Motherland Coffee Company VS Father Coffee

In our search of the perfect cup of coffee, we only have one question: who has the better bean? We're pitting Motherland Coffee Company against Father Coffee, to see who takes the brew.

Motherland Coffee Co VS Father Coffee

Motherland Coffee Company

We are sure you have heard the term, Africa the motherland. This is what Motherland Coffee Company is all about. They have gone back to the root of it all and found the best beans in Africa.


Motherland pride themselves on making the best coffee using the best beans that Africa has to offer. They make coffee to perfection using traditional methods. Whether you want a cold brew or a hot beverage, you will find the best options here.

Motherland Coffee Co VS Father Coffee


Motherland Coffee Company also offers amazing eats to compliment their beautiful coffee. This allows you to create the perfect combination.

Motherland Coffee Co VS Father Coffee


From the moment you walk into one of their cafes, you will notice the colour scheme, creativity and the atmosphere of warmth. The wood and colour co-ordination offers a homely feel.


Motherland Coffee Company can be found in various areas across Johannesburg. To find more information and to keep up to date with the latest news, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Motherland Coffee Co VS Father Coffee

Father Coffee

Father Coffee has mastered the art of the grind, roast and serve.


Father Coffee has gathered some of the best beans from the best bean producers around the world. Not only have they gathered the best beans from African countries, but they have sourced beans from as far as Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Motherland Coffee Co VS Father Coffee


Father Coffee makes some delicious baked delights for you to pair with your coffee. These freshly baked treats are always a great combination to have with their fresh brew, combining bitter coffee with sweet confections.

Motherland Coffee Co VS Father Coffee


The moment you walk into their store, the first thing that will notice is the simplicity and the clean look and feel of the eatery. The light wood compliments the contemporary touches, making you feel welcome and at ease.


Father Coffee, like Motherland Coffee Company, can be found at various locations across Johannesburg. To stay informed about their latest news and events, follow and like them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Winner

The winner of this showdown is us, as we get to sample the perfectly brewed coffee and tasty treats offered at both establishments.

Who do you think should win the showdown between Motherland Coffee Company and Father Coffee? Let us know in the comments section below!

Motherland Coffee Brings The Brew To Bedfordview!

Motherland Coffee

Motherland Coffee are all about reclaiming Africa's coffee heritage. They believe that coffee started in Africa, and that by investing in our continent's coffee trade, we can create a perky future for all. That's why Motherland bring their customers only the finest African brews, roasted to perfection.

This coffee cafes slogan is Drink the Love - because let's face it, there is no greater love affair than between an overtired city-slicker and their cuppa joe. The difference here is that when you enjoy a Motherland coffee, you are becoming part of the African coffee community.

Motherland Coffee established its flagship store in 2010, before branching out all over Joburg. They now have cafes all over the northern suburbs of Joburg, including Rosebank at the Zone, Dunkeld, Parktown North, Benmore, Sandton, Birnam and Rivonia.

Motherland Coffee

Mother Africa Takes on Bedfordview

On Tuesday, 20 August 2019, Motherland Coffee announced the opening of their new cafe in Bedfordview. Finally us East-siders can have a taste of the good stuff! We paid the cafe a visit one week after its opening to check out the vibe, snacks and of course, the coffee.

Typical of the Motherland brand, the Bedfordview cafe is eclectically African-inspired. From the cushion prints to the wallpaper, there is something distinctly African about the decor. The cafe is situated on the top level of Bedford Village shopping centre, giving customers a fantastic view of the surrounding suburbs. It is also surprisingly quiet. This would be the perfect place to catch up with old friends or even get some important work done (using their free WIFI). When you pay Motherland Coffee Bedfordview a visit, take a seat at the window and soak up a little mellow sunshine while you're at it.

Motherland Coffee

Motherland offer the best of café fare. Their menus are regional, bringing you the best from local producers, farmers and dairies with a focus on quality and ethical sourcing. Their love for coffee has also seen the creation of a number of new and exciting coffee drinks. However, they pride themselves on having perfected the old favourites, too.

