City Rock

Take the kids 'mountain climbing' in the safety of a suburban setting. City Rock in Fontainebleau offers junior courses (ages five to 16) to teach little ones how to rock climb. The venue also offers climbing sessions, complete with safety equipment. It's a fun way to stay fit and there's also a fully equipped gym on-site, which is available to members of this indoor climbing venue.

Roll Egoli

Roll Egoli came about as a result of a lack of safe skating facilities for suburban Joburg kids and this super-smooth cement floor rink is on a residential stand in the heart of Bryanston. Old-school roller skating is a great way to get the kids off the couch and squeeze in some exercise. You could brave the roller rink yourself and bust out some disco moves – show the young 'uns how to throw it down!

Northgate Ice Rink 

Some of our fondest childhood memories include ice skating for the first time while holding mommy's hand. Pass these memories on to your children and take them to the Ice Rink in Northgate. They are bound to love it. Dress them warmly and show them how to carve around the ice like a pro. Who knows, maybe the little one could be the next Brian Boitano — you know, the figure skating champion? Anyway. The bottom line is that the kids will love it – and you will too.

Little Cooks Club

The Little Cooks Club has a hands-on approach to introducing children to cooking and getting them to appreciate good food and a healthy diet. Kids are taught how to work with kitchen utensils and they gain a basic understanding of how certain ingredients go together. Check on their website for a franchise near you. And if you pull this off right, little Suzie will be cooking gourmet meals in her Easy-Bake Oven in no time. 

Pottery Junxion

Since 2006, the Pottery Junxion in Edenvale has been offering the best in ceramics to Joburg and they have since branched out into workshops for young ones and also kids' parties. Bring your children here to let their creative side flourish by being taught to paint, draw and sculpt with clay. It's important for kids to work with their hands to develop their fine motor skills, so this is a highly recommended activity.