What inspired Vanillablonde.co.za?
I started blogging before blogs were even considered popular, simply because I absolutely love being creative and I’ve always loved writing and photography. My blog is a way of sharing that! Vanilla Blonde is a lifestyle blog that is an authentic and personal extension of my life and a take on all things that interest me. It aims to elevate and inspire.

How will you balance time between work and being a new mom?
That is one thing that I am nervous about. My baby boy (Baby G) will be born in June and I’m only taking a short maternity leave. I have the same worry as every new mom of how to balance a newborn and a career. I do have the concern of how I’m going to balance my radio and TV career, my blog, my voice-overs, my emcee work and a newborn baby, but I take comfort and inspiration in seeing how many successful, working moms there are in my industry. I’m trying to surrender my concerns and take it one day at a time from the minute Baby G is born in June.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during pregnancy?
Besides a few of the common pregnancy symptoms, like fatigue and heartburn, I have a 7cm fibroid that has caused me a lot of pain and a few complications in my pregnancy, and as a result I can only have a C-section, but I’ll take it all, because I’m just happy that Baby G is healthy and growing like a champion!

What’s your favourite thing about pregnancy?
I actually love my big belly. I love that I don’t have to suck my tummy in and I think I’m really going to miss my bump! I love feeling every roll, kick and hiccup inside me – it’s completely alien and completely amazing all at the same time because it’s so intimate. It’s just the two of us right now and I love that he is with me 24/7! I also love how kind people can be… it’s refreshing when people usually have silly, insensitive comments.

What’s your favourite maternity wear?
I have found some really beautiful pieces of from Anneen Henze, MamaMeah and Lonzi & Bean Maternity. I’ve also lived in my Freddy maternity jeans.

Bailey Schneider

What baby/child brands are you excited to try and why?
The Granny Goose Nurture One cushion, our cot and compactum from Cozicot, our second compactum from Kids Emporium, the Tommee Tippee range of bottles for expressed breastmilk and their cute bibs. The Love to Dream Swaddles look so comfy and I also can’t wait to see him in all the adorable onesies. H&M, Cotton On and Next have adorable onesies/baby grows. I look at them now and they’re so small – it’s hard to believe there will be our baby boy in them soon.

Which Joburg spots have been your favourites during pregnancy? 
I was born in Johannesburg and have been living in Cape Town for the last 4 years, but I travel up to Joburg all the time – either for work or to visit my friends and family. A lot of my friends have children and Papachinos is the popular place we go, and we also visit the restaurant Munch in Beaulieu. I also love spending time at Melrose Arch and the Fourways Gardens parks.

What’s in your hospital bag? 
I haven’t packed these yet, but I have my list:
Mom Bag: I’m bringing really comfortable slippers, a robe I can slip on and off and nighties that either open in the front or are especially for breastfeeding. I’m taking my SLR camera and charger to capture the precious moments. Headphones and my iPad. I’m bringing breast-pads, nipple cream, maternity pads and all my favourite toiletries from Exuviance and Clarins and a comfortable going-home outfit that I can slip on without worrying about my C-section scar.
For Baby G: I have the most beautiful leather bag from Jean Kelly that’s going to be filled with warm, soft onesies, beanies, vests, little socks, newborn nappies and bum cream. Swaddle blankets and burp cloths are packed too, along with the cutest Jellycat bunny.

What are your favourite pregnancy rituals?
I have absolutely loved the pregnancy massages I’ve had and I have a ritual I do every morning and night where I apply Mama Mio Tummy Oil or Tummy Butter on my bump and Boob Tube to my décolletage area. I apply Lucky Legs at night for my swollen feet and it’s utter bliss. I luckily haven’t got any stretch marks as I started this ritual the moment I found out I was pregnant.

Do you have any advice for Joburg’s expecting and working moms?
First off, I think every mom is an absolute superwoman and I wish they’d give themselves more credit! Every mom is trying their best and we all need to be kind and encourage one another. I find there is so much knowledge out there, thanks to the thousands of books and the Internet, that sometimes we forget to listen to our natural instincts. Trust yourself.

Bailey Schneider in Freddy Maternity Jeans 3-1

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