia. This is the perfect way to spend quality time with your lockdown "housemates" and reminisce about the happy times and memories... pre-lockdown. But not to worry, so we'll be back to making new memories that you can save for your next slide show.

photos projected onto the wall

Image by M_A_Y_A via Getty Images.

Take Home Schooling To A Whole New Level!

Battling to keep the kids motivated and focused while home schooling them during lockdown? Using a projector is an amazing way to display your lessons, creative ideas, interesting yet educational videos, and more. This is the perfect addition to your home schooling arsenal.

Order Yours Today

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Connex E-Luminate HD PC Projector

What Is It?

Toy Story was Pixar's first big animated blockbuster. With a cast of endearing toy characters, a terrifying child enemy and a tale about true friendship, it was bound to be a success. Twenty-four years on, Toy Story is still delighting children and adults alike. The fourth installment of the series will be released later this year. But, in the meantime, you can enjoy all three movies at the Bioscope Independent Cinema in Maboneng.

The Bioscope host an annual Christmas movie marathon. However, this year they are shaking things up to bring you your favourite group of friends on the big screen. Enjoy 4 hours and 36 minutes of cowboys and space rangers, in a back-to-back Toy Story movie marathon! Those who make it right to the end will get to sign a special marathon poster. As it is Youth Day, bring the kids along too. What better way could there be to celebrate our freedom and being young than bingeing on your favourite family-friendly movies?

The Bioscope also ask that you bring along a couple of old toys. These will be donated to the nearby Ethemebeni Children's Home. After all, every toy deserves a second life in the hands of a deserving child.

When Is It?

Monday, 17 June 2019.

Movie marathon schedule:

12:00 pm - 13:20 pm Toy Story 1
13:20 pm - 13:30 pm INTERMISSION
13:30 pm - 15:00 pm Toy Story 2
15:00 pm - 15:30 pm INTERMISSION
15:30 pm - 17:15 pm Toy Story 3

Where Is It?

The Bioscope, 286 Fox Street, Maboneng, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R70 per person for all three movies! Get yours here.

For more information

For more information, visit the Bioscope's website or their Facebook page.

Contact them on 087 094 4195 or via email at [email protected]

Going Out

Vilakazi Street

Take me to Soweto! You have to head to this symbol of the nation one of these good days people, especially on this special day. It is regarded as one of the most famous urban areas in Joburg and it holds a ton of our history. So, we suggest you grab the family and friends, and head to the most visited street in this urban area. We think you'll love it.

Click here for more information.


Lilliesleaf Farm

Not many people are familiar with the history behind Lilliesleaf Farm in Rivonia. In the early 60s, the property was the headquarters for covert, underground activities and a safe house for many leading figures of the liberation movement. Today, it is a heritage site that stands for the proclamation for freedom. We think its fitting for it to be on our list and should be on yours too. If we're gonna celebrate this day, we have to do it right!

Click here for more information.

Constitution Hill

The remnants of an old fort and holding cells for political prisoners has been turned into the domain of South Africa's Constitutional Court and proclaimed a national heritage site. Constitution Hill is in Braamfontein, just up the road from the train station, and deserves your attention. And you know what's even more exciting on this day? The Back To The City concert that happens every year. This year's theme is The Freedom Charter: The Congress Of The People. Tickets are R150 – R600 per person, buy yours here! This year they promise to make it even bigger, just check out the lineup:

Click here for more information.

Constitution Hill

Gauteng Fvck Racism Festival

Raise your hand if you've visited Joburger's Facebook page – we honestly think this page is the best thing that happened to South Africa, it's also safe to safe to say it's everybody's happy place. So, they thought it would be an amazing idea to bring all the interaction happening on the page to real life, allowing all its followers to finally meet and laugh together – not let racism have the last laugh. Such a perfect way to celebrate the day, right? There will music, food, drinks and all things nice. To those who want to grab Fvck Racism merch, there will be stalls selling. Entrance is free of charge.

Click here for more information.

Family Braai Picnic & Colour Festival Joburg

This is regarded as South Africa's biggest braai picnic travel event, bringing people from all walks of life to enjoy the festivities amongst their loved ones and meeting new friends. It is also said to be en extraordinary movement that promotes family social activities and gatherings. People from different backgrounds will have the opportunity to network over a braai, drinks, music, and some colour powder splashing fun. Bring along your braai packs, picnic baskets, snacks, drinks, camp chairs, gazebo and anything else you think you’ll need for a day out in the park. Tickets are R50 – R500, get yours here!

Click here for more information.

Family Braai Picnic & Colour Festival Joburg

Fairy Festival

It's Freedom Day everybody, which means we have the freedom to express ourselves however we want. And since we're free enough to be fairies at this Fairy Festival, why don't we? Calling all fairies and lovers of all things fantasy. Make sure you save the date, dust off your prettiest outfits and wings, and come out for a day of magic and family fun. Tickets are R50 – R100 per person, get yours online. You can expect:

Click here for more information.

Freedom Day Debate

To those who particularly enjoy debates and constructive talks about what concerns society, youth, and the future of this beautiful country. The topic around freedom and democracy has centred on being entirely free and having equal opportunity for each South Africa,. So, to make sure you don't miss out on this event,  join in at The Apartheid Museum as they will be hosting a discussion entitled "Are We Truly Free". You can expect to meet up with Blade Nzimande, Karima Brown and Eusebius McKaiser.

Click here for more information.

Freedom Day Debate

Apartheid Museum

We're definitely putting the The Apartheid Museum on our list. It is a museum complex dedicated to illustrating apartheid and the 20th century history of South Africa. This makes it one of the best spots to celebrate Freedom Day.

Click here for more information.

Freedom Park

Though it's not in Johannesburg. it still deserves our attention – besides, Pretoria is pretty much Joburg's little brother anyway. Freedom Park celebrates South Africa's heritage as a centre of knowledge aimed at deepening the understanding of the nation. It strives to accommodate all of the country's experiences and symbols to tell one coherent story.

Click here for more information.

Freedom Park

Staying In

Movie Marathon

Hollywood is in love with our stories of trials, tribulation and success. And why shouldn't they be? We've got a very rich history. Why not rent Invictus, Mandela: a Long Walk to Freedom and Cry Freedom and have yourself a little movie marathon. Don't forget the popcorn! We'll take extra butter, please.


If there is one thing which unites us more than when the Springboks win a match, it's the fact that we love our braais. Why not invite the buddies over and celebrate the day which shaped our nation. If you're keen to try out our very own marinade recipe, click here.

Books to Read

Why not skip the movie marathon and grab one of these books for your reading pleasure: Steve Biko's I Write What I Like, Breyten Breytenbach's The Confessions of an Albino Terrorist or Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom. It's a good excuse to curl up in bed as the April weather takes a turn.

Comfort Food For The Family

If you'd rather have an intimate and relaxed meal with the family, why not click here and have a look at our awesome comfort food ideas.