Moove To Next Level Type Of Stuff, You Fitness Junkie You!

Deciding that you want to go to gym is one thing, but taking the steps to actually go and be consistent is another story. Anyone who has been to gym and dropped out or is still pushing for their goal of fitness; will tell you that it is a mental thing. If you are not mentally there, you will struggle but what can be motivating or should I say 'Moove-ing' is the Moove Motion Fitness Club.

Moove Motion Fitness Club

What is Moove Motion Fitness Club all about?

Firstly, Moove lives by the moto "#workhard #playhard #noexcuses". If that alone is not a motivating factor, then we don't know what is.

This fitness club is brings motivation, both visually as well as physically - and may we just add the tons of fun activities that they have at their branches. They boast with an amazing team of professionals who are ready to take your fitness goals and help you make them a reality, not only that but the state of the art equipment that come with getting a step closer to your goals.

The aim is to keep you mooving, get it? Yep, cheesy but sincerely true. If you are not finding the motivation at home, then best go and check out one of their facilities and trust us, you will get the motivation that you have been looking for. Their facilities are extraordinary!

Moove Motion Fitness Club

Don't Want To Train Alone?

Training alone is not for everyone, and we understand. This is why Moove is the right place to go, with over 15 group training classes - you are honestly, spoiled for choice. They have a variety of classes that cater for everyone's needs. Boasting with training sessions like:

Moove Motion Fitness Club

As much as we may love to fill you in on all of the classes that they have, that would probably take the whole day so it would be best to bite into that little nugget by checking them out.

Where To Find Them?

Joburg has the luck of being blessed with two branches in Sunninghill and one in Cosmo City so you can pay them a visit to weigh your options.

With all that said, let's get fit!

It's Kick Off Time With These Indoor Soccer Spots In Jozi

South Africa at large; is a country that really loves soccer and with the culture of soccer constantly growing in the country, many innovations are developed to make easier access. After the 2010 world cup, people were inspired by the outdoor fields that were in parks. So, we figured let's just check our the currently popular trend of indoor soccer.

The culture of creating clubs and teams to play for fun (and the fitness, let's be honest) has become quite a big one both in urban areas as well as townships. What has taken the country by storm is indoor soccer facilities. Gyms clubs have also opened up to the idea of having their own indoor soccer facilities to accommodate gym members who would rather play.

However, not everyone has a team or group that they can play with so here are ways to go about kick-starting that fun indoor soccer lifestyle you want...

It's Indoor Baby!

Indoor Soccer

Discovery Soccer Park

This five-a-side pitch has become one of the most popular in the north, situated at the famous Wanderers Club including sister club in Sandton. The Discovery Soccer Park has 8 pitches and after the game, you can enjoy their luxury change rooms with a good shower. Might I add, they have the highest rated astro by FIFA's.

If you are up for something that is even more fun, they have introduced "Bubble Footy". Basically, this is a normal game played while wearing a bubble like Zorb. How fun is that? And you can also rent the bubbles for parties, bachelor/ette parties, team buildings and more.

Indoor Soccer


Moove Motion Fitness Club is gym that has become a slip off the tongue for many in the country, with branches in Cosmo City and Sunninghill in Joburg, Moove is quickly moving up as a competitor with other gyms in the country.

The gym has tons of innovative facilities that really invite you to come to gym and stay motivated; this includes the fast growing, indoor soccer. This allows you to start your own friendly game with the gym mates to finish off that work out.

Indoor Soccer

Edenvale Action Sports 

Edenvale Action Sports is very proud of their action filled soccer tournaments, and welcome you to come and have your go at the fun.

You can bring your team and show them what you are made of, they clearly state, "come and claim your bragging rights, or settle your dispute on the court". They are all about the action sports, and their facilities are super awesome so why not give it a try.

In the case that you want to play more than just soccer, they have other action sports like netball, cricket and hockey so do explore.

Let's say you not looking forward to gym or are just bored out of your head or simply want to have fun - indoor soccer is just the thing that you need.

Grab the crew and have a go at it!

{Featured Image By Moove Motion Fitness Club}