What Is It?

Have a fondness for arts and crafts? Then be sure not to miss the Online Craft Market ZA. Curl up on the couch and enjoy a little online shopping as they bring you locally made goodies all in one place.

The event page will remain open for 24 hours after the posting has finished, so you can continue to shop and support local vendors!

Each 'stall' will post their items available for sale at various times during the course of the event. If you see something you like, all you have to do is contact the 'stallholder' directly to place your order. All shipping, details and costs will be provided and done from the particular 'stall' you shop from. Online Craft Market ZA are essentially a platform for various makers and creators within Gauteng to show you their wares.

Don't forget to share the love, invite family and friends, follow the "stall's" social media platforms and give them a like.

When Is It?

Saturday, 30 May 2020 from 11:00 to Monday, 01 June 2020 at 23:00. 

Where Is It?

Online on Online Craft Market ZA's event page.

Visit the Online Craft Market ZA event page and click "GOING" to get updates, notifications and news regarding the event.

How Much Is It?

Entrance to the online market is FREE.

For More Information 

For more information about this online event, visit the Online Craft Market ZA Facebook events page.

Please note: online events are subject to change, be cancelled or postponed at any given time. Please visit the organiser’s social platforms to confirm if this event is still happening.

Shop At Their Online Stores

Many SMMEs have decided to moved their physical stores to e-commerce in order to keep cash flow coming into their company. Due to the restrictions in place at the moment, all we can do is buy now and have our products delivered later. This might not be ideal, but it does help our local businesses keep busy during the lockdown and assist in keeping their doors open. Shop at their online store to show your support during this difficult time. How about purchasing an experience and enjoying it later? Here are a few suggestions that aren't only fun, but will support local SMMEs.

online shopping a computer mouse in a small trolley next to a laptop

Buy Gift Cards To Use Later

Along with supporting our SMMEs online stores, why not spoil your loved ones with a gift card from a few of these brands to use when they need? Not only does this give your friends and family the freedom of choice regarding what they would like to purchase, but it'll also share the love and bring business to the local brands that need assistance during the lockdown.

red gift card with white envelopes behind it and a blue background

Support Small Essential Service Brands

If anyone has ordered a restock of supplies from various large enterprises for delivery lately, you'll know the struggle. Long waits - some periods up to two weeks - for your groceries to arrive at your door. It can be a nightmare. So, why not consider looking into getting your fresh produce delivered from smaller food providers? There are plenty SMMEs that are getting creative in order to keep their doors open. Click here to view a few fresh produce delivery options and click here to see what Faithful To Nature has to offer.

fresh produce in a wooden basket on a wodden table aerial view

Get Social

Many local SMMEs are upping the ante and offering live stream events, classes, chats and more on their social media platforms in order to continue engaging with their supporters and keep their business alive. So, why not spend a few minutes of your day joining these scheduled events and contributing to the conversation? Even better, share these events and live streams with your loved ones to raise awareness. You can even write the brand a lovely review to let other potential customers know about your experience with your favourite SMMEs. There's no better exposure than word of mouth.

social media icons on a smart phone screen

Don't Cancel, Postpone

Have appointments set up during the lockdown period? Or reservations and tickets to events that have been postponed to further notice? Rather postpone these plans than cancel completely. These SMMEs and brands need your support and contributions now more than ever. Keep in touch with event organisers on their various platforms to see when they have rescheduled their events and what solutions they have offered if you have purchased tickets. Instead of asking for a refund for already-bought tickets, why not donate your ticket funds to help the organisers pay their staff (see how people are supporting Joburg Ballet during this trying time)?

annual calendar rescheduling

Give A Little Extra

Those guys who deliver your essential goodies right to your door? Why not give them a nice tip to show your appreciation during this lockdown? Also, why not pay it forward to those who need it most? Visit #SaySiyabonga to buy discount vouchers supporting local shops and service providers. Order your groceries through OneCart and donate just 85c at checkout to feed someone in need. Or help Doppio Zero give back to the community through their Soup Kitchen Initiative. There are many initiatives and organisations that need your help, and even a little bit goes a long way. Click here to see where you can help.

scrabble letters spelling out charity

Royalty free images sourced from www.piqsels.com.

Why Shop Black Friday Travel Deals With kulula.com

Travelling to your dream destination has gotten even more affordable with incredible Black Friday flight deals and massive holiday savings on kulula.com.

Originally an American shopping tradition, Black Friday is observed a day after Thanksgiving, to mark the start of the holiday shopping season. Today, Black Friday is one of the biggest and busiest shopping events of the year, falling on the 29th of November this year and extending to Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday.

As shoppers prepare to snap up bargains on a wide range of consumables and expensive items, here’s why you should consider travel on Black Friday.

Sign up to their newsletter today and be the first to receive their exciting Black Friday offers!

Create Lasting Memories

They say that the best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the wonderful memories you’ve made along the way. And with travel, you can create and relive many of life’s greatest moments - reconnect with family and loved ones from far and wide, enjoy an epic honeymoon that you’ll talk about forever or embark on a travel adventure to the unknown, cherishing your favourite holiday memories with a collection of souvenirs. Whatever the occasion, Black Friday is the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to an unforgettable travel experience at a steal.


