What Is It?

The Bag Factory launched their first online exhibition COVERT BIOSCOPE showcasing work by current and recent Bag Factory artists whose young and emerging voices are contributing to the conversations around video as a visual art medium / practice. Coming back for the second exhibition, they invite audiences to join for the scheduled screenings and live conversations that will take place with the participating artists.

In this project, cyberspace is re-imagined as an alternative venue for the bioscope, a community space from a time gone by. In the age of Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and shortened attention spans, how do our behaviours and experiences shift when we experience art in the confines of our homes, alone, unobserved? The optimal video length to hold online audiences is under 2 minutes - if we share longer videos will our audience(s) stay till the end credits? How do we speak to digital saturated spaces where so often things get lost, or overlooked, while at the same time these spaces also make content hyper visible. How do we communicate meaningfully with one another in virtual voids? Who do we choose to be in the various virtual space(s) we frequent? Do any of these virtual platforms satisfy the basic human condition of loneliness? Can we really feel more connected in a time of increasing disconnect?

As our online social and professional interactions increase sharply, is there such a thing as private cyber space, or is it inevitable that our digital movements will be tracked and traced? What does it mean to live in a society 'relatively free' of covert cyber surveillance (if there is such a thing), versus living in a society that overtly restricts what we can see and access? Do we know the difference?

The Covert Bioscope provides the perfect moment to dissect these concerns in the age of Covid-19. Pause. Explore. Watch. Respond. Question.

How it works?

Join the conversation via Zoom; watch via the Bag Factory's Facebook and Instagram live feed; or tell them what you think using the hashtag #covertbioscope.

Where Is It?

Online, click here.

When Is It?

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 at 15:00 - 16:30.

How Much Is It?


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For more information, click here.