Hangover Food

Are you feeling it this morning? Dehydrated, pounding headache, sensitivity to light? Are you finding yourself muttering 'never again' as you belch up a bit of last night's pilsner? No worries, we've got you. Here's our guide to the ultimate Hangover Food in Joburg.

Love Me So

Situated on 4th Avenue in Melville, right where the old video store used to be (RIP), Love Me So is an Asian fusion restaurant that's well versed in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cooking. Sounds strange but in Japan they swear by ramen as a Hangover Food, and here it's no different. Give Love Me So a go the next time you're recovering from a bender.

Our pick: The sticky chicken wings and a beer. Hair of the dog that bit you, my dudes - the only thing that works.

Address: 63 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2092

The Countess

The breakfast from this fab steampunk-styled Melville spot will set you straight. Before you order, no matter how you’re feeling, walk around and admire the décor. It’s amazing. Okay, back to the food – they’ve got options to suit everyone (even the hungover vegetarians out there) so you’re bound to find something to make you feel half human again. The Countess offers the ultimate Hangover Food in Joburg.

Our pick: The Full English: two eggs, thick-cut bacon, mushrooms, chicken livers, roast tomato, cheese, and toasted ciabatta... or the crispy chicken burger

Address: 27Boxes, 75 3rd Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg.


Knead’s got a lot of options to choose from - even healthy ones – but that’s the last thing you want when you’re feeling, ahem, under the weather. From omelettes and brioche French toast to sweetcorn fritters and more, you and your belly are spoilt for choice.

Our pick: Brace yourself for the roast pork belly breakfast. It’s jam-packed with slices of grilled pork belly, eggs, crispy bacon, seared cherry tomatoes, roast filed mushrooms served with a homemade tomato and apple chutney.

Address: Shop L 08, Michelangelo Towers Mall, Upper Level, Opposite Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Vovo Telo

This is another one of those ‘something for everyone’ spots so decision-making can be tough. Do you want a baked treat or a classic egg dish? You can even have the best of both worlds with an eggy croissant – that’s sure to sort your stomach out, isn’t it? You might want to skip the coffee, although it’ll be a brave move (it’ll only dehydrate you further) and have a refreshing apple and mint frostee instead.

Our pick: Creamy scrambled eggs served on ciabatta with smoked salmon trout.

Address: The Factory, Grant Avenue, Johannesburg.

Ent Eatery

Ent Eatery churns out good quality, delicious food - there’s no doubt about that. Situated in Braamfontein, Their coffee is fab too and goes perfectly with their meals – whether you’re going for the ramen served with pork or the variety of dumplings. After ordering from the counter, perch yourself outside and get some fresh air – we both know you need it.

Our pick: Korean Sweet & Sour Chicken for the win.

Address: 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.



Firstly, start with a traditional Greek coffee. It’ll wake you up in a second! If that’s too harsh for your system, Daleah’s offers a digestive juice, which is hot fresh ginger lemon water with a dash of honey. Browse the menu and pick one of the many drool-worthy options!

Our pick: The breakfast pita, which is filled with eggs, halloumi, bacon and tomato.

Address: 6 De Beer Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

The Royale 

Born out of a love of Cuba’s unique culture, The Royale gives diners a little slice of the local experience in their backyard. Taking inspiration from the flavors and spices of the region, the menu is carefully curated, offering a selection of the best Cuban dishes. Complimenting the restaurant is an award-winning bar with a wide selection of freshly mixed cocktails and cigars on offer.

Our pick: Pretty straight forward: get the shareable platter. It comes with four burgers, a mound of chips, sticky ribs and tangy chicken wings and slaw. Add some Tobasco sauce (and maybe a bloody mary) into the mix and you'll live to fight another day.

Address: 357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Corner St. Alban's Road, Craighall Park, Craighall, Johannesburg.

Hangover Food

MR. George

It used to be called JB's Corner, but now it's Mr. George. Fortunately, it's the same owner, just with a new look and feel. Do yourself a favour and brave the traffic to Melrose Arch and grab a seat at Mr. George along the High Street. Order a big glass of orange juice, a Creme Soda, a shot of espresso and a bloody mary. Then dig into the menu like there's no tomorrow. You'll be feeling much better come lunchtime.

Our pick: Big breakfast with all the trimmings.

Address: 3 The, The High St, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2196

Service Station

Service Station’s eggs are truly delicious - in fact, they are reason enough to pay this place a visit. Whether you want a classic combo or a breakfast sandwich, you’ll find the right meal for you. Start off with a freshly-pressed juice to get some nutrients back into your body and feel better!

Our pick: Weekend brioche French toast with mascarpone and berries.

Address: Bamboo Centre, Corner of 9th Street and Rustenberg Road, Melville, Johannesburg.