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The Michael Jackson Tribute Show

What Is It? From a young age, Michael Jonathan felt the magic of Michael Jackson and started mimicking the King of Pop's moves. In the words of the legend himself,  “the greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work”, which is exactly what Michael Jonathan did. His uncanny resemblance to this music […]

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Michael Jackson History Show Johannesburg

What  Is It? Talking about his music living on, catch this Michael Jackson History Show starring Dantanio. Dantanio'd fascination and connection with Jackson began as a small boy when he was introduced to the King of Pop through his older brother who brought home a copy of Thriller on cassette in 1989. This overt and […]

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"Gone Too Soon" Brings Lost Music Legends Back To Life

What Is It? Music lovers, this is a show you don't want to miss! Paying tribute to the music legends we all loved, who passed away before their time, Gone Too Soon will be on stage for two shows ONLY at Gold Reef City this October, bringing these beloved artists back to life through their timeless […]

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