Tea lovers can now become their own mixologist, thanks to the Bubble Tea Online Shop. Whether you're interested in brewing your own special blend of ice tea or crafting a refreshing Matcha Freezo, this store has everything you need!

What is Bubble Tea?

Just in case you didn't know, Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese drink made popular in the 80s. This tea delight has gradually spread its goodness across the world ever since. The South African selection of bubble tea varies slightly from the original, however. According to the Bubble Tea Online Shop, South Africans prefer the iced tea bubble tea variety over the traditional milky Taiwanese recipe. Our version is also commonly made with bursting boba bubbles made from a seaweed extract (a gel-like skin) wrapped around a flavoured juice. Classic bubble tea is topped with sweetened tapioca pearls.

bubble tea

Let's Get Bubbly

Making your own bubble tea is actually a lot simpler than you may think. The Bubble Tea Online Shop has almost every ingredient you could imagine to craft your own version of the iced milky tea. Their range includes Rooibos-infused iced tea syrups, tea powders, tapioca pearls and boba bubble toppings. If you are planning to go all out bubbly, Bubble Tea Online offers fully loaded starter kits. Their website also features helpful tips and recipes to get you started.

To make a simple infused iced tea bubble tea, you will need:


  1. Add 50 ml of your choice of Rooibos Infused Syrup to 200 ml- 300 ml of water in a 500 ml glass/ jar and stir.
  2. Add 1-2 table spoons of your choice of toppings to your Rooibos Iced Tea.
  3. Top with ice.

* To cook the tapioca pearls, add 1 part tapioca to 8 parts boiling water, boil for 40 minutes, cover and let it sit for  15 minutes. Strain and rinse cooked tapioca with cold water. Sprinkle with sugar.

Alternatively, you can top your favourite store bought flavoured iced tea with your choice of topping. Easy enough right?

For the Coffee Connoisseurs and G&T Enthusiasts

We know not everyone appreciates the delicate, sweet flavours of tea. Not to worry coffee addicts, you have not been forgotten by the Bubble Tea Online Store. Their powder range features cappuccino, chocolate and chocolate cookie flavoured powders. These are perfect for whipping up a delicious home-made freezo. All you need is water, your choice of powder, ice and a strong blender!

For those with a stronger drink sensibility, Bubble Tea Online stocks an assortment of tonic syrups. Their full collection of syrups is currently on promotion for *R220. This set includes four tonic flavours - litchi, lime, strawberry and passion fruit. To make the perfect G&T, the store recommends mixing any tonic syrup with sparkling water before adding to your gin. Get creative with your cocktails by adding one or two toppings as well.

tonic syrup

Eco-Friendly Straws

Plastic straws are a thing of the past. To help you achieve your eco-friendly goals (you really should have a few by now), Bubble Tea Online now offers bamboo, glass, metal and biodegradable straws. Additionally, the online store stocks nifty cleaning tools and carry cases for your personal straws. You definitely have no excuse now not to ditch the plastic straw forever.

Contact Details:

Tel: 011 702 3089 | Email: [email protected] | Instagram

Where To Get Your Stash

The Tea Merchant

Running low on tea and need to stock up on a few interesting blends? Look no further, the Tea Merchant has everything you need for your brewing pleasure. For starters, they have a broad selection of tea types, ranging from flower teas and matcha to fruity variations, herbals and even tea espresso pods. Now, for the perfect teapot to brew or steep your tea... they have teapots for Africa! Cast iron, glass, Kinto, Sama Doyo, stainless steel – the list goes on. And don't forget the cups and accessories (tea infusers and thermometers are a must). Best of all, you can do you purchases in store or online!

Peacock Coffee & Tea Traders

If you're looking to take your tea experience to the next level, make a stop at Peacock Coffee & Tea Traders. Although their physical store is in Cape Town, you can get their 'tea-lightful' goodies delivered right to your door, as they offer countrywide delivery. Their products range from lots of tea (think white, black, oolong, exotic, tea flowers, Rooibos tea and presentation boxes) to classy house ware (cups and saucers, glassware, spoon rests, coasters, teapots, trays and much more) to cool accessories (candy sticks and milk frothers) and plenty of coffee delights (origin, capsules, organic and flavoured coffees).

