Welcome Back, Time Square!

Time Square in Menlyn Maine is ready to welcome guests as of 16:00 on Monday 29 June 2020. The team has been gearing up for this incredibly special occasion following the announcement on Wednesday, 17 June 2020 by President Cyril Ramaposa that casinos, hotels and restaurants would soon be permitted to operate.

The hospitality industry has been given the green light to open from Monday 29 June 2020, and Time Square is ready.

It has been over three months since we closed our doors in support of the nationwide lockdown. We have been busily preparing the hotel and casino to host our guests in a safe, hygienic and welcoming environment. Our staff and guests can feel comforted knowing that we have implemented world class health and safety protocols that go beyond what is required. We cannot wait to welcome guests at Time Square once again,” says Time Square’s General Manager, Ruben Gooranah.

time square south africa in pretoria entrance to the casino with bright colours and lights

What Safety Precautions Have Been Implemented

Before the lockdown, Time Square introduced social distancing and queue management procedures. This included switching off every second slot machine and reducing the number of players at each casino table to create space between guests. In addition, the sale of alcohol was stopped and its restaurants were reconfigured to increase space between tables and meet head count limits.

Time Square has always adhered to the strictest principles of hygiene and cleanliness at all of its facilities. In addition to ongoing cleaning schedules, further enhanced cleaning and sanitisation practices were introduced. These have been amplified in anticipation of the complex’s reopening on 29 June 2020.

skyline view of time square south africa in pretoria during the day with clear blue skies in the background

Other safety measures include:

Sun Arena Time Square

What About The Restaurants & The Sun Arena?

According to Gooranah, several changes have been made at restaurants such as providing cutlery in a closed paper sleeve. The hotel’s buffet restaurant, Tatso, will operate as a la carte for the foreseeable future.

While the restrictions on group gatherings remain unchanged, the Sun Arena will be closed and events scheduled to take place have been either cancelled or postponed until further notice.

These are indeed extraordinary times and we have taken extraordinary measures to help our guests feel safe when they visit Time Square. Certainly, it will all take some getting used to but we trust that once our guests are familiar with the new way, their visits to Time Square will be as pleasurable as they always were. When Time Square opened, it was with the promise to deliver the very best experiences in an all-encompassing destination. This will never change.

Sun International’s health and safety protocols can be accessed from the website www.suninternational.com.

For More Information

For more information about Time Square, its reopening and safety measures, visit www.suninternational.com.

You can also contact Time Square at 0860 846 377 or [email protected].

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DIY COVID-19 Fabric Mask (With Filter Pocket) Sewing Tutorial

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Three Easy Face Masks From Cloth Bag

Here are three simple and easy surgical face mask DIYs you can definitely make at home. The instructions are easy for the kids to understand, making this the perfect DIY for you and the little ones.

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Disclaimer: We, under no circumstances, state that this will prevent or stop the COVID-19 virus, but recommend this as an added measure of protection. 

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