The Jenna Clifford Annual Sale Has Begun!

Whether you're looking to splurge and spoil yourself a little with beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery, or want to get started on buying those birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents for your family and friends, the Jenna Clifford shop is the perfect stop. With great prices on all jewellery, there is no excuse to miss out and to not treat yourself to a shopping spree.

The Jenna Clifford Annual Sale is on!

Once a year, Jenna Clifford hosts its amazing annual sale, where you will get the opportunity to invest in your very own mastercrafted jewellery! The sale offered great price reductions on all Jewellery lines at Jenna Clifford, along with discounts on Tag Heuer and Victorinox watches.

The Jenna Clifford Annual Sale was  from Wednesday, 17 June to Tuesday, 30 June 2015, so make sure you visit a Jenna Clifford boutique ASAP before all of the good stuff is gone! And don’t forget, you can also browse and purchase your favourites from a selection of silver Jewellery sale items online at their E-Boutique, at

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About Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford is a world-renowned jewellery designer, known for her unique, customised creations. Her bold and dramatic designs are sought after by some of the most recognised business icons and celebrities in the world, since the launch of her business in 1992.

Jenna Clifford combines gold, diamonds and precious gems to create extraordinary masterpieces through quality craftsmanship and an excellent taste in J ewellery design. She is a role model to young designers and is involved in various mentoring programmes for South African women of all ages.