Must See Ready Made Meal Saves For The KidsĀ 

It can be tough being a supermom or superdad. Especially when you know the kids need to be fed (healthy, home-cooked meals, might we add) but you just don't have time to cook because work has already overcooked you due to deadlines. We have a life saving solution for you and you're going to love it.

Have You Ever...?

We know it can be difficult to let the ropes loose and allow your children to eat fast food. You want to provide them with something wholesome and yummy so they'll eat without grumbling.

Ever thought of checking out a few places that cater wholesome ready-made meals for children? Yep, those kinds of places do exist. They can be the chef, while you are being the provider.

You are probably asking where do you even find such?

We know just the places, let's take a look at these kids ready-made food hotspots that will change your life.

Ready Made Meals For Kids


Plated Convenience also known as "Plated", caters all types of ready-made food for children.

You can choose a meal or meals from their list of delicious options such as cottage pie, bobotie, fillet with sweet potatoes and more. They use what they call 'uncompromising health' and fresh ingredients to prepare beautiful, filling meals. They live on the notion that healthy food can be tasty.

Plated also has healthy snacks to nibble on.

Although they are situated in Pretoria, they do offer a delivery service and can whip up something and drop it off at your door. However, please check their delivery options.

Ready Made Meals For Kids

Baby Tastes

Baby Tastes is all about providing healthy foods for your little ones, and prides themselves in giving you food that is free of additives and stabilisers.

Their food is also convenient for storing, you can freeze it for up to two months and still have your children enjoy an amazing meal.

They have a generous offering on their menu. This is definitely a spot that aims to give you more. You won't know where to begin with all the mouthwatering eats they make. As generous as their menu is, you can also buy bulk.

Another awesome thing about Baby Tastes is that you can also find some of their foods at Jackson's Real Food Market.

Ready Made Meals For Kids

Mommies Kitchen

Mommies Kitchen is a great place to get food for the little bundles and the troublesome tots.

They have a wide variety of options that you can choose from, offering delicious and nutritious meals to fill their tiny bellies. Their food ranges from stages 1 to 3 and toddlers, this including snacks to nibble on between meals.

Their meals are healthy and real tummy huggers for the babies, and has been tested so you can have peace of mind that your baby is consuming only the best.