The Tea & Coffee Emporium

No matter what your flavour, the Tea & Coffee Emporium will have it! Tea lovers will covet their varieties and brands of tea, while coffee connoisseurs can check out the coffee beans, coffee grounds, ready-to-drink beverages and the cool gadgets the emporium has to offer. There's also a selection of indulgent hot chocolates and syrups if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth, and to top it all off, they have a bunch of accessories for you to check out. You can't enjoy a tea party without tea warmers, infusers and diffusers!


This lovely little spot in Rivonia is a tea-lovers paradise. Not only can you stock up on a wide assortment of flavoured teas and grab some traditional tea-ware, including teapots and glass cups, you can also sit back, relax and pour yourself a spot of tea. Contessa hosts a delightful high tea, which offers you and your fellow tea-loving friends a pot of exotic brew, accompanied by a glorious selection of sweet and savoury goodies from their high tea menu. This is the perfect place if you're looking to enjoy a tea tasting, sip on a few bubbles or indulge in a slice of cake (or two).


For a tea experience that is purely African, you'll definitely want to get your hands on some tea-ware and stock from Yswara. Their mission is to make African teas a prestige product and create a tea-drinking experience like no other by introducing African tea rituals and locally made tea paraphernalia. Yswara also boasts a beautiful tea room where you can relax and indulge your senses.

It's All About The Tea

Bubble Tea In The City!


Happiness comes in bubbles. And tea. So why not combine the two and get your hands on some refreshing, yummy and moreish Happy.Me Bubble Tea? Best of all, you can create your own, custom bubbly treat. First, you pick your base from three options - rooibos, wild berry or jasmine green – then, you pick a flavour you'd like to infuse your tea with (in my case, green apple or passion fruit), and then choose your popping pearls, which are also all flavoured (my favourite is cherry). Swirl it all together and BAM... you have your very own personalised bubble tea. Just a fair warning; it gets addictive.

Simplicity Coffee & Tea

I haven't been to this side of town in a very long time, but the last time I visited Simplicity Coffee & Tea in Chinatown, Cyrildene, it was the best place to get a delicious Chinese pearl milk tea. They specialise in bubble tea, but also offer a variety of other drinks from smoothies to coffee.

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Another bubble tea hotspot in Chinatown, Cyrildene, is Coco Fresh Tea & Juice. Not only do they have refreshing bubble teas, but they also offer a variety of smoothies, juices, lattes, milk teas, coffee, ice teas and slushes. There's something for all tastes, whether you're on a health binge or need something to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are a few branches throughout the city too, so if you spot them, do give them a try! I know for a fact there's one in Cresta Shopping Centre as I'm there every weekend.

It's All About The Tea

High Tea Musts

For the ultimate tea experience accompanied by little cucumber sandwiches and decadent tarts, make your way to one of these indulgent high teas in the city! Click here for more options.

The Maslow Hotel

At the Maslow Sandton, high tea has received new life with a modern twist. You can now expect and enjoy decadent tea-time treats perfectly paired with handpicked specialty teas in a delightful five-stage, palate-pleasing journey. In the comfort of luxurious arm chairs overlooking the hotel’s exquisite garden, guests can enjoy a sumptuous selection of gorgeous treats, paired with some of the most perfect teas available in the country.

Details: www.suninternational.com[email protected] | 010 226 4652 | Rivonia Road and Grayston Drive, Sandown, Sandton, Johannesburg

Level Four At 54 On Bath

Not only is Level Four in Rosebank an upmarket and snazzy restaurant to visit if you’re looking to impress, but it also offers a delectable Afternoon Tea served daily from 14:30 – 17:00. This lovely little ‘time-out’ offers you a choice of English tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones, moreish pastries and premium tea leaves. Take your pick from the Traditional Afternoon Tea (R260* per person) or the Royal Afternoon Tea (R300* per person), compete with a glass of kir royale.

Details: www.tsogosun.com | [email protected] | 011 344 8500 or 011 344 8442 | 54 Bath Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg

The Tea Room at Crabtree & Evelyn

Whether you want a traditional afternoon tea or are planning something to mark some of life’s greatest moments (think stork parties and kitchen teas to birthday and kids’ parties), the Tea Room offers you a delightful venue for just these occasions. Spoil yourself with delectable cupcakes, decadent cakes and sweet or savoury tartlets along with a relaxing cup of tea. And, if you just want to kick back, relax and delight your taste buds with a selection of confectionery and finger snacks, they serve their traditional English high tea too. Booking is essential.

Details: www.crabtree-evelyn.co.za | [email protected] | 011 792 7572 | Shop 147, Design Quarter, William Nicol Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg.

It's All About The Tea