Walking into the Bedfordview branch, you are greeted by the sight of muffins, cake loaves, cheesecake and decadent chocolate cake. You are also welcomed by the scent of delicious coffees, freshly brewed and waiting just for you. The food menu features sarmies, wraps, toasties and salads - just what you need to keep you going. But, it's the drinks we are really here for, so let's break down what they have on offer:

Small, Tall and The Mother Cuppa

Motherland Coffee Bedfordview have kept all the good old favourites on the menu. From traditional cappuccinos with silky steamed milk, to flavoured lattes and sweet mochas made with dark chocolate sauce and espresso. However, they know that you also want the latest coffee trends and super cool Insta-worthy drinks on the menu. You can order your drink small, tall or mega - the Mother Cuppa - for those days when your only way to survive is by drowning in caffeine.

We tried out the vanilla latte and a frozen Chai latte - organic chai made with Malawian black tea, blended with milk and ice. The vanilla latte was sweet and frothy, with natural bitter undertones. However, we felt that it could've used a little more espresso to balance out the sweetness and deliver a real kick. The frozen Chai latte on the other hand was perfectly balanced - not too sweet and not too spicy. There was plenty of ice, making it a wonderful refreshment on an unusually warm day.

We simply couldn't resist the milktart, caramel and condensed milk cheesecake either. With subtle hints of cinnamon, a yummy biscuit base and ultra-smooth condensed milk filling, this little treat was well worth the guilty calories. Plus, the flavours complimented the vanilla and spices in our drinks oh so well.

Overall, our visit to the cafe was a tasty, relaxed experience. We'll be back soon Motherland! 

Motherland Coffee

For more information

Visit their website for more information. You can also follow their social media pages for the latest news, specials and events:

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

Contact them on 011 447 4360 or via email at [email protected]

Details: Bedford Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Van Buuren and Nicol Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

Have you visited the new Motherland Coffee? Let us know about your experience!

Exploring What's On Offer At The Zone @ Rosebank

Dining Out


One of our favourite Greek eateries is tucked away at The Zone @ Rosebank. Mythos serves authentic Greek cuisine with ingredients imported from the country itself. Try the Veg Platter for an all-round Greek experience. The platter consists of grilled halloumi, black mushrooms, tiropita, spanakopita, dolmades, kalamata olives, falafels, keftethes, hummus and pita. Finish the meal with a decadent slice of Baklava Cheesecake for a sweet touch.

Contact details: 011 268 0916 / Shop Number: G07 /


tashas offers simple food made with quality ingredients to create delectable meals worth remembering. Their menu features an array of options such as healthy and delicious breakfasts, light lunches and fulfilling drinks. The Roasted Hazelnut Latte, made with espresso, hot milk and hazelnut syrup, is the perfect drink for an August afternoon. Pair this with the Creamed Avo on Toast, with fennel, labneh, chives, pistachio and cucumber.

Contact details: 011 447 7972 / Shop Number: G28 /

Piza ē Vino

For traditional Italian fare cooked with authentic methods, try Piza ē Vino. Menu items include fabulous pizza, delightful pasta and gourmet burgers. Spoil yourself with the Mozzarella Inpanata for starters, followed by the artichoke, cheese and mint stuffed Ravioli in cherry tomato and butter sauce. End the decadence with a vibrant slice of Limoncello Tart with mixed berry sauce, granadilla and toasted marshmallows.

Contact details: 011 447 6569 / Shop Number: G2-4 /

the zone at rosebank restaurants

After Dinner

Ice Cream

If the desserts at these restaurants don't spark your appetite, then head over to one of the many ice cream parlours at The Zone @ Rosebank for a sweet treat. Get gloriously sugary ice cream tacos at Paul's Homemade Ice Cream, airy bubble waffles at Plan B Dessertery and mouthwatering sorbets at Häagen-Dazs. These creameries offer ice cream that is so good, you won't need the extra garnishes. Click here to find out more.

The Patisserie

For the ultimate indulgence, whether before or after dinner, head over to The Patisserie. This bakery creates the finest confectionery from quality and fresh ingredients. Experience a taste of Paris with their breakfasts, high teas and baked treats. Their macarons and red velvet cupcakes are famous on the foodie scene. But we suggest getting yourself one of their packed gift boxes, to try a wide variety of their luscious goods. Go on, you deserve it.