Relax & Destress

Stuck in a rut? Having a rough year? Need a holiday that won’t break the bank? With Black Friday travel bargains, you can afford to enjoy some well-deserved travel therapy and downtime to escape the pressures of daily life. And if you're not ready to travel just yet, save your purchased weekend getaway or longer vacations for the moments you need them most! That way, you take full advantage of the Black Friday travel savings.


Travel More For Less

If you’re a frequent traveller that jet sets for business or leisure, you’ll want more bang for your buck this Black Friday by spending less money on your scheduled trips. And better yet, with kulula Black Friday discounts, you’ll be able to fit in more travel for a whole lot less. That means ticking more destinations, experiences and hidden gems off your bucket list.

How To Snag The Best Black Friday Travel Deal

To know if you’re getting the best out of Black Friday and how to avoid missing out on kulula's splurge-worthy travel deals, check out these tips.

Stay Connected

This kulula Black Friday is bound to be bigger than ever and the best travel deals are likely to be snatched first. If you find nothing as disappointing as a sold-out deal, be the first in line to receive their exciting offers by subscribing to kulula's newsletter. Get updates on the latest Black Friday developments by following them on any of their social platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Choose The Right Travel Options

Whether you’re travelling locally or globally, be sure to choose the best travel options that cater to your needs. Consider everything you would need for your trip – how you’ll get to your destination, how you’ll move around and where to stay. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re really getting a good Black Friday travel deal. Planning a luxury or budget holiday for a set period? Then, consider shopping for a discounted holiday package. If you’re travelling for a short, indefinite period, rather book your flights, rental car and accommodation separately.

Stay Flexible When Planning Ahead

Scoring a great Black Friday travel deal requires a degree of flexibility and planning ahead of time. Know where to find the best deals in advance. At kulula, you won’t have to worry about shop-hopping in a panic for specific travel bargains when you can find great deals on all things travel, in one place. Prioritize your travel purchases with a list of essentials before the sale to reduce the hassle of not finding exactly what you need. To take maximum advantage of this budget-friendly occasion, be flexible with your travel dates to specific destinations and include holiday alternatives in your wishlist. That way you don’t miss out on great travel opportunities.

Set A Realistic Budget

With a wide range of deals available on Black Friday, you may feel tempted to overspend and splurge on items you don’t really need. Setting a budget is key to ensuring that you reap the benefits of Black Friday savings. So if you’re wanting to avoid a financial pinch further down the line, define the maximum amount of money you want to spend on travel essentials by researching travel costs ahead of time.


Shop Online

Avoid Black Friday stampedes and get a head start to Cyber Monday by shopping online. With discounts at your fingertips, you get to snatch the best travel deals in the comfort of your home or office, without taking the day off. At kulula, you’ll get even more than you bargained for when you shop Black Friday deals online. They offer a variety of safe and secure ways to pay online, making it even easier to get your hands on some great offers.


Have A Game Plan On Black Friday

Ready, set, book — Black Friday is here! And if you snooze, fumble or stumble on the big day, deals on your favourite travel items could quickly disappear. But, you can cut through all the chaos with a savvy Black Friday game plan by setting email and social media notifications, alerts and alarms the night before the big sale, bookmarking kulula, making sure you have enough funds to purchase what you need and keeping calm.

Turn your travel dreams into a reality with kulula. And with their Black Friday discounts on travel and holidays, you can create many more of life’s greatest moments that will last you a lifetime.

For More Information

For more information about kulula and their amazing travel deals, visit www.kulula.com.

You can also contact them on 0861 KULULA or 0861 58 58 52.

Don't forget to follow and like them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on the latest Black Friday developments.

Back Of The Moon

The year is 1958 in Sophiatown. On the eve of his house being demolished, Badman, a street-savvy leader of the most powerful gang, has decided he is fighting for his home to the death. On the other side of Gerty street, the ever-so-beautiful torch singer, Eve Msomi, on the brink of an international career, is giving her last concert in the local hall before she travels to London.

Tomorrow, they will be forced to a desolate township, 15km out of the city. But fate thrusts the songstress, whom Badman has loved from a distance, into his orbit. And on the night of July 28 1958, Badman’s gang turns on them both.

Movie Trailer


Age restriction: 18 DLNPSSV


Show Times 

Rosebank Cinema Nouveau:

Cinema 4 Nouveau

Mon, 30 September - 11:45, 16:45

Tues, 1 October - 11:45, 16:45

Wed, 2 October - 11:45

Thurs, 3 October - 11:45, 16:45


Directed by Angus Gibson, starring Richard Lukunku, Moneoa Moshesh, Lemogang Tsipa, S’Dumo Mtshali, Thomas Gumede and Israel Matsepe-Zulu.

Losing Lerato

Losing Lerato is a beautifully told South African action and thriller about a successful, young black man who takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping his daughter after life, the law and the woman he once loved separates him from his child. His actions put him on a collision course with the law, and he finds himself in a high-stakes hostage situation.

Movie Trailer


Age restriction: 13LV

Drama, Family, Thriller, Action

Show Times

Sandton City:

2D Screen 5

Mom, 30 September - 17:30, 19:45

Tues, 1 October - 17:30, 19:45

Wed, 2 October - 17:30, 19:45

Thurs, 3 October - 17:30, 19:45


Starring Kagiso Modupe, Tshimillo Modupe, Samela Tyebooi, Thato Molamu, Nolo Phiri, Mpaseka Koetle, Ayanda Borotho and Zandile Msutwana.


