What Are Journey Lockets?

For the perfect sentimental gift to celebrate memories and milestones or just a little something to treat yourself, Purple Carrot has just the thing. Journey Lockets are a fun and creative way to showcase your life’s journey with a number of different charms to choose from for any occasion, from the birth of your child to milestone birthdays.

All the items are sold separately, making it easy for you to pick and choose whatever you want to put inside your Journey Locket — every charm has its own special meaning. You assemble a special locket that's unique and meaningful to you.

How To Order

Go to their website to check out their collection of lockets, locket sets and charms, then create your profile on their online store and shop away!

For More Information

For more about Purple Carrot and their Journey Lockets, call 084 725 6117 or click here.