Contact details: 011 268 1304 / Shop Number: EG08 /


Nothing ends off dinner quite as nicely as a rich and bitter cup of coffee, especially after a sweet dessert. The Zone @ Rosebank offers several coffee shops, serving up some of the best java on offer in Joburg. Coffee shops here, besides the aforementioned restaurants, include Motherland Coffee Company, Father Coffee and Starbucks. Click here to find out more about the fantastic brews offered at this mall.

Ice-Cream Rosebank



For a romantic or fun family night out, head to the movies. The Zone @ Rosebank is home to Ster-Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau. Watch the latest in family, animated, thriller, horror, romantic comedy, comedy and drama on the big screen in either 2D or 3D. Or catch more artsy films and live screenings of theatre shows at their Cinema Nouveau.

Contact details: 087 809 1706 / Shop Number: 2F01 /

City Sightseeing

Experience the most fascinating points of interest in Joburg with City Sightseeing. Meet up at The Zone @ Rosebank, then spend the day exploring the city on the big red bus. Places you'll get to see include Constitution Hill, Zoo Lake, the Military Museum, Carlton Centre and the Johannesburg Zoo. You can also choose to extend your trip to a two day tour or have a two hour pit stop in Soweto to explore this unique town with a local guide.

Contact details: 081 744 4491 / Shop Number: KI04 /

The Fun Company

This popular fun zone features Spin Zone Bumper Cars with LED lights, comfortable seating, seat belts and the spin feature. They also offer the immersive 4D Theatre which creates a unique sensory experience with the vibrations, water spray, bubbles and smells. Other activities offered are Glow Mini-Golf, Tenpin Bowling, Arcade Games, and a Sports Bar.

Contact details: 011 447 4099 / Shop Number: FF20 /

the zone at rosebank the fun company

The Zone @ Rosebank contact details: 011 537 3800 / 177 Oxford Street, Rosebank / [email protected] /

*Photos sourced from The Zone @ Rosebank's website.

Getting A Cuppa Joe At The Zone @ Rosebank, Brew!

Joburg is developing a huge coffee culture and people in the city are becoming true connoisseurs in the art of java drinking. Everyone is always looking for the perfect spot for their caffeine fix, so here is a quick guide to getting a cuppa Joe at The Zone @ Rosebank, brew!

The city is starting to appreciate the root of the coffee, from the bean to the brewing process. People love the idea of being able to explore with different roasts, comparing the flavours and going on a journey to finding their best blend.

You are probably wondering "where do I begin?". The Zone @ Rosebank waits eagerly for you to pay a visit. The Zone @ Rosebank is packed with awesome coffee spots to explore. Not only that, but these stores specialise in the bean work, making magic in a cup so you can expect perfection.

Let's take a look at what The Zone @ Rosebank has in store for us with these cool coffee spots.

Coffee Spots Johannesburg

Motherland Coffee Company

With a slogan like "Drink The Love'', how can you resist but fall in love with the coffee at Motherland Coffee Company.

They take pride in their coffee, sourcing their beans from across Africa from countries including Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Congo. They remind you why Africa is the Motherland. They are situated in a cosy corner at The Zone @ Rosebank, welcoming you to a warm and comforting setting.

They are all about making sure that you get the perfect cup of coffee accompanied by delicious delights and a good homely ambiance.

Coffee Spots Johannesburg

Father Coffee

Father Coffee is all about the minimalist feel and they have perfected the look and simplicity of their packaging.

They specialise in hot and cold brews, ensuring that you get your coffee just the way you like it. You also have a wide range of blends to choose from - they have coffee from all over the world including countries that would never cross your mind, such as Guatemala and Honduras.

So, you get to explore the world all in one place and get that kick that you so desire.

Coffee Spots Johannesburg

Starbucks Coffee Company

This vibrant coffee shop has been long-awaited by the Joburgers and now sits in bustling Rosebank. Starbucks Coffee Company has many people flocking to it to have their amazing coffee.

They have mastered the art of bringing the old and the new together. Starbucks takes variety to a whole new level, you could probably have a different drink every week for years. Maybe a bit exaggerated, however, they offer a world of exploring.

Their inviting space is always gathering the coffee junkies to spend time at their store.

Time To Get That Kick...

Now that we have taken a look at what's brewing, now is the time to grab a friend and go grab a cuppa Joe. Are we allowed to say cheers if the drink is hot?