The year is 1981 and South Africa’s white minority government is embroiled in a conflict on the southern Angolan border. Like all white boys over the age of 16, Nicholas Van der Swart (Kai Luke Brummer) must complete two years of compulsory military service to defend the Apartheid regime. The threat of communism and “die swart gevaar” (the black danger) is at an all-time high. But that’s not the only danger Nicholas faces. He must survive the brutality of the army – something that becomes even more difficult when a connection is sparked between him and a fellow recruit.

Movie Trailer


Age restriction: 18LP

Drama, Romance, War

Fun Fact

This film is based on the memoir, 'Moffie', by Andre-Carl van der Merwe and tells the story of a conscript who embarks on his military service in 1981 in South Africa.

Show Times

For more information, click here.


Directed by Oliver Hermanus and produced by Eric Abraham. The film stars Kai Luke Brummer, Ryan de Villiers and Matthew Vey.


Jacob Mofokeng is a middle-aged businessman who has become accustomed to his routine, a life which includes his wife, daughter, his work and his fun. As a powerful CEO, with a big house, a successful spouse, a family and expensive recreational habits, Jacob feels like life will always be this easy.

Movie Trailer


Age restriction: 18LS


Fun Fact 

Touch, who is no stranger to an opulent lifestyle, makes his acting and directorial debut in the movie. Sharing the news on Instagram, the media personality said:

“I want to share this amazing story with the world, this movie #Blessers addresses today’s societal misconceptions around slay queens and wealthy established men!”

Expect a whole lot of drama and laughter!

Show Times

Sandton City:

Screen 2D Cinema 3

Wed, October 16 - 20:00

The Zone @ Rosebank:

Screen 2D Cinema 4

Wed, October 16 - 20:00


This film is directed by Rea Rangaka, written by Tbo Touch, Sasa Nqabeni and Kumaran Naidu, with a screenplay by Tbo Touch, Sasa Nqabeni and Kumaran Naidu. It stars Kenneth Nkosi, Sonia Mbele, Six Nyamane, Connie Chiume, Phindile Gwala, Khatutshelo Ramabulana, Six Nyamane, Hlengiwe Ngubane, Nay Maps and Tbo Touch.

Fiela Se Kind 

This timeless South African classic takes us back to the Karoo in the 1880s. Fiela Komoetie, a coloured woman living in the arid Karoo, finds a lost three-year-old white boy on her doorstep and takes him in, raising him as her own. After a decade in her care, Benjamin Komoetie is noticed by government officials and removed. After his forced removal, Benjamin is returned to live in the Knysna Forest with Elias and Barta Van Rooyen, a family of woodcutters who claim that he is theirs.

Separated by law and geography, Fiela and Benjamin spend the next decade trying to find each other while coming to terms with their individual identities.

Movie Trailer


Age restriction: 13LP


Fun Fact

This film is based on the bestselling 1985 novel, 'Fiela Se Kind', by Dalene Matthee. The novel was first adapted into a film in 1988 by director, Katinka Heyns, and featured iconic South African actress, Shaleen Surtie-Richards, as Fiela Komoetie.

Show Times 

Rosebank Cinema Nouveau:

Cinema 10 Nouveau

Mon, 30 September - 9:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30

Tues, 1 October - 9:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30

Wed, 2 October - 9:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30

Thurs, 3 October - 9:30, 12:15, 15:00, 17:45, 20:30


Directed by Brett Michael Innes, starring Zenobia Kloppers, Wayne Smith, Luca Bornman, Wayne Van Rooyen, Drikus Volshenck, Cindy Swanepoel, Chiara Roodt, Melissa Willering, Stefan Erasmus and Andre Stoltz.

Ticket Prices

2D - R84 | 2D Prestige - R152 | 3D - R105

For More Information

Visit the Ster-Kinekor website.

What Is It?

This year, FNB Joburg Art Fair is focusing on the galleries that have been part of their artistic journey along with the supporters who love art.

Get a taste of the Jozi love for art, and be surrounded by people with a similar love. So get your tickets and come and witness something beautiful.

The FNB Joburg Art Fair has hosted over 200 galleries, so you definitely don't want to miss this.

When Is It?

Friday, 13 September 2019 at 10:00 - Sunday, 15 September 2019 at 17:00.

Where Is It?

Sandton Convention Centre, 161 Maude Street, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for ticket releases.

For More Information

For more information, click here.

What Is It?

The Bioscope will be screening the film High Fantasy in November.The film is another local production.  It tells the story of a group of young friends who go on a camping trip, deep into the South African countryside. They wake up to discover they’ve all swapped bodies and are stranded in the wilderness. They have to navigate a personal-political labyrinth if their friendship and their lives are ever to be the same again.

When Is It?

Friday, 16 November 2018 - Thursday, 22 November 2018

Where Is It?

The Bioscope Independent Cinema286 Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R50 per person and can be purchased here.

For More Information?

For more information visit The Bioscope website.

What Is It?

It aims to provide local brands with the platform to showcase their work on the day. The Local Arts Festival also provides an opportunity for upcoming artists to have their music played at the event as a way of promoting their music.

When Is It?

Saturday, 06 October 2018 at 12:00.

Where Is It?

Carfax, 39 Gwigwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R130 per person, get yours here!

For More Information

Visit this website for more information.

Travelling Local Is Lekker!

This August, why not get a little adventurous and explore our magnificent country? From Kruger Park's untamed landscapes and Durban's bustling beaches to the breathtaking mountains of the Drakensberg and scenic Winelands of the Cape, South Africa has a bounty of wonders and sights that rival some of the top destinations around the world. And best of all, it's right on our doorstep!

With a wide variety of local package deals and over 600 travel experts to advise you, Flight Centre are ready and waiting to help you discover some of the hidden wonders around South Africa. And with their new Local Package Guarantee, Flight Centre guarantees to beat your local package price or you get a FREE night's accommodation* – on them!

(*Terms and Conditions apply)

Alpine Heath Resort – Drakensberg

Sometimes we really need to get away from the concrete jungle to unwind and reconnect with nature, and there's no better place to do that than in the midst of the picturesque Drakensberg Mountains! From R 4 590* per person (price based on six adults sharing), retreat to the tranquillity of the mountains and enjoy seven nights of self-catering accommodation at the four-star Alpine Heath Resort. Price excludes flights, car hire, transfers, items of a personal nature, items not mentioned, gratuities and porterage, meals not mentioned, tours/sightseeing not mentioned.

Travel dates: 15 December 2018 – 22 December 2018

Click here to find out more about this deal.

Greenway Woods Resort – Mpumalanga

How about escaping the rush and unwinding in the serenity and beauty of the bush? If this sounds like the perfect getaway for you, then book a relaxing five-night stay at the three-star Greenway Woods Resort in Mpumalanga in a three-bedroom self-catering chalet from R 1 650* per person (price based on six adults sharing). Price excludes flights, car hire, transfers, items of a personal nature, items not mentioned, gratuities and porterage, meals not mentioned, tours/sightseeing not mentioned.

Travel dates: 01 July 2018 – 30 September 2018

Click here to find out more about this deal.

Fordoun Hotel & Spa – KwaZulu-Natal

In need of a quick break away from the monotony of your everyday life? Perhaps some pampering too? This short and indulgent getaway in the Midlands is just the ticket. From R 5 570* per person, enjoy a two-night stay at the delightful five-star Fordoun Hotel & Spa in a Luxury Room. The package also includes return flights from Johannesburg, approximate taxes, two days of AVIS car hire, buffet breakfast daily, a three-course dinner on one of the evenings, aromatherapy massage, His & Hers Dermalogica Facial, foot massage and a floatation session. Sounds heavenly, right? Book your pamper getaway now!

Travel dates: 01 August 2018 – 28 February 2019

Click here to find out more about this deal.

The Spier Hotel – Stellenbosch

Another equally exciting and relaxing option is heading to the beautiful and oh-so-scenic Winelands of Stellenbosch. Here, you can enjoy a magical two-night getaway at the four-star Spier Hotel in a Standard Room from just R 4 890* per person, including return flights from Johannesburg, approximate taxes, two days of AVIS car hire and full breakfast daily. In your down time, get out there and explore the Winelands by doing some wine tastings or simply just driving through the countryside? Your options are endless!

Travel dates: 10 October 2018 – 30 November 2018

Click here to find out more about this deal.

For More Information

For more information about these great local deals, visit www.flightcentre.co.za or call them on 0877 40 50 00. 

Click here to enquire now.

Also, don't forget to check out Flight Centre on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

What Is It?

This is an event dedicated to food, glorious food! And not just any food... the goodness that comes from the best of the food trucks that have taken the city by storm. With a monthly pop-up showcase called "Food Truck Fridays," you can now find the finest trucks in one place and sample delights from various vendors instead of having to choose. Local craft beers, craft gin and live music will keep the party going. Make sure you arrive hungry!

Please note:

When Is It?

Friday, 13 July 2018 at 16:00 - 21:00.

Where Is It?

The Sands Sandton, 58 Wierda Road East, Sandton, 2191 Sandton, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance is FREE.

For More Information

For more information, visit www.foodtruckfridays.co.za, email [email protected] or call 076 797 5137.

Also, check out the Facebook event page for more information.

Party with Mi Casa & Lira!

Multi award-winning local music giants, funky trio Mi Casa and the inimitable Lira, will be sharing the stage for the first time ever at The Globe, Silverstar, for the biggest bash to hit the West Rand! Guests will be thrilled by not only one, but TWO incredible acts performing LIVE and get to dance to popular hits such as Jika by Mi Casa and, from the queen of “feeling good” – Lira - enjoy a variety of hits from recent and old albums. A night of amazing music awaits. You definitely do not want to miss it so get your tickets now before they sell out!


When Is It?

Saturday, 29 September 2018. Doors open at 16:00, the show starts at 19:00 and will run until 22:00.

Where Is It?

The Globe at Silverstar, R28, Mogale City, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost between R180 – R220 per person and can be bought from Computicket.

Rewards Cardholders enjoy instant discounts:

For More Information

For more information about these events, visit their website at www.silverstarcasino.co.za.

You can also check them out on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

What Is It?

Johannesburg, it's your turn! Beauty Swop or Sale (BSS) is coming through to the City of Gold for the best beauty expo to ever (yes, we mean EVER) hit the streets! Meet friends you've made in the BSS group, book yourself into exclusive VIP master classes, speak to experts about questions you have been dying to ask and most importantly, be the first to see, test and play with the new innovations that local brands have to offer.

And if you thought that was already too much excitement for one day, they've got awesome competitions for you to enter and (literally) tons of spot prizes up for grabs, as well as a makeup artist competition. All you have to do is be glamorous and arrive at the #BSSExpoJHB18. See you there!

When Is It?

Saturday, 17 November 2018 from 10:00 to 15:00.

Where Is It?

G1 Hub & Decor Centre, Shop 1 & 2, Forest Road Design & Decor Centre, 18 Sunset Avenue, Pineslopes, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost between R60 to R180 per person and are available at www.beautyswop.co.za.

Tickets prices:

For More Information

For more information about this event, visit www.beautyswop.co.za.


What inspired you to start Kandy Kane Make-Up?

My blog was named after the very Afrikaans me, but I wanted to change it to something catchy and easy to remember. It was Christmas time and I saw a candy cane on my desk, and I got this revelation how it’s so much like us ladies – decorated differently on the outside, but on the inside it’s all the same sweetness (we all want to be loved, to feel beautiful and be sweet). I decided then to name it after the sweet but swapped the C’s to K’s to make it unique.

How do you balance filming YouTube tutorials, seeing clients and attending beauty events? What do you do in your spare time?

To be honest, I am so bad at balancing it all. I wish I were better at time management but turns out admin is one of my weaknesses. Hopefully, one day I can appoint a PA who would be able to handle all those things for me as I feel you have to be very good at responding to clients and fans. But sometimes with the industry I am in, it’s not like I sit in front of a computer the whole day, so it’s a bit tricky. I try my best though. I started marking out days in my diary where I would like to sit down and film, and brands always let you know in advance when an event is happening, so that also makes it easier to book that time out. In my spare time, I actually enjoy listening to music and going to gym.

Kandy Kane

How long does it actually take to film one make-up tutorial for your YouTube channel? 

Depends on what sort of video I need to film, but it takes at least three hours (to set up, prepare, film and finish up). Then importing it to my computer takes about half an hour and editing can take up to four hours! And uploading can take one to two hours. It’s actually a timeous process and you have to be very patient.

From what you’ve seen in the world of beauty lately, what are the make-up trends for Spring/Summer 2017?

Wavy brows! [Laughs.] JK! People had a lot to say about my wavy brow pic, but some trends are just here for two weeks and then they disappear again. But one I am definitely a fan of is the warm-toned make-up looks. I think this one is going to stick for a while. Oranges, reds, yellows; the Urban Decay Heat palette really nailed it.

View this post on Instagram

I HAD TO!!!! #wavybrows on fleek 👌🏽😹😭 . . . #fakeupfix #hudabeauty #wavybrows #wavebrows #browsonfleek #undiscovered_muas #brian_champagne #wakeupandmakeup #1minutemakeup #beatthatface #talkthatmakeup

A post shared by ka͓̽nd͓̽y͓̽ka͓̽ne͓̽ma͓̽keu͓̽p (@kandykanemakeup) on

Who are your favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers?

Carli Bybel has always been an inspiration to me. I see other vloggers change a lot in terms of trying to stay on top and only being seen with “certain” popular vloggers. She never changed. She’s kind of in her own bubble, making a difference and staying humble. I love that about her. But can we just say that Nikki Tutorials Makeup skills are off the hook!

What are your favourite/must-have make-up items (local and international brands) at the moment and what is the one product you will not leave home without?

One product I will not leave home without is actually deodorant! [Laughs.] But if I have to think make-up related, I would say mascara. I’ve got lash extensions and still put a little bit of mascara on them. I love big, fluffy, crazy lashes. My fave must-have make-up items are currently: UD Heat palette, my KKW x Kylie collab liquid lip cremes and also the Chanel Natural finish loose powder. The new NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, Clinique’s Flutter to Full Lash Mascara, Urban Decay Self Adjusting Primer, Urban Decay B6 setting spray, Smashbox Always On liquid lipsticks… The list can go on and on for days. There are so many great products on the market currently.

How long do you spend getting ready every day – hair, make-up, outfit, the works?

It depends on how much time I have to get ready. I can get ready in 10 minutes, and I can also take up to three hours!

What has been the biggest highlight in your beauty career?

There are actually two. The first is being able to work with Afrikaans singers Karlien van Jaarsveld, Juanita du Plessis and Franja and Ruan. This was like a dream come true for me in my make-up career. And second when Urban Decay flew me to Reunion Island for the launch of the Heat palette. I still cannot believe that happened!

View this post on Instagram

Have you ever seen a beach this gorgeous? @gotoreunionsa 🏝🏝🏝 I am so grateful to have checked #reunionisland off my bucket list 😍 #UDgetaway #UrbanDecaySA #NakedHeat @GoToReunionSA #GoToReunion #ReunionIsland @LUXSaintGilles #LUXSaintGilles #ReasonsToGoLux #luxmoment #luxresort #instalux

A post shared by ka͓̽nd͓̽y͓̽ka͓̽ne͓̽ma͓̽keu͓̽p (@kandykanemakeup) on

Any tips or advice for aspiring make-up artists and beauty gurus?

