What Is It?

This conference aims to debunk the reasons why artistic research has not secured a significant position within African university systems. Make sure you book your spot as the deadline to do so is on the 13th of January 2020 at 12:00. So, if you are looking to find out just what they will be tackling, make sure you are part of the audience and join in on the conversation. See you there peep!

When Is It?

Wednesday, 22 January 2020 - Friday, 24 January 2020.

Where Is It?

Wits - University of the Witwatersrand, 1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

No need for you to pay, all you need to do is register here!

For More Information

Visit this website or this Facebook page for more information on this event.


Looking to show off your trivia prowess at a quiz night with your mates? Then make sure you check out QuizWizz Productions, who offers regular and social quiz nights throughout the city. These quiz nights take place at great restaurants and pubs in Johannesburg, such as The Brazen Head in Sandton, Hash Tag in Illovo, the Jolly Roger in Parkhurst, Jeppe Quondam in Bedfordview and Calisto's in Gillview. Click here to view their calendar below for upcoming quizzes. Booking is essential, so make sure you call Larry Benjamin on 082 888 5355.

Beerhouse Fourways

Combine beer and general knowledge battles and what do you get? Quiz nights at Beerhouse Fourways! At least once a month, Beerhouse Fourways hosts a themed quiz night (think Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Chick Flick and Marvel Comics pub quizzes). The topic varies every month, so surely you'll come across a Beerhouse Quiz Night that's right up your alley. Make sure you follow them on Facebook to keep up-to-date with their upcoming quiz nights.

Quiz Nights SA

Looking for a quiz night near you? Then make sure you visit Quiz Nights SA on Facebook. They have loads of quiz nights lined up! And the quiz nights run at select venues all over the city, from Sandton, Parkview and Bryanston to Centurion and Hazelwood, and focus on various and interesting topics. A few topics coming up include Harry Potter, football and GoT. These quizzes link with Beerhouse Fourways above.

Dunkeld Bowls Club

The Dunkeld Bowls Club will be starting a brand-new quiz night series from March 2020. Every second Thursday evening at the Dunkeld Bowls Club, you and your mates can wind down, have a few drinks and enjoy some friendly competition at this quiz night. There are big prizes up for grabs at the end of the series, so be sure to brush up on your general knowledge to stand the chance of winning.


Sheena's In Randpark Ridge

If you happen to be in this neck of the Jozi woods, then why not wind down after a long day at the office with a beer or two, your mates, some good grub and flexing your brain with Sheena's Pub Quiz Night. The evening will be hosted by Dave Mawdsley every Wednesday night from 19:00. This is the perfect opportunity to show off all of your trivia knowledge while meeting other quiz-happy folk. This quiz series will end on 26 February 2020.

The Rand Club

Sure, their quiz nights only take place four times a year, but they're well worth the wait and anticipation, especially if you're a quiz champ! This evening of brainteasers, puzzles and trivia is hosted by quizmaster, Themba Robin, who spends months gathering information and compiling the most difficult questions to create a gruelling, brain stretching and challenging trivial event fit for the most clued-up minds. The quiz takes place at the Rand Club and entrance fee doesn't only include the ultimate quiz experience, but also supper! Your brain is going to need all the fuel it can get.

If Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg and Margie Doig-Gander would have known more about their DNA, could they have avoided their type cancer? According to them – absolutely!

Heidi was diagnosed with estrogen-positive breast cancer at 35, and Margie with ovarian cancer at 37. What could have potentially mended their life, ended up being the beginning of something spectacular – something that would have a far-reaching impact beyond that of their own lives.

During their cancer journey, they learned about 'epigenetics' – a revolutionary science that studies how your nutrition, environment and lifestyle (NEL) choices can switch genes 'on' and ‘off’ in your body. In other words, our DNA is NOT our destiny but rather, by making personalised nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices, we can prevent many lifestyle-related chronic diseases and create optimal wellness. In other words, by identifying imbalances in our biochemistry early on, we can actually PREVENT lifestyle-related chronic disease or their recurrence.

Enter JOINCIRCLES – the resulting online personalised scientific wellness company that was formed by Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg and Margie Doig-Gander.

In a nutshell, JOINCIRCLES believes that everyone should have access to, and take ownership of, their own medical data (in partnership with their relevant healthcare practitioners). They offer:

Based on their experience and internationally acclaimed research, knowing more about your DNA is the future of medicine. And the important thing to remember is that your DNA is not your destiny! By making better nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices daily, you can fill the ‘gap’ in healthcare and strive for optimal wellness.

Getting Started

  1. Visit their website and take the “Which DNA Test Is Right For Me?” quiz. 
  2. There are a number of DNA tests from which to choose – you can purchase them individually or in combination: DNA HEALTH, DNA ESTROGEN, DNA DIET, and DNA SPORT are a good starting point.
  3. Add the relevant test/combination of tests to your basket and it will be delivered in a day or two.
  4. Do the sample cheek swab, book a return courier and wait two weeks to receive your results!

The Cost

The tests range in price from R1 540 to R8 900 (for the full range of tests).

The JOINCIRCLES website is easy to navigate and contains the “why” behind each of the tests. It is a fascinating read and will make you realise just how little you know about your health and unique genetic make-up. Knowledge is power – and investing in one or more of these tests can save you a fortune in medical bills, years of being ill, and time off work!

For More Information

Website: www.joincircles.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/joincircles

Instagram: @joincirclesdaily

Twitter: @joincirlces

In 2012 social entrepreneur Richard Mabaso overheard a conversation between his mother and niece about menstruation and noticed that there is a lack of understanding in such a regular occurrence. This lead to Richard launching the Caring4Girls initiative, which is managed by the Imbumba Foundation. Caring4Girls is a sanitary towels distribution programme to keep young girls in school during their monthly cycles. The Imbumba Foundation aims to bring social change within South Africa by providing support to poor and rural communities. According to independent studies, most of these girls miss up to 50 days of school per year because they can not afford sanitary towels.

It is Caring4Girls' mission to achieve the following:

• Reach and support as many poor girls as possible with sanitary towels.
• Create menstrual hygiene awareness through education and training.
• Establish Caring4Girls Advocacy Groups in schools.
• Reduce a high number of school absenteeism and drop-outs caused by menstrual related challenges.
• Holistic development and empowerment of the girl child and the boy child at a later stage.

To raise awareness for Caring4Girls Richard created Trek4Mandela – an annual expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds to purchase sanitary towels so that needy girls can go to school when having their menstrual period. Trek4Mandela is used to educate people about Mandela Day and the need to take action beyond 18 July, thereby helping to make every day a Mandela Day.