Start A New Hobby At Home, Right Now!

Why not use this free time to find and start a brand-new hobby? This is a great alternative to wasting time in front of a TV screen, watching repeats of Friends, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory and being totally unproductive. Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Start Doing Needlework

Since we are about to walk into winter, pick up some knitting needles and a skein of wool, and try your hand at needlework. Knitting and crocheting are a lot easier than you think, all you have to do is spend a little time practicing to perfect different types of stitches and techniques. The best part about this hobby is you can craft personalised accessories for yourself and loved ones! There's nothing better than wearing or gifting something that you made yourself. Click here to take a look at a few beginner-friendly knit projects to try.

woman knitting with blue wool

Zen Out With Meditation

We are dealing with a pandemic and it can be overwhelming, worrying and even saddening. During this time, focus on your well-being and mental health by doing daily meditation sessions. Not only is it great for helping you zen out during these tense and uncertain times, but it's good for your health. Meditation has proven to decrease stress, increase focus, control anxiety, regulate emotions and enhance self-awareness. If you're eager to incorporate meditation into your daily routine but don't know where to start, visit YouTube for beginner tutorials and guides. Namaste.

woman meditating on a yellow blanket on green grass in her garden

Pick Up A Paintbrush

Unleash your inner Picasso and get creative with painting. This is a fairly easy hobby to start, just get a few supplies, pick up a paintbrush and let your imagination run wild! However, if you're looking to take painting more seriously, learn from the professionals and get more in-depth theory on art, take a look at these online art courses. There's a course or class for all ages.

paint on a canvas with a paintbrush

Become A Baker

Bored and have a pantry full of staple ingredients? Throw on your apron, take a look at our list of beginner-friendly recipes and get baking! Not only will you end up with a dozen sweet treats to enjoy when you're feeling peckish, but you'll also find that baking can be quite a soothing and relaxing hobby! And as you get more confident and comfortable with the baking basics, you can move onto baking more difficult delights, like a croquembouche!

Baking butter, rolling pin, flour and a cookie cutter

How About Photography? 

Always wanted to learn how to take beautiful pictures? Or discover what all of the different buttons on your camera are used for? Why not improve your photography skills during lockdown? There are various tutorial videos on YouTube to help you cover the basics. And for some inspiration, tips and tricks from the industry professionals, visit Canon Connected. It's a free-to-access content hub designed to educate, inspire and entertain photography enthusiasts and videographers across the world.

black camera on a wooden table with a phone and laptop in the background

Grow A Green Thumb

Get your hands dirty and spend some time outside! Enjoy your afternoons weeding, pruning, planting your own veggie patch and getting some vitamin D while gardening. It might not seem like it, but gardening can be rather relaxing. Enjoy growing your own fresh produce, reconnecting with nature and unwinding with some digging!

gardening and planting

Master The Art Of Makeup

The more you practice and play with makeup, the better you get at it! So, why not make it a hobby and master the art and application of makeup? Instagram and YouTube have thousands of tutorials to help you learn various techniques, tips, tricks and best practices to include in your application. Before you know it, you'll be a makeup pro! And if you need inspiration and ideas to get practicing and trying different looks, check out a few of South Africa's very own beauty gurus.

woman wearing fuzzy pink jersey holding a makeup kit

Knitting For Beginners: Easy Projects To Get You Started

What You Need

Knitting can be a fun and rewarding hobby! With a few video tutorials, a few balls of wool and lots of practice, you'll be well on your way to making scarves, beanies, baby booties and much more. Once you get the hang of various patterns, the possibilities are endless. But for now, lets start with a few easy beginner-friendly knit projects to get you practicing. All you need are:

A Few Basics

So, you'll also need to know how to do various stitches. We have found some of the best knit tutorials for you to follow, practice and master before you get started.

woman knitting with blue wool

A Basic Scarf

To get you started with a basic knit, we suggest you start off with the garter stitch. What makes this easy for beginners is the fact that it's the same knit pattern over and over. This gives you the perfect opportunity to figure out how to hold the knitting needles, master the stitch and start making your very own scarf! Head to All About Ami for the full written tutorial, images and a helpful video to help you through crafting your first scarf.

A Winter Beanie

With winter on the horizon, what's the bet you're looking for a cosy beanie to keep you warm? Why not make your own from scratch with this tutorial from There are pictures for you to view as well as step-by-step instructions you can follow. And don't worry, knitting a beanie is far easier than you think it is. It will take a little bit of trial and error, but once you get the pattern down to a fine art, it becomes easier. And if you're looking for the simplest way to make a beanie without knitting needles, here's how to make a loom knit beanie! We've tried and tested this, and it's super easy!

scarves knitted in orange, turquoise, purple and blue

A Knitted Headband

Another simple and oh-so easy project you can get started on is making your own knitted headband. It's a must-have winter accessory to add to your seasonal wardrobe. has another step-by-step written tutorial and images to help you make your own. But just watch out at the end of the instructions, there's a twist waiting which might be tricky. Don't have a circular needle like they suggested? Then why not use your hands and finger knit this beautiful turban headband by Simply Maggie?

A Patchwork Blanket

Creating your own woolly, cuddly and cosy blanket is a simple project to get you crafting and making something useful for the upcoming colder winter months! Since you have some time on your hands due to the lockdown, why not get started on a patchwork blanket? Basically, knit a bundle of "patches" or squares in various colours, then sew them together to make a beautiful blanket. One of the best tutorials that we've tried comes from WikiHow! Choose your yarn and size of knitting needles and get started! A quick tip: the larger your needles, the looser the knit will be and the quicker it'll be to make the various squares.

WikiHow how to knit a patchwork blanket

Image sourced from WikiHow.

Cute Boot Cuffs

Winter is boot season, so why not accessorise your look with a pair of knitted cuffs to peek out from the top of your favourite pair? Not only are they cute, but they're super easy to make! Veronica Marie on YouTube has a chunky knit boot cuff video you can follow with your pair of knitting needles. And if you'd rather loom yourself a pair of boot cuffs, here's another YouTube tutorial by

wool skiens in maroon and orange

Looking for more things to do during the national lockdown? Here are a few more suggestions: 

Rare Bear Project

Who Are They?

The Rare Bear Project initiative is all about supporting the community through generating income opportunities and jobs for women in Kya Sands.

What Do They Offer?

The Rare Bear Project sells handmade teddies inspired by different animals.

Where Are They Located?

Rare Diseases SA NPC, Stratford Office Park, Block 7, Ground Floor, Valley Road, Broadacres, Gauteng.

Rare Bear Project croquetted animals in blue, pink and red

Safety Precautions In Place

People can no longer come collect from their offices. All crochet creations are washed before sending them out, and hands are sanitised before packing. The Courier Guy is used to send parcels, who also has stringent cleanliness guidelines in place.

Do They Deliver?


For More Information

For more information, visit their website.

Details: +27 10 594 3844 | Facebook | Instagram

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