Just follow your passion. I get so many messages asking “how do I get brands to sent me stuff”, “ how do I get paid for videos”, “how do I grow my following” – these shouldn’t be your focus. I started this as a hobby five years ago. I only did it because I loved it. It was and is my passion, and only last year was I able to quit my job and work full-time as a make-up artist and beauty influencer. If you do it for the passion and love, the other things will fall in place at the right time.

For More From Kandy Kane

To see more on all things makeup, beauty and fashion, follow the lovely Kandy Kane on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course, Youtube. Also, check out her blog at www.kandykane.co.za.


Lush's handmade products are created from fresh organic fruit and vegetables and essential oils for the bath, your body, face and hair, as well as makeup and perfume. Officially launched in 1995, Lush started off producing for The Body Shop until they branched off to start their own store. Lush only buys ingredients from companies that do not commission tests on animals, and 60% of everything made by Lush contains at least one organic ingredient.

Details: Lush [email protected]/ 060 712 1188


All Beaucience products contain a breakthrough botanical called Proteasyl. This special ingredient is unique to Beaucience, a South African manufacturer, and works naturally with the skin to create an anti-ageing effect. Beaucience makes use of natural formulations, organic essential oils and natural preservatives where possible. The brand is certified as 'beauty without cruelty', meaning no animal testing is involved. Their products are free from any chemical contaminants (parabens, toxins and synthetic oils), reducing the risk of an allergic reaction. This brand offers products for women, men and babies.

DetailsBeaucience [email protected]/ 021 709 0362


CEO of Africology, Renchia Droganis, using her experience as a massage therapist and aromatherapist to heal pain, had the vision to create something that would help people, something that was holistic and kind to the earth. This was the birth of Africology. Needless to say, all Africology products are natural, eco-friendly, luxurious and fragranced with only pure essential oils. Products range from face to feet and aromatherapy.

Details: Africology / [email protected] / 011 791 6890


Oh-Lief has been around since 2010 and is the brainchild of sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan. It's a '100% natural 100% good' brand that was born out of their love for nature and the desire to use products that would not harm skin or the environment. The result was Oh-Lief’s complete range of natural body products made from 100% natural and organic, raw ingredients, sourced locally. Using biodegradable products, promoting recycling and certified as a beauty without cruelty brand, Oh-Lief is a local favourite.

Details: Oh-Lief / [email protected] /021 447 3538


Skoon. believes that only toxin-free and perfectly natural ingredients should come into contact with your skin. The brand provides you with the health-giving properties your skin deserves by harnessing the best of nature with science. Their full range complies with the stringent toxin-free criteria of the globally recognised Environmental Working Group. Skoon. offers body oils, facial products and anti-ageing solutions.

DetailsSkoon. / [email protected] / 074 109 2666


Soil was one of the first local companies to sell a complete range of 100% organic essential oils. The brand is eco-ethical and certified by Ecocert. Soil grows many of their own ingredients on an organic farm in Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal. It's here that they have been distilling aromatic plants for their oils since 2001. Soil also launched South Africa’s first line of certified organic massage oil blends and body care products. Everything is packaged in recyclable, biodegradable glass and no animal testing is conducted on any of their products.

DetailsSoil / [email protected] / 071 679 4726

Lulu & Marula

Lulu & Marula believes in natural, ethically produced skincare that works. The brand has created a routine with fewer products that deliver everything you need for healthy skin that glows. Their products are handmade and 100% natural. They don't test on animals and use minimal glass and cardboard packaging that can be recycled or reused. Best still, Lulu & Marula believe in empowering local businesses and use ingredients and packaging that is, wherever possible, made and sourced in and around South Africa.

DetailsLulu And Marula / [email protected] / 079 070 1535


Kudu combines plant-based natural ingredients with the best science and green technology to create safe and effective products. The brand subscribes to the ethos of clean beauty, and they handcraft their products in micro-batches, allowing them to cater to people’s needs in a more personal manner. Some of their best-loved products include oils, serums, and face masks. All products are 100% cruelty-free, and they don't source ingredients from any companies that test on animals.

DetailsKudu Cosmetica / [email protected] / 073 854 2153

Pure Beginnings

Pure Beginnings believes in keeping your skin as pure as the day you were born. This brand provides high quality, effective, organic skincare products for the whole family. Pure Beginnings does not test on animals, they do not use products prohibited by Ecocert and only recyclable packaging is used. They're also registered with the Vegan Society, Beauty without Cruelty and PhytoTrade Africa.

DetailsPure Beginnings[email protected] / 0861 477 915

Know of other local eco-friendly brands not mentioned above? Let us know below!

Chulaap by Chu Suwannapha

Fashion influencer Chu Suwannapha was born in Thailand, trained in Paris and is based in Cape Town. Chu’s wide-ranging experience in the fashion industry is particularly evident in the vibrant and artistic execution of his trademark Instagram posts. His longstanding presence on the South African fashion scene has culminated in "Chulaap" – a chic, Afro Pop collection of intricate and eclectic African-printed textiles and origami-inspired knits released in early 2015. A prestigious collaboration with powerhouse sneaker brand Superga late in 2015 resulted in the creation of exclusive Superga X Chulaap shoe designs. 

MaXhosa by Laduma

MaXhosa by Laduma is a high-end brand by well-known textile and knitwear designer Laduma Ngxokolo, a globally recognised fashion icon whose designs are pushing Xhosa culture to the future. MaXhosa was inspired by Laduma’s vision for modern knitwear-based design solutions for young Xhosa men who, like Laduma, have undergone amakrwala (the traditional ritual marking a Xhosa boy’s journey into manhood) and are then expected to maintain a dapper dress code. The brand was founded in 2010, the same year Laduma’s textile collection “The Colourful World of the Xhosa Culture” won him international acclaim, and is a genuine celebration of Xhosa aesthetics. His A/W17 collection, "The Coronation", features wearable, knitted garments with bold colours, geometric prints and authentically African small tassels.

Tlale by David Tlale

Tlale is an internationally recognised local label that is bold, sophisticated and defies convention. David Tlale started this brand in 2002 and attributes his fashion success to a design approach that challenges clichés and disregards pretence to champion beauty and poise, making him one of South Africa’s most exciting designers. The A/W17 collection, "What’s Beneath", was inspired by the natural movements and curves of the body and, according to Tlale, will leave the buyer feeling gorgeous. The collection embodies classy, sensual and sophisticated fashion.

Lukhanyo Mdingi 

Lukhanyo Mdingi’s designs are a modern approach to African heritage and customs – with an undeniable presence of cross-cultural inspiration. Mdingi’s style is sophisticated, definitive and bold without compromising on class or refinement. Seamlessness is an important element of this authentic brand. His A/W17 collection, "Purgation", draws attention to the elaborate patterns and rich hues of the South African landscape.

Nicholas Coutts 

Nicholas Coutts is a fashion-forward men’s designer specialising in two divergent designs. Strongly influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, he is most well known for his textured garments, each a one-of-kind creation. Raw material and fabrics adds to the striking aesthetic of these garments. These eclectic creations stand in stark contrast to his otherwise classic designs that focus on functionality and timelessness. The A/W17 collection has a prevalent 70s influence with vibrant colours.


Rogue is a South African apparel brand founded in 2013. This flourishing men’s fashion label operates on the principles of high quality and superior fit to create conceptual, futuristic pieces that are underpinned by classic appeal. The A/W17 collection explores Rogue’s trademark aesthetic through the use of practical features in stark contrast with soft silhouettes.

Love Warrior

Love Warrior Men’s Outfitters was established in 2009. Offering a curated selection of designer brands, Love Warrior combines fashionable, practical and premium-quality products tailored to the style of the progressive man. The brand envisions a design space that, true to South African style, invites people from different backgrounds to collaborate and connect. The A/W17 collection includes the ranges “Crisp and Clean. All Black.” and “Urban Wanderer. Take on the City.”

Robert Daniel

Robert Daniel is a well-known South African lifestyle brand that specialises in classic formal and smart casual menswear. As the official clothing sponsor for the Cape Town Ajax soccer team, a Robert Daniel outfit guarantees great quality and a sophisticated, elegant look. The A/W17 collection includes stylish wind- and waterproof jackets and vibrant, warm colours.

By Jana van der Linde

Lulu & Marula

We adore Lulu & Marula’s all-natural skincare products, handmade with care in South Africa, simply because local is lekker. Their Nourishing Treatment Oil, is perfect for normal, dry, mature and damaged skin types. Featuring a mix of super-oils, like marula, red raspberry and argan, one application of this rich and potent oil will deeply hydrate your facial skin, leaving it soft, smooth and glowing.


This famous beauty therapy hub has its own line of products, which means you can take that spa experience home with you. Designed for skin that needs more moisture, the Sorbet Hydro Skin Night Cream, with hyaluronic acid, shea butter and Omega 3 and 6 targets tired, dehydrated skin, bringing it back to life with new brilliance.


This needs no fancy introduction as it’s a favourite among South Africans, and for good reason. But besides using it to prevent and minimise scars, and improve dark marks and skin tone, Bio-Oil is one of the best products to use on very dry skin – even on your face. Apply after showering and feel the difference to dry skin immediately. You can find it in all leading pharmacies and retail stores.


Soil, based in KwaZulu-Natal, makes an eco-ethical range of products which feature 100% certified organic essential oils, organic massage oil blends and bodycare products. When your skin is feeling parched, quench its thirst with their Organic Citrus Scented Shea Butter. It's fresh blend of citrus essential oils will detox your skin and leave it feeling invigorated and soft.


This local brand believes in providing your skin with health-giving properties by harnessing the best of nature with science. The Ruby Marine Overnight Hydrating Mask, with wildflower honey and marula oil soothes and hydrates your skin while you sleep. You can also use it as a daytime moisturiser by blending a small scoop of the mask with a dollop of moisturiser in the palm of your hand and smoothing over your face and neck.

beauty product


Born out of a love for nature, Oh-Lief’s range of products are all natural and made with certified organic ingredients. The Grapefruit Natural Olive Body Wax featuring a rich blend of organic oils oil, offers an intensive moisture treatment for dry skin. The fresh grapefruit scent leaves a positive and uplifting aura, lifting your mood to take on the day's challenges. Apply liberally after a lukewarm shower to allow your skin to soak up all its natural goodness.


Africology Spa offers a luxury, natural and eco-friendly skincare range, fragranced only with pure essential oils. Their hydrating Tissue Oil, helps to soothe minor burns and irritated skin, and is an excellent all-over body oil to hydrate skin and prevent stretch marks. It's free of harmful ingredients too, helping to keep the environment clean and healthy and your skin feeling its very best.


Lush’s moisturisers are the product of over 30 years' research, development and experience. They have a wide range of moisturisers, each tailored to suit a variety of needs, depending on lifestyle and climate. Their Full of Grace serum bar is made with a concentrated blend of organic almond oil and cupuaçu butter to hydrate the skin, as well as rose oil to relieve irritation. It's an all-in-one therapy for your skin!


This winter be selfie ready with Clarins, and get that glowing skin all season long. The order of the day is to glow in a flash! So, if you're looking for moisturisers, make-up products and body products, look no further because this is the place for all the face firming products for ageless and amazing skin.


One way or the other, we are all familiar with Eucerin and have either heard of it or used it. If you haven't used it we suggest you start. They treat the key lifestyle factors that affect your skin condition; nutrition, state of mind, stress and skincare. So, to get your skin looking amazing this winter you need to make sure you give their skincare products a try.


What Is It?

#theboxcomedy is a weekly stand-up comedy gig, which takes place at the P.O.P. Art Theatre every Sunday evening. Hosted in very proud partnership with Goliath&Goliath, The Box gives comedy lovers the chance to catch some of the biggest names in SA comedy all under one roof, at a small price. Make sure you visit their Facebook page to see the lineup. Talk about ending off your weekend on a high note!

When Is It?

Next show is Sunday, 27 January 2019 from 20:00.

Where Is It?

P.O.P. Art Theatre, 286 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

R 50 per person. Click here to book your tickets.

For More Information

For more information about this event, visit www.popartcentre.co.za. You can also check out The Box on Facebook.

Johannesburg is filled with talented fashion designers. As luck would have it, some of them own local boutiques. If you saw a design on SA Fashion Week's runway, our city is home to some of the best in the country.

Joburg — the Pulse of Africa — has all the options for those looking to splurge. Discover stores that stock international brands. The items in these boutiques come in limited edition, so there is slim chance that someone will arrive at the party in the same fabulous outfit as you.

Do you want to support local designers? Are you a fanatic of exclusive, limited wear? You've come to the right place. There's a boutique in JOHO — as the fashionistas would call it — with your name on it. Below we have listed some of our favourites. Have a look!


Our Picks
JJ Schoeman
Shop 24-B, The Zone – Regents Place, 22 Cradock Avenue, Rosebank/ +27 (011) 447 5455 / jjschoeman.com

Me And You Clothing 
Shop 10, Corner De Beer & Jute Street, 70 Juta Street, Johannesburg/+27 (079) 089 6969/ [email protected]/ meandyouclothing.co.za

Hse Of Bespoke
44 Stanley Avenue, Johannesburg/ [email protected]/ hseofbespoke.com

54 6th Street, Parkhurst/ +27 (011) 447 1497/ [email protected]/ mememe.co.za

The Stuff We Love
7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg/ Click here!


Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the

journalist. We only write about what we love.

Know other awesome local fashion boutiques not mentioned above? Let us know below!

What Is It?

Don't miss the very first Large On The Lawn concert taking place on the last weekend of January. The opening act is still to be announced, but you can expect to catch Jeremy Loops and Matthew Mole performing live on the day. This is a brand-new concert series that will take the city by storm, bringing you the best in local talent - a great way to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon with fabulous friends.


When Is It?

Sunday, 29 January 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00.

Where Is It?

Golden Harvest Park, 01 1st Road, Randburg, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R85 - R150 per person and are available at Nutickets.

For More Information

For more information about this event, visit www.largeonthelawn.co.za.

You can also check them out on Facebook.

What Was It?

This is one concert that’s not to be missed, especially when you have your crew together, with your cooler boxes, camping chairs. The musical concert was like no other. This was the 8th rendition of Cooler Boxing day which brought us a party like never before. Here you got to jam to some A – list stars including, AKA, Black Coffee, Speedsta, Kaylow, Miggs and tons of other local celebs. It was a party of a life time.

Where Was It?

Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Stadium, Pretoria

When Was It?

Monday, 26 December 2016

How Much Was It?

Tickets range from R 100 – R 450 per person and are available online.


What Is It?

Movie Night Under The Moon is an evening of music, food, great company, and of course a movie. It is a wonderful scene for you, your friends, family, or partner to socialize and watch a proudly South African movie in a relaxed atmosphere. And later this March, they'll be back and better than ever before! Prepare yourselves for a fun-filled and electrified movie night. This year's theme is one of the most exciting ever... Mardi Gras!

Where Is It?

Marks Park Sports Club, Judith Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

When Was It?

Saturday, 30 March 2019 from 14:00 - 23:00.

How Much Is It?

Ticket prices cost between R175 - R200 per person and can be bought at Computicket.

For More Information

For more information about this event, visit their Facebook event listing.