What Do They Stand For

We have to understand that Pride is more than just wearing bright and colourful outfits – it's about supporting each other no matter our sexuality and focusing on building a community that is inclusive and loving of everyone who is shamelessly living their lives. Let it be more than just lip service. LOVE above all. So, let's take action and join in on Pride.

Joburg Pride or the ‘Pride of Africa’ is for every LGBTQ+ME person on the continent of Africa. It offers an inclusive, multi-faceted community platform that builds individual and collective pride beyond the actual pride celebrations themselves – liberating every person in this diverse community to live their most authentic life.

For more information on the event itself, click here! Let's get this party started, motherfathers!

As many might know, Joburg Pride will be taking place throughout the weekend and will be centred around Melrose Arch. Here are the dates and events:

What Is The Event About?

It will be four days full of unadulterated fun, joy, laughter and colour. This year’s theme is "Green," symbolising #Growth which encourages people to celebrate who they are without any judgement and embrace the growth in our societies towards being more open to diversity – so rally up the troops and bring everyone to join in on this amazing festival. There will be tons of entertainment, including live music that features a line up of DJs, drag acts, a fashion show, food stalls and bar serving the freshest refreshments. See you all there!

They are also offering six informative sessions delivered by experts in the field:

Joburg Pride

To Answer The Question Why They Exist

Pride says they exist to liberate every LGBTQ+ME person across Africa to live their most authentic life and create a positive stance on (and for) the LGBTQ+ME community across Africa. They want to help build collective pride in terms of connection, integration, visibility, recognition, equality, support, safety, education and wellness.

They also exist to help every LGBTQ+ME build individual pride in terms of actualisation, self-acceptance, self-acceptance, hope, dignity, respect, self-expression and the freedom to be YOU!

Proudly African! Authentically You!

Joburg Pride

For More Information

Follow their Facebook page, and Instagram for more information. Or you can simply visit their website for more information.

Contact: 061 489 2030